because i love you, i listen


tell me about what you love

tell me about your dreams

tell me about what makes you giddy

let me see your eyes light up 

as you tell me about something i would never even think about thinking about

let me see the wrinkles by your eyes when you smile

tell me about your day

tell me about who you love and who you hate

tell me about that one girl in your class who has that voice you can't stand

let me hear your exaggerated impression of it 

let me giggle at the face you make

tell me what made you upset today

tell me what made you cry

tell me how you've never really felt safe in your own skin

tell me that you're glad i'm here 

let me hear your sobs, sniffles, and hiccups

let me rub your back softly

tell me that you love me because i listen

tell me that you want to hear what i have to say

tell me that you understand

let me tell you how i’m feeling

let me rant and rave

and i’ll do the same

our love is wound in our silent attentive stares

as we listen

our love is weaving through our loud impassioned words

and we listen

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