How can I describe my stay?I thought am here to stay,I thought I got no house rent to pay,Despite been in the wilderness,I feel on top of the world sometimes. How can I describe my stay in the wilderness?Even when mast Gen goes off,And no network to say am offWhen some says am disgusting,When my works are no longer interesting. How can I describe my stay in the wilderness?I thought I have a lot to give,Not knowing I have a lot to take,Tears roll down my cheeks,Considering myself commiting blunders!Something must have drain my brain,Reducing my ability and capability,Should I blame the wilderness for that?How can I describe my stay? My stay in the wilderness.Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh,But when life gives me hundred reasons to cry,I tell life I have one thousand reasons to laugh,Few months left, wish non left, wish it's forever,I'm so glad I have contributed my own quarter,Common! Put a smile on your face.

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My community
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