Climate Change: If You Are Reading This Its Almost Too Late

In this world we are surrounded by limited resource. Most of which we have destroyed without remorse. 50-100 million buffalo used to roam the great plains. Until 1884 when only 325 remained. 500 thousand now roam the land, thanks to countless helping hands. This is one result of conservation, but countless environmental threats have swept the nation.


Climate change is one well known, this tragedy emits a morose tone. Pray tell, what is the answer! How can we stop this global cancer? The earth indeed needs our assistance, we must start a radical resistance. Against oil companies that are fueled by greed, sustainability must become our creed.


Burning coal? How outdated, we need our climate reinstated. Limitless sustainable options are, simple as a solar panel or an electric car. Unwillingness to put up with inconvenience, when will climate change gain some credence? Conscientious consumers are willing to sacrifice some expense, because they know their actions have an impact that is immense. Whether it is ignorance, or stubbornness, people need to alter, because we haven’t time to falter. I don’t want to sound like a doomsday prepper, but we can’t go on like this forever


Now a story, full of sorrow, which depicts a dystopian tomorrow. This yarn I spin you may know well, of earth becoming a hollow shell. Once there was a perfect land, untouched by human hand. All of its inhabitants had room to grow, certainly a miraculous show. And then man came with industrialization, and had no problem decimating god’s creation. Humans came and got their “share”, expanding their wealth without care. The need for power fueled the fire and the number of people got higher and higher. 7.7 billion is where we stand today. How can we expect to stay? We have too many people who are all consumers, what do you say to that baby boomers? If we continue at this pace, we will be gone without a trace. We will leave this earth beyond depleted and all of its inhabitants long ago deleted.


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The rhymes in it are great! 

Annette M Velasquez

A powerful, important message clearly stated. Your poem articulates the truth, the word choices show skill... This is thought-provoking, my only critique is that at times, the rhyme sounds forced- it breaks flow. Check out my poetry if you have time- Annette Velásquez.

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