The Mentality of Adventure

Enveloped in a world of adventure,

left to relinquish control and trust our own glorious instinct,

leaving our monotonous lives behind to discover a literal path, 

a path in which we can let our minds explore. 

Sometimes we must alter our lives

to truly experience joy and get away. 


Where do we desire to go? Is it only a stone throw away? 

A place that beacons an indescribable adventure

where we can truly feel the aura of enjoyment and live. 

A place where we can abdicate our habitual instinct. 

Sometimes what lead to euphoria is the act of exploring, 

exploring things we would not dare to encounter on our traditional paths. 


So let us embark on this mystical path 

and hike to peaks where we can feel tranquil and away. 

We can discover natural sights which can be explored. 

We can decipher the language of adventuring 

and wander out of the filed of instinct. 

Now that is emphatically living. 


Scoping out picturesque greenery in which we can live, 

at least for an evening while we recover from a day on the path. 

We are on a journey where we live instinctually. 

In which we do not have apprehensions of daylight running away, 

left to immerse our minds in the zen of adventure. 

The sun rises, the majestic peaks widen- another day to explore. 


Each direction we look is another sight to continue exploration! 

A stream flowing like a chiffon scarf in the wind, seemingly living. 

Leaves that look as if as they are manipulating the wind to lead them on a new adventure. 

A mountain that makes the Empire State Building look inferior surrounds our path. 

Wildlife puts on a show for us and then tucks themselves away. 

Snow falling conscientiously under our noses, done with great instinct. 


But then it kicks in, our inescapable hum instinct. 

We eventually capitate our desire to explore. 

The appetite of discovering is lost in the carnage and dwindles away. 

We are summoned back to the reality of banausic life. 

We are thrown back in- back on to a repetitive path. 

A cliche’ life with underwhelming adventure. 


But we can proclaim our life was once filled with adventure!

We gave up our insert for a fraction of a minute to explore. 

We took a path but did not remain, It is almost possible to get away. 


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