Knight Hawk - Trepidation

Knight Hawk grunts as he struggle walks

The memories flooding him always

The recent past like a nightmare 

A never-ending cycle of despair drifting

The blood he still feels on his skin seeping

The screams he still hears strip him bare

He shakes, quivers, living not for days

As he angrily glares at the sky's peace talk


Knight Hawk sits quietly as the medic

Changes his bandages on his lower thigh,

On his upper arm, on top of his shoulder

Two glancing strikes, one in deep to his meat

He is brought back his battle crying seat

When the aftermath's silence destruction boulder

Canceled all thought as he watched Robin Knight

Slipping from this world, her eyes glazed acerbic


Knight Hawk feels his wounds opening anew

But watches as the medic leaves him to heal

Knowing his heart has ruptured once again

With the innocence of a youthful love lost torn

He breathes deeply, causing more pain to be born

Wincing as he rises, nearly wretching on bile wind

He leaves the injured and dying to medic's seal

Cold air blasts him, refreshing his thoughts cruel


Knight Hawk observes his fellow survivors

His fellow supposed knights of worth

Running in absolute pathetic retreat

From the onslaught of the invaders' strong advance

His mind journeys to a past before this recent stance

Where he wishes he performed more worthy feat

For maybe Robin Knight, Master Knight's hearth

Could have fire still than his less worthy sword wielder


Knight Hawk recalls running, sprinting, hoping,

That some one else was able to get away

From the massacre that was becoming 

Unbearable from the invaders's massive stroke

Robin Knight's crimson blood from her chest plate broke

His heart as he watched her collapsing

While he drew his sword as a sun's gallant ray

Shone before storms awoke, Knight Realm falling

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My community
My country
Our world
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