Dear the word that flipped my world upside down,


United States

Shaky breathing,

heartbeat pounding,

tears forming.

Speeches are the contests for which they demonstrate their strengths,

heard ‘round the world.

These constructs of letters and syllables

more powerful to Arthurs’ blade.

The word that flipped my world upside down.

Faintly spoken before, its mysterious identity

behind its veil.

A displeasure to the public’s eye.

A rejoice in another.


No longer a straight path, my life



and changed its’ course.

Trees so tall,

they blocked the life emitted from the star almighty,

bordered the narrow street.

An absence of signs,

erased my sense of time and place,

frozen in purgatory.


My journey was put on hold and the isolation set in,

like the almighty that succumbs itself to the hills.

As it set to be, I became a victim to the void.

Set between Heaven and Hell,

my shouts went on until they ceased to be heard.

Shaky breathing,

heartbeat pounding,

tears forming.


How much longer? I shout.

But the replies are left to the ill-spoken.

My journey on the barren road,


My body with each step,

b r o k e n.

How did I end up here?

To be forgotten on a desolate path,

was not what I asked.

How can someone survive to the end of this very road,

as stories once told,

if the thought of living left their mind a



time ago

- Alix


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