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Peace never washes over me, Not even with fresh rain, It's always a lifetime worth of pain,  The mask I wear draws attention just like the stars, I'd wear anything to hide my scars,
  When the brutal battle of bards begins and my metaphorical sword is set may the verse overflow like molten steel, may it rouse Romeo and Juliet.   When my guard goes down at the close of day
Even a tree must struggle to survive, tossed and torn in the wind and rain, yet it grows stronger and begins to thrive, becoming greener for all its pain.   Susan J.
My life hasn't always went well So I can't waste time wishing it would change I need to stay high anad not get down when i fail Cause what is life without the L
I was just playing a board game with my parents My depression hit me again but worse What am I gonna do? I feel so guilty for not being happy, but it feels like I'm falling.
Confusion   Why?   What?   How?   Difficulties that produce nothing but wasted time and frustration.
Does it take me standing On the edge ready to end The fight within my soul, To find the strength to let go, And embrace the unknown, To finally feel the peace, That has eluded me for so long?
Before I'm gone, tell them that I was just a girl who was trying to get through everyday. That I never really cared for makeup, or how short a skirt could be.
I wrote this poem because i heard you're leaving  i know it's true but i hope that i am dreaming,  so i am asking you one more time please dont leave me.
When I see wasted food, I’m reminded of the poor who cannot make do. As people blow their money, I think of those who live humbly. During winter when it snows, I’m sad for those with little clothes.
She wanted you, but she needed something else not for herself though so she did what she knew best she let her wishes go she choose the need and she did get it she should be happier-a bit
We have our memories to look back on 
have you ever whispered affirmations to yourself in the waning hours of night knowing in your heart you are dying?   you learn to semi-conciously compact and contort the agony
I look at the scars on my hands, reminiscing on the time we shared together. I have forgotten what touch feels like, blisters and burns now blanket where the wax has fallen.
In the dawn’s hazy light, I see them,The weary souls trudging forth,Faces etched with half-slept weariness,Their spirits longing for escape. In this bustling cityscape,They gather at public transport stops,A sea of bodies, disenchanted,Each lost i
When you return home after many years,stepping onto familiar soil,your heart stirs with bittersweet anticipation.The sun-tinted house that once witnessed your dreamsnow stands a stranger, with cold eyes afar,overgrown vines clinging to its weather
I planted a tree on top of the world. Shading in everything that seems broken and torn. But no amount of light I feed it. It seems to only thrive when I've been cryin.  
I cut my wristLook at my bloody fistReally wishing I didn't exist Putting the gun to my headTaking the knife to my wristTears fall on the floorNow I'm clinching my fist
I hate how glamorized being transgender is in the media. It’s not all sunshine, and rainbows, and butterflies. Well, it is rainbows, but that's not the point.
The Front By Caroline Bradbury Present one thing  But make up something else  Sit up to drink and dissolve  But then I slouch  I'm only fronting 
Amidst the chaos and the strife,When the world seems dark as night,And loneliness consumes your soul,And hopelessness takes its toll, Remember that within your heart,There lies a spark that will not depart,A flame that burns with steady light,And
When trust is broken, hearts are shattered The bond of love, now torn and tattered Deception, lies, and hidden schemes All turning love into shattered dreams
Poetry lives in my very soul poetry fills my spirit to the brim i let the expression of myself flow i am a mortal but i hope my words they flow forever i look for the good in life
i watch the poets write ther tunes their voices heard i want to write a poem thats good but i am a faliure im no good at anything i cant make my poems flow people say my poetry sucks
i watch the poets write ther tunes their voices heard i want to write a poem thats good but i am a faliure im no good at anything i cant make my poems flow people say my poetry sucks
                             In the USA, Black History month is celebrated In February, the month with the shortest days
I’d always been told my skin was soft. My lips were perfect and plump. I had perfect posture. I walked like I was on a runway.  
