My Freedom

The loneliest I've been.

The depths my mind reaches scares me --


I've been down here, trapped.

Above, I see the stars, the indigo-sweeped sky

Taunting me, dangling my freedom high

Above my head --


I would do anything to escape,

I would do anything to feel hope, relief, ecstasy, bliss, nostalgia --

I would do anything to be free of this madness.

Madness seemed preferable at first 

In a world of madmen, overtaken

By regret, remorse, retreat --

But I know now this is not true.


Madness suits no one -- not even the insane.

It's torturous. It becomes my only motive

To seek destruction, to bask in this 

Atmosphere of hellish fury as a means 

Of reminding myself that, indeed, I have the power

To create, to mold perceptions in my favor,

To impose my will.


I would do anything to be free from

These depths, these shackles 

Restricting my reach from gripping the top

Of this cliff, and pulling myself above,

So that I may view the stars and the heavens

And conclude -- nothing is beyond reach.

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