Dawn Approaches

Dawn Approaches


Bells shrill ringing alerts me to the approaching dawn.

To lift the weary head off a pillow throwing off blankets that offer warmth.

                                                               With a yawn and a nice back stretching tiny feet touch the cold floor.


Blinking multiple times to see clearly the last bits of moonlight disappears. Standing to all but stumble about thawing of the mind allow for walking.

Haste suddenly overwhelming the senses taste is demanding, as is the stomach.


Blankets are all forgotten as hustle and the bustle takes over everything.

Grabbing all the apples and food in sight the pace quickens to finish the morning routine on time in order to avoid tardiness an outfit is thrown together.


Bristling at the cold fresh air as the few times to observation to take in…

Colors of the Eastern skies as I begin the rush to scurry about the roads.


Once I reach my destination all else fades a way in an inviting blur.

Hurriedly I sigh as I breathe in the scent of old paper, dark ink, and panic disappears.

The lights seem blinding in the morning light as I approach the lodging.


Relief is similar to joy as a smirk makes a journey to my face with no worries.

The calm was a friend that promises much knowledge, laughter, and learning all is a pleasure.


For the rest of the my day I focus on the task at hand which leads…

Too many different things in all time moods, experiences, and varies of joys.

All the proof of living is shared with others around.


All the knowledge and great deal of emotion, there is interaction with wonderful


Great thoughts of past events never dull this soul.

The lull of moonlight will always call weary restful to my side.

Fantasies of adventure ride along with the approaching dawn.

Before repeating time after time.




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