Sotto il ponte a Del Rio sono fermi, bloccati, appostati, accerchiati Ammucchiati migliaia di migranti Haitiani, non Ucraini
I never thought  I'd understand, fully The pain that accompanies the memory The stab in the back as my thoughts force me to recall All of the things they've said to me
                                           Sous le pont De Del Rio sont arrêtés, coincés, entassés Amassés des milliers d'Haïtiens migrants, pas d'Ukrainiens
Sob a ponte Del Rio eles estão parados, presos, estacionados Milhares de imigrantes Haitianos, não Ucranianos Francamente, se fossem os últimos, não seriam penalizados
Bajo el puente Del Río están parados, atascados, estacionados Miles de inmigrantes Haitianos, no Ucranianos Francamente, si fueran estos últimos, no serían sancionados
Sometimes I’m fine. Sometimes I’m just a little tired. You know? I know you get what I mean.
These work weeks add up quickly and another year flies by as if my time committed treason, and as soon as I say hi I say by to every weekend, am I evolving or dissolving, if a digital check is my only reason, I know bills run on cycles and holiday
Green eyes jewel feels like I can cry Brown hair veils, make me want to fly Hey Nasa Girl, let's go to space Touch the moon, and so your face
I made friends with the moon, he's always there for me.  The stars are my sisters, the planets are my brothers, the sun is my sworn enemy.  The crickets chirp loudly, the lightning bugs shine proudly,
Fields of white flowers, too many to count When the weather is dry, the flowers die out Water covers their leaves, in a blanket they drown water that seeps in, They are far from safe
  My father was young My mother, younger They had a song they sung Forever in love for sure   That’s what they thought
I was given a hand And a new card deck It is a chance And i can only check   A time to read And finally understand
A lot of people around but no one to understand. Feels like on a sea-shore a neglected grain of sand. Just like a boring book, no one wants to read. No one to cheer me up no matter how much I succeed.
The path of darkness, does not taunt all. For the patient and hopeful, will never fail nor fall.  It's the people with hope,
Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre brave Haïti Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre incroyable Pays
Be not afraidTo fight the right fightsThe hate, the hatredTo regain your rightsTo end bigotry, racismFascism and nepotism.
You made me feel gross You think I don't remember But what you don't know Is that I will live with this pain forever On my body I make cuts Cuts to carve away at parts that feel
I have never really been a person to really enjoy when it was Spring, Because I never really sat back and thought about all of the changes and the beauty that it can bring.
Gulping down salt water.Blood filling my lungs.I reach to touch the surface,I reach to the above.Unable to break the water’s surface pressure.It’s just above my fingertips,Salvation is out of reach.The sunlight’s fractured reflections, Are blaring
It's funny how the brain works, Suddenly reminding me of the abuse I unconsciously tried to forget. Leaving me alone with the feelings of guilt and regret.
Blade rusted with blood. An opening to let this out. The pain is numbed But only for now. The few seconds of relief. Proof of my pain Reflecting the inside- out.
She keeps me tossing and turning at night As he forces me to wake up at first light She believes in love at first sight  And he strengthens the grip on her kite   
  Where do I begin?   The end?   Well I guess I could start from the actual beginning.   Which one?   There are so many.  
Fluid swims around me in a clear motion.Circling as it blurs my vision.Chilling my bones to their hallow marrow,I float in this thick choking fluid.  
"It all starts and ends with just one Friend, The One who takes you there and back... Again and again...over and, Forever more,  Always will be there at the door"
My first word was “tick tock” My favorite blanket had clocks on it I am and was and always will be obsessed with clocks And with the idea of time
That is what the human race has become, A mirage of too many a face, With Broken down dreams And Craved fantasies.
Sky.  Not like the ones we used to stare at so blue that it looks too fake to be real. Grey skies 
When I was 13 I remember looking up at the sky looking for a reason to believe that life wasn't an endless voyage of struggle for me and my siblings.
Self-imprisonment Is the worst form Of punishment Still, it is not out of the norm
Can't get motivated been doing less and less. Does that mean I'm Depressed I guess. Trouble getting out of bed today. There's gotta be a way to convince myself that everything will be OK.
Losing a friend isnt instant, The memories linger, And the what if's become unbearable.   The guilt sets in at sunrise, And the grief chokes you at sunset.   You dont just lose them and go on
Losing a friend isnt instant, The memories linger, And the what if's become unbearable.   The guilt sets in at sunrise, And the grief chokes you at sunset.   You dont just lose them and go on
it felt like screaming until your throat went raw, fighting for your breath under an 80-pound weight, or purposely breaking your own bones.   that, my dear, is what love felt like before you
Each tear touches an ocean - A void of countless fears. Sends a ripple through the shadows, Unstilling long, past years.  
