Don’t Look Away

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 23:41 -- xwilds

Its taken three years for my skin to harden

Watch it turn from rice paper to steel

I used to be friendly as a sign of submission

But now I stand toe to toe with those I don’t even reach the shoulders of

I used to let people misgender me

Laugh and say it’s fine, don’t worry about it

But now I demand respect and I guess that makes me rude

So when did this change happen?

Was it the comments on social media

Lines after lines about how much of a monster I am?

How I deserve to die?

Was it the snide comments made 

By people who knew good and well 

I do not align myself with femininity 

Was it the members of my town

All rallying together to agree

That if they had a transgender child

They would do unspeakable horrors to them?

I don’t know when the shift happened

All I know is that after I stopped showing my neck and 

Waving my white flag

And instead I bared my teeth

Painted with the blood of those who weren’t lucky enough

I watched those who hate people like me

Back down and back off

And ultimately think twice about their words

Because there are transgender kids younger than me

And I don’t want them to have to grow cold

And harden that unique gleam in their eyes

Just to defend themselves

So if my stony exterior means they’ll be safe

Then I wouldn’t trade it for the world


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