At The Blink of an Eye

Dear Nana,

How are you? How have you been?

I've been trying to be happy but how do I begin?

I remember your last day like the back of my hand

Little did I know time was running out like dripping grains of sand.

I woke up early with butterflies in my stomach

It was time for the last preformances of the play, I was standing on the summit.

But the news snapped my heart like a branch,

I started plummeting down the hill like an avalanche. 

"She's gone," I said, as my theatre family gathered around. 

I spilled out tears and collapsed on the ground. 

I miss you Nana, I hope you know.

I reserved a seat for you in the front row. 

They say time heals all wounds, 

I wonder if grief is something that includes. 

Everbody wishes you could come back for just another few minutes

I only wish I would of went over more often to visit. 

It's been two months since you've laughed your last laugh,

Nana, I love you, and I know you loved me back.

So have fun in Heaven, I know you're flying high,

We'll see you soon, but for now, we say bye-bye. 

With love, Ally




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My family
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