Dear Jane

Dear Jane,

I said I would write to you, so here it is.

I want to say a lot of things I can't possibly fit on a page.

Things I can’t think off of the top of my head right this second.

Every phrase and word is lost in the after effect of being mind blown by someone like you.

They are in a mix with all the perfect words I’m trying to slowly pick out, just for you.

And the only words I seem to grip from my mind that’s spinning like a bingo ball machine are; Dear Jane.

But dear Jane,

You are more than just words.

You are Superman without the cape.

You are Batman without the mask.

You are like Spiderman, but you don’t always swing from building to building to get the job done.

You are like Captain America, but instead of a hard shield, you have a soft one.

You have your kind, caring, and loving heart.

And instead of shielding people off, you welcome them.

Dear Jane,

How does one pay back a hero?

What do I say to make you understand how much you mean to me?

To make the world understand how supporting, caring, and loving you are?

To make them understand that not all heroes wear a cape, mask, or even a suit!

Because dear Jane,

You make time for me, even when time doesn’t want you to.

You put a smile on my face, even when my face muscles are like stones dragging me down to the bottom of my worries.

You shine a light in the darkness of my conscious with just a phone call.

Not all heroes wear a cape.

Dear Jane,

It’s November now, and the weather refuses to freeze our little toes and fingers.

The pretty leaves have fallen from their trees, but the trees seem to grow stronger and bolder.

Home is pretty far, but the people here make it seem closer than it was yesterday.

Classes have gotten harder now, but my hands are too small to grip all that I’ve learned so far.

But dear Jane,

I think of what I’ve learned and smile because I know who has been with me through it all.

I call my mom who’s two hours and four minutes away, exactly 103 miles, and can’t help to think how close you two are to my heart.

I went on a walk and greeted the trees that bear no leaves now and thought of how courageous you are.

I woke up to 57 degrees on a November morning and thought of your never-ending love and support.

I go about my day, every day, but not a day goes by me when I don’t think about you.

Dear Jane.


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