The Beast

Sometimes my house is not a home but a prison

From the front yard it looks like a lovely family

But the grass isn't always greener on the other side

Because on the inside all my thoughts are denied


And when this happens there's a battle with the beast and we collide

There is no arguing with the beast he's a brick wall and will win in the end with your pride

So the only thing you can do is run and hide or perfectly abide


The beast is a thing with no face

he will make fun of you call you a disgrace

You want to be anywhere but this place

Because whenever you see it you can see his soul is black and filled with hate


There’s a nonstop war between us there's no time make peace

or have time to calm down and discuss

Because the things it has put me through are unjust

It wants everything in that moment and if it doesn't get it it will erupt


I’m alone in its destruction

And with it here it’s like i can barely function

i just want a new beginning a different introduction

A different life so i can live it and construct it


If you were to ask me who my beast was i couldn't tell you

Because it’s words are tried and true

They are just like a sword through and through

Just like it was always intended to do


We all have a beast

You will become there feast

The more they feed of you there strength will increase

This time when the beast comes for me

I might quiver but i will not shrink


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My family
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