Bubble Bee

See life was great before your presence, I’d sit up all night enjoying the cool winter breeze, 

consuming every positive vibration the earth had to offer. 

I’d kick my feet up 

shake my ass around my room to whatever song played if I wanted too

I didn’t give a damn, I admit, but I was happy. 


Summer came and there you were,

I fell in love. 

I wanted you, you wanted me. 

Instead of getting high off a blunt, I’d get high off your love

and just like codeine in sprite, you were the one I leaned on

I’d puff and never pass because 

Who was I to share what was mine? 

Your love showered me until it was my own tears that did the cleansing.

See, summer was cool and all 

Well that was until that afternoon.

A pain came sharp and sudden, but later it produced honey.


I wanted more, I could take the pain. 

So I went back to the same spot and it stung me again 

and again 

and again

the more I returned. 

I loved what it had potential to produce but I hated the way it made me feel. 


The winter came again and I wanted to rip up every picture that had your face,

and delete every memory from my body that I allowed you to trace but 

then that urge came again and I wanted you, 

I wanted to taste that potential 

I knew soon that you’d land back on my flower,

As soon as winter passed. 


I hate bees now because they remind me of you 

and now 

I’m ready to buy a box of cigarettes  because it’s summer and anything is better than feeling this pain, this rage, this torture, this agony. 

“I love you” you said 

Shame on me for believing you.


See before this day, 

I told myself that I’d never reach this point

But shit, I’d rather puff this stick than to breath your air 

because consuming your odor is worse that any damage a cigarette could do to my lungs 

so fuck it..

I guess that’s why they say tobacco helps to heal bumble bee stings

Maybe next summer, I’ll get my honey.

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