Is Your Favorite Color Still Red?

Wed, 02/01/2023 - 17:35 -- Miac23

Is your favorite color still red?

Because my favorite is still blue.

Do you still wear those black pants?

Because I still wear my white shirts too.


It’s the slow days when the Midnight rain makes the Earth yearn for warm rays.

It’s the crammed weeks when the water still sleeps in the cracks

Nurturing bright wildflowers no one notices on display.


We cruel creatures barricade from pain

Only crying for our dead when

They can no longer give us color stains.

Just a number in counts

But a chemical configuration in your mind


A drop of no power but in a wave

Is every person

You hate

You run from

You ignore

You put to wait


I hope God loves His children enough to

Know their favorite color

Because we seem not to care if

Our world was duller.


Time only chips paint, you say

But I wish the purple bruises wouldn’t

Fade away.

Because when they heal, my living instincts

Will wash me in water of pretend sleep for

Me to lay.


I just want to know

If your favorite color is still red.

Even if you never cared

To know mine was blue.


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Our world
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