Writing this poem So I can finally tell you how I feel Sorry that sometimes you don't want to deal With all my trauma and emotions What I gotta do take a whole bottle just for you To realize I'm hurtin
Some of us are stuck in the past Positive it's not going to last Some of us don't want to spread our wings and fly Some of us don't know how to say goodbye Some of us think we have few chances
Remember those days, you was lost in yourself  That leather belt, you better run and get some help Every push is a rapid, every move is a step  It's overtime and you really overslept   
♡ Bon appétit to all my fellow Haitians and friends,Who will be drinking, sipping, savoring soup joumou,Which is made of squash, neck bones, macaroni, oxtails,Carrots, yams, celery, parsley, and countless vegetables.
  Bon appetit a tout Ayisyen zanmim yo,Moun ki pral bwè, manje, deguste bon soup joumou,Ke nou fè ak joumou, kou koden, makawoni, ke bef,Kawòt, yanm, seleri, pèsi, ak lot bon legim.
BETRAYAL POEM . 🗣       have you ever thought to yourself that you and a specific person might last forever.  but then all of a sudden you see a shift of change in their behavior, however. 
Ayiti, Ayiti, Ayiti, peyi dè Mati Ayiti, Ayiti, Peyi Gran Esklav Ayiti, Ayiti, Peyi Nèg Brav Yon Oazi ke zòt vle trayi.  
i read between the lines on her wrists and uncovered a story worth writing i saw the first tear, caught the second and stopped the third from dropping her red-rimmed eyes  held a suprise a well kept secret;
Life. It’s a weird word really. Not the sound that it makes but the experiences of it are just… I hate it. It’s weird how just when it gives you something great,
Things will go wrong Climbing uphill is hard When I try and smile, all I do is sigh Rest is a must, but don't give up Time after time Time after time Time after time “I'm a failure”
Things will go wrong Climbing uphill is hard When I try and smile, all I do is sigh Rest is a must, but don't give up Time after time Time after time Time after time “I'm a failure”
Today I am a sad poem Not because of any man Or any woman either Not because there is nothing to be happy about And I have much to be thankful for I am a sad poem because I’m sad
I wanna sleep but I am not tired I am tired but I can't sleep I am tired so I have to sleep Why can't I ever sleep I close my eyes I see pictures I hear my thoughts I feel feelings
should i change who i am to please others or should i stay the same should i pretend to be straight to please my parents or should i not should i hide my flaws or should i show them with pride
  im slowly dying dying because of stress becuse of the empty feeling inside don't know what to to not sure if  i should keep living not sure if i should die crying out for help in vain
I waited for you in the hallway But I did not hear your voice I waited for your call in the night But my phone did not stir I waited for your love But it would never be mine  
In the past I felt like I had nothing left to fight for. It wasn’t enough. I held on to the numbing‘s and told myself you can stop when you find that one thing that will call you back to reality like before.
I always forget the keys Do you remember the picture We took on beach, Relics of sensual nights Elegance of summer days All is there in my drawer But, I have lost the keys
If l were a poet My art would be to craft To summon words Uncommon To dump in a lump The deepest emotions to the crest.
In the event of my death,I hope they know I tried.Day inDay outWaking up and trying againTo live a lifeThat was going to tragedy.  
 I have fought with great feebleness for twenty-one days Confusion, suspicion, suffocation, anxiety all were there  I did not see the sky for five hundred and four hours in a row
Lost in time.  Lost in the dark.  Lost in the light. She gave up, she never won a fight. 
It's happening again,I'm fallingDown into a deep endless void,At least, I think it's endlessMaybe it's not.Maybe eventually I'll reach the bottom.The bottom of this deep empty pit in which I'm falling.
remember when you are feeling lost, and you feel like there is nowhere left to turn,  when you whisper,  and your echo rings back to you, you will feel my love for you.  feel my skin, feel my touch, 
Something underneath my skin Tearing at my walls from inside, within Testing all my patience, and trying my might With tooth and claw and a sharpened bite A dark eyed shadow hiding near
Dear Depression, I don't like you near me. I wish you would go away. You suck up all my hapiness, and make me feel like shit. I wish you would leave me alone and let me enjoy my life.
