~Faith or Soot?~

It may seem strange,

and a little out of range,

but my faith remains in my forefront.


I'm not shy to admit --

I'd be lost without it:

my faith in my God, who is my Light.


To Him, through life, I call.

To Him, during downs, I bawl.

To Him, when confused, I crawl.

To Him, I go above all.


I'd be stranded without His comfort,

abandoned without my Escort --

Just the thought gives me fright:

Life without my Faith?

Gee, would I still exist?


My faith keeps me resilient

through hardships numbered a million.

He's by my side in both day and night.


He molds me, upholds me,

parts the blinding, treacherous sea.

He shapes me into who I may become:

righting my wrongs

and fighting my fight.


My faith keeps me firm as a tree.

Losing it is to remove the sturdy root

that allows life and prosperous fruit.

The tree would wither to soot,

and in the end, soot remains soot.

Soot -- without fruit.


So I choose my Faith

to be the root on which I rely,

to help me grow up to the sky,

to allow abundant fruit,

and to prevent any soot.

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