PYPM (Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement)

A silenced voice, with thoughts that are screaming

My pen bringing fire to a forrest that's been bleached

I never thought much of my outlet for writing

I'd pullen the plug so many times

I thought the circuit ran short

But senior of high school, sparked a new flame

A jolt of enery ran through my veins

I found inspiration and everything changed

Thanks to PYPM life will never be the same

I joined the Slam Leagues with my school's poetry team

We scored third place out of twenty six teams

Our first year writing for a cause bigger than us

With PYPM life didn't seem so tough.

There was so much love when I went on stage

No judgement could be passed, for our passion was the same

The crowd and the poet sharing one love

With each word spewed, our hearts beat as one

Because of PYPM I found my voice

And my love of poetry has reached new heights

Instead of drowning in silence and sheltering myself

I spoke to the mountains and conquered the seas

I relied on poetry as my inhaler to breathe

The Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement

Saved my life

And I thank them everyday for relieving me of strife

And at last, I am free from myself

And it's all thanks to poetry

It really did help.




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