“I’m coming for you!” A little girls says, As laughter and joy Fills the room. A child And a mother Playing hide and seek
What’s happening to you? Are you afraid to fall? Will you be able to stand up again? You know very well you won’t So better not try….
There is a hunger in the wind it toys with my longing for hope zipped up inside, tugging at my heart rope   There she lifts my dreams caught on a line ready for takeoff
you say get over it but how you say get out of your room how you say think happy thoughts how we need help no one helps us  why we are the broken ones the ones no one wants 
Hope By Michelle Barrera  Hope is the one thing everyone holds out for, But the one thing that is so rare.   Hope requires courage,
  When you find yourself stuck Drowning in the depth of it all Clinging to the light above you And praying for help.... any help   That’s when they say the familiar phrase
Dark thoughts, Love not seen, I just needed to know I was loved. Deep reflections,  Like the sea I’m terrified of.   You are the sand,
These Rainy Nights Droplets of sorrow and pain All of it hurts it, hurts down to the vein These Droplets of memories and the past All thoes memories I burned turned into ash
Depression isn't just one word or one action or one feeling Depression is made up of many experiences of disappointment, hate, failure, and confusion Depression has been made to be a vast topic over the past generations of people
Bridges burned, Ties cut, All by one's own hand. Time wasted, Backs turned, Hourglass low on sand. Youth gone, Wisdom naught, Shame a painful brand.
Im tired Hi tired, I’m lonely  Tired, are you my one and only?   By the way you overwhelm me with emotion  Fill my head with commotion 
He keeps dragging me down, to where a cry for help doesn't make a sound. He has taken my mind,  it is so far gone I’ll never be able to find. The peace I was searching for,
Three in the morn That's when the ideas form When the gibbering par Monsters with eyes cinnabar takes over what's left of sanity, rationality and tranquility What remains of you is nothing more than
Closing my eyes I see the hands pulling me up turning into the ones pushing me down Voices taunting me used to be the ones rejoicing me Though it’s not the words but the mouth they tumble out of crushes my soul
I saw her dance yesterday. To a doo wop style song sung by a child like her. She jumped and stomped and did her best impression of a ballerina.
There is just so much That one person can take. I am so sorry.
i've been losing in a lot of ways  but by the days it's proven    the things and people i keep putting energy into life tells me i'm not meant to   but i didn't want to lose this much
they say hope has  feathers maybe  that’s how it was able 
we fell in love together, and promised forever. but neither you stayed, nor i attempted to stay. 
Her soul is new, a few seconds born. Her heart is full, until it’s torn.  Beneath a bridge a day old, Her mother leaves, as she’s later told. Though half of Her heart left too, a year passes and she’s been renewed.
she smiles and laughs a little, And writes down her favorite songs, Like nothing is wrong, But when she gets home, Is when she becomes alone, She locks herself in her room, Encouraging her doom,
“You’re beautiful; Even if you don’t know it” As if the body I look at in the mirror is suitable, Yet the heart weighs down the spirit.   The lines on my thighs,
I’m already a misfit out of place  The one you just can’t seem to embrace  Not because I’m bad or because I’m good  I can’t be pegged in the way you think I should 
Those who do not understand will judge Those who judge seem far Those in the distance appear lost The lost seek truth The truth is there In the circle of time We find our truth This makes no sense
I cry myself to sleep at every nightJust wishing it would stop.Maybe tomorrow it will teminated.Then again, maybe not.
MONEY "Money is toxic it drives the fool, but the sage maintain his lot." #c9_fm
So called decisionOr is it masked as speculationRoll that dice settle upon At the mercy of a single reactionYou opposing youOn the other side of the coinIt’s brainwork against upshotSome say wisdom others sayA stroke of luckBut I rest assured It’s
He puts his hand upon me, 
Screaming my lungs out Tearing at my hair Eyes streaming with tears I claw at whatever I Can reach and toss things Around the whole room My face turns red and My eyes are wet and bloodshot
Hold on, it will change; The truth that needs lies as cure for the pains. Go on, it will pass; Weather and scars are the demands of the paths.
