Worlds Apart

By: Kiersten Warner

I once walked along the sand,

A beach that stretched through a magic land.

A land enchanted for the lonely heart, my heart whose love was world’s apart.


On the sand there swelled a tide,

as if he waved from the other side.

A wave I’m certain that came from him begging me to take a swim.


Just like so many times before I pictured him out on the shore.

I closed my eyes, I shed my skin imagining, then, how he’d begin...

His touch so soft and sweet and strong.

Oh, how I’ve waited for this so long!


Piece by piece I come apart, a pounding and thumping in my heart.

The water - a hand, his strong embrace.

Thank God for such a magic place!


Just like these waters I rise and fall.

Folding into you I feel so small.

Safe and small is how I feel, wanting to believe this is real.


The water then pushes me to shore, returning to where I was before.

Opening my eyes I lose your face, the magic fades from this place.

Beads of water fall like tears, my world again soaked in fears.



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Our world
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