Cinderella's Longing for Happiness

Once upon a time there were Cinderella’s in the world

A Cinderella’s love was stellar

Full of confidence she glowed

But glowing out of gloom she folds

Hunched over in insecurity she became full of sadness

So full it was an overload

A Cinderella was fallen from her security

Stability taken

Grown and wise she was still misled by meanings as they were defined

Kindness despised

Taken for granted

A Cinderella’s happiness was taken

Cinderella became a copyright

Asked by the gods to come back to the light

Doomed by everyday duties

A Cinderella’s dreams never seemed in reach

A Cinderella could only be a Cinderella if she thrived in her happiness

Patented by the god’s

A Cinderella forever needed permission to be happy

Copyrighted was the emotion of happiness by the god’s, only a Cinderella could thrive

A Cinderella is only as beautiful as her alluring ability to make others feel loved

But no Cinderella can love without happiness

No Cinderella was real but a few

So many women yearn to be a Cinderella

For Cinderella is glee

For happiness made thee

What will a woman do without happiness?

Who will she become in this world without happiness?

No worth, no love, and emptiness where happiness should be

So Cinderella must be rich or worthy to share the copyright of happiness

You must work hard if born with out the copyright

Some fake it and fail for those of wealth see right through them

Cinderella is a fairy tale

Who could afford happiness?

So Cinderella’s deemed glee no more

For happiness was not worth the desire

For those that did achieve no longer became envied

The God’s claim on happiness and its lack of freedom was no longer a burden

Because life was no longer about becoming a Cinderella for many

For sadness evolved into the new happiness that wealth could not buy

Cinderella was no more

For self-identities were acclaimed and Cinderella became more evolved

The benefits that came from happiness still came out of love and though unexpressed through joy misery bread pleasure

The pleasure that came from sorrow gave those not like Cinderella an everlasting gratification of worth, and a reason to live

Cinderella’s were no longer thrived for and there began a new beginning that love was more important than happiness and it’s lessons evolved from the perspective that Cinderella’s could only exist through their longing for happiness


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