Silence... All I hear silence around me, My brain is shouting at me to get moving, To get started in this responsibility of adulthood, Yet, I do nothing.   I stare at my empty white ceiling,
Sitting With You #4 She is often forgotten.Left to struggle on her own.Her cries are silent.Tears are endless.If only you could hear her.If only you could feel her.She's kind and gentle.Like a little child.She fights her way through each day.Stand
I remember my folks telling me I was a waste that I belong in a trash crate
Where are all your obsessions Where are all you savage captions Why do it seem you give me a forced happy impression Why do talk only about your sad imagination Is this all DEPRESSION?
The Misery Song     Lies hidden through crooked smiles, There’s nothing in this world as vile.
Empty and dark The switch is on But no light seems to come thourgh my cracks Can't fine the plug to bring it back I so want to say 'oh well, so long.'
Don't know how to feel Got this confusing and overwhelming zeal I don't like it, not one bit All I know is:  happy- it is not what I'm getting
I feel empt inside I wish I knew why Everything for a while seeme fine Still, I feel empty inside   A chore just to breathe
Dear Faith, I know, I get just how hard it gets And all your struggles towards normalcy I know, I get that it doesn't feel all that great
I hate how I'm no one's best friend No one's first pick I try so hard, maybe that's it Still...   I hate how I'm gay Depressed
Never be afraid to be who you are. You are beautiful, And you are so smart. You are brave and true, And you are unbreakable.   Never question your self-worth. Whoever says different
If you live today pray for tomorrow don't live your life drowning in sorrow and doubt keep your head up the wolves are out and about waiting for prey I know you they couldn't take you down know matter how hard they try you are currently on land go
I'm gasping for air. My lungs burn and my body is weak. Why can't I see anything? I try to breathe but my lungs don't fill with the air that they are so desperate for. I feel someone,holding me,
every time I hit rock bottom there is a new rock bottom that awaits me   its darker there  and full of more self-hatred 
A year ago today I was picking up a razor in the school hallway Telling myself I would just chuck it While knowing I would not.   In the beginning of last December
Bending trees Green grass I see these things but don't take into account how much they mean to me I make my way back home  and see nothing but tears they are mine.
I have less time left i guess to enjoy this beautiful life but i want to say a hundred sorry's to you. M Yasir
I'm the fire of the burning lashes flame away my dark soul ashes. M Yasir.
I wanna fill up the sky with the stars i wanna live up in the stars with you M Yasir.
Don't forget me don't forget those beautiful memories that we spent a long together
If I told you about my darknesswouldyou understand? Or, would your inability to understand give you cause to reprimand? Would you treat me differently if I told you how I really feel?
always on the vergeof rot and worms and sanitizing my hands with rainwaterhiding under tree trunks and the weightof a trillion apologiesi'm feral, foaming at the mouthdesperate pleas and the formaldehyde
It’s True Like Ra’ Said... You NEED To... " KNOW THE LEDGE "... !!! Because A Lot of Heads... Push To The EDGE To Be The BEST... !!!
                 “We Will Survive” When we were born, we live in peace,And your life will be at ease.No problem to think aboutIn this world full of doubt,We can do nothing but ending our livesFrom all the problems we strives. In this world full of
Time comes, when tomorrow starts without me and I will not there to see what the world could bring for me    Perhaps, I will never see again  the smiles that keeps showing on your face 
if i seem sad, or if i my smile seems forced  don't worry it's just my facade slipping give it a minute and i'll be "me" again.   (j.a.s.s)
My head is void of thoughts My soul is null of feelings My mind is devoid of words and phrases My paper remains unstained for days, Itching and begging for ink to pour. The pen is dry of ink,
20k (Hello Pain 2)   Dear God, Yeah, it's your boy again Woke up so alive I'm just checking in again.   I know you love me You know that drives me insane To see your majesty
We grew impatient for the sunrise of a summer' day, Waited till the waves swallowed our future fears. As the rum and coke swirled our problems away While we got off the train of prudent years.
When the sun rises don't look for me. I've done something awful and I don't want you to see. When the sun rises don't turn on the news. I'm afraid that's how they'll try to tell you.
