For My Blood and Kin

Dear Brother and Sister,


I remain an explorer, full of optimism

Left to walk among the deserted lands and feral nights

Such lands are roamed by the bastards of nihilism

The darkness become my empty and longing lights.

Storms of society and rivers of the mundane

Cast me aside like a debris of driftwood down the drain

But under the cover of dusk, hidden from misery

I remain an explorer, always safe from rain


Those hopeless fools hunt me so, hissing

“Life is no more than such pieces of wreckage”

Trying to degrade my hope and taking everything else,

I stand with shadows whom I have vanquished and relished

In a distance sun, in a distance time

In a distance moon and in a distance love

I fight with the words that have been passed down to me,

And my freedom to love raise me high above


As humans, our willpower and ingenuity were born

Because we came into this world with nothing

When they force humanity into the currents and winds

Remember how progress is born from our downstrings.

And to the next explorer that comes along, I pass on this message:

Never sleep without a fiery lantern

Never walk the dark path without a torch in hand

Never set up camp unless you are sure the flames will burn

Because your source of comfort will be the heat next to you,

The pyres of everything you hold dear.

That is the secret steel to take back the night

Embers that reminds us of our love for life, people, and tears


And so, my blood and kin

My journey will soon come to an end

During the twilight of my life

Prepare the bed so I may descend.

Despite what I have said,

My blade is dull and frail

I’ve fought too many wraiths

Always against the pushy gales

So as always, I love the two of you both

As you’ve always supported me the most

So I’ll keep relishing in fighting those demons

Until I come back home


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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