Breakbeat Poets

Breakbeat poets speak in broken English,

behind a facade of wholeness

The Breakbeat Poet

delivers the news of the death of black babies,

gentrification, broken homes, and bad lovers

and makes the world sing in all of it’s broken languages

The beat binds together the children of the diaspora,

and then a poem becomes a song

These beats light the ladder on fire

The world crumbles under the hierarchy

of the super rich,

and the booney kids

Stepping on the chest of the high-class in a staccato

The Breakbeat Poets make themselves the most high,

because if anyone has been captured by the catalyst that is the breakbeat poet--

they might as well be listening to God

because who believes in themselves more?

Who believes in themselves more than the poets,

who deliver stories in broken English,

who believe in their façade so much that they become the story

The poets aren’t just reciting poems anymore

They’re singing songs

The broken beats of God's broken children,

are the New Gospel,

The New Word.

The New Book

is full of New Beginnings

Breakbeat Poets

We don't need Amos or Obadiah;

The New Prophets have arrived

and they believe themselves to be delivery of the New Word

Tellers of the stories everyone forgot about

They bring their broken English to the altar,

preaching proverbs from behind the podium of pen and paper

Breakbeat Poets

teach us the broken in wholeness

and eventually, we all learn to pick up a pen.


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My community
Our world
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