Rollin Is The Genre A Genre is A Style,Type,Literature,Class, or Independent Style

Fri, 12/23/2016 - 18:33 -- BigDru

Rollin is a Genre That I Crafted, Since I started out as a singer in Church, then turn rapper, then singing-rapper, then realized that I wasn't a Rapper but could be Classified as One, in reality I AM a Psalmist,Zamar, Choruses, the originality of what Singers started out as, musically I AM a Soloist Symphony, A Kingdom Organist, A Jazz Scattist, Country Western Songster , Southern Gospel is My Root's in The Music, From Southern Gospel Came Rock Music, Rock n Roll, Soul, R&B, Quartet, Opera is dance music going back to The Choruses,  My First Instrument is an Organ, but in all actuality My Voice is an Instrument, That's where Scat-Singing comes from, But I learn how to pick on an Acoustic, I have Battled alot and Still Battling The Great Fight For The Kingdom of Heaven!
I can go on and on, but it would nolonger be a poem and instead it would be a lesson, with all else said class is in session. 
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