it takes a mere instant, only

to explore the unending opportunities to be happy

through all this chaos of hate and madness


if you ask me what happiness is

I am full of words

full of moments

full of memories


it's present in the tiny rays of sunshine

peeking through my window

so delicate, and unnoticeably nourishing

greeting me every morning


happiness is in the giggles of children

building forts with leaves

and painting dreams with crayons

completely clueless of the passage of time


time, time, time

time is a handful of chances

time is a bag with abundant sixty-second packs

to be present

to seek that which brings you pure joy


in unexpected smiles for strangers

or experiencing acts of kindness in the streets


the satisfaction of completed tasks

the smile that these draw on our parent's face


loving someone else's energy

and the way they glow as they speak


the fulfillment of doing things right

finding what you need at the right time


I could go on and on and on

but this cascade of words

would never stop flowing


because happiness is not found in one single place

or two, or three, or four

happiness is wherever you seek it


so open your eyes a little wider

allow yourself to feel

to notice every detail

to be happy



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My community
Our world
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