آج ایسے ہی اُس کی ہادوں کا انبار لگائے بیٹھی ہوں میں پاگل ناداں اُس کے انتظار میں بیٹھی ہوں میں اُس کے لیے دل چھوڑ بیٹھی ہوں لب اپنے سیے بیٹھی ہوں محبت کے سبھی دعوے داروں کو رد کیے بیٹھی ہوں
آج ایسے ہی اُس کی ہادوں کا انبار لگائے بیٹھی ہوں میں پاگل ناداں اُس کے انتظار میں بیٹھی ہوں میں اُس کے لیے دل چھوڑ بیٹھی ہوں لب اپنے سیے بیٹھی ہوں محبت کے سبھی دعوے داروں کو رد کیے بیٹھی ہوں
The wind will tell the story Of my disappearance.. Of our sweet memories You will remember me Will you be able to smile then?
Beauty resides everywhere on our Mother Earth Beauty comes in all different shapes and forms Beauty is pain, beauty is success, beauty is even in the struggle
Yes, it was me, I survived that time,
my body trembles as thoughts race thoughout my head. suddenly my mind freezes, empty, like a child's soul left alone on a windy night. my vision suddenly begins to fade  
I worry for tomorrow, will there be another day? I try to stay strong, but the pain won't go away. We're consumed by this anguish, trapped in solitude.
Refreshing lemon tea, Floating peninsula-like ice cubes, Melting in the hot air of fire ball, Bimodal surge of chest, Glowing dazzling white light, The upper lady's sapphire brooch,
Negativity nested so deep that I had to build myself around  it discourteously. 
We are the outcast,we are the broken the ones who you cast a single judging glance at but the truth is if you had to experience the same things they do you would not survive  
They call you names, It's all in they're game. And though they give you shame, Bullies are not strong.   They push you out, You try to shout. And though they don't show dout,
I was waiting for dawn’s stately tresses at the intersection,  For I hail from another time, trapped in its steady undulation And oh was I waiting!
The black clouds are rolling in The lightning cracks like a whip As the thunder roars with the pride of a lion The sky's blue slate is wiped clean by the darkest grays And shadows begin to cover the streets
Hey, that's me! The one that stares at you blankly, the one that doesn't care how you feel, I'm like a mirror, I give what I see.
Epitaph    You called him a life measured in memories A beloved father, brother, husband, and friend But after his passing he’s sure to be forgotten
- They say, "In due time you'll be alright", "just stay patient". So Heavenly Father I'm reaching out - This life's got me pacin'. Not knowing which way to go, with either road - I never make it.
I drift away into the screams They fade to white noise I hear only the voices in my head   Help Where did they all go
the world will lift you up and pull you down, they will not except you as you are, living in clouds of dreams and that´s all alright for me, no other place I would rather be,
Fear comes with the territory Hate to break it to ya Vulnerability comes with the territory If you haven’t realized Awkwardness comes with the territory
  The shaking from head to toes, the drug demeaning, the depth of the hollow bones. It keeps you staring into oblivion, 
At times real life dilemmas can make it so hard to cope. In times of peril even a true believer can lose all hope. I can't sleep for 35 years I been having the same dreams. That means for 35 years I've been hearing the same screams.
They say, you can't live without it, You can not see it, You can feel it, It is in the rising of the sun, It is in the painting os the sky with stars, It is in you, it is in me,
You don’t know You don’t know what’s struggle You’re in your own world, your own bubble You wake up at 7 on a king size heaven
crying out, reaching out, what is trying about, holding in doubt,   the pain begins to  rain  out, and the one and only frienemy starts to talk, her words like chalk,
My life is a misery, All because I grew up with you, In every season of life, There's a reason why I still love,
long have i sought for peace but the very little I've found, I'll hold on to it before he finds me and make me whole again.
I'm not handsome I'm not intelligent At times I can be clumsy And at times I can be messy I'm not good at sports Nor am I good at singing And I'm positive there are boys better than me
My child, The little comely baby that never stopped growing in me, Can you endure the life of the other word? Can you be patient enough to grow old? My child, my hope,
"social distancing" No more dog walks at the park Drive-thru or take-out Grocery shopping More time spent with family Increased TV time
Wash your hands, use the soap Stay at home, try to cope Self-isolate, don’t foster hate Forgive those who hoard the toilet rolls We are all nothing more than ravaged souls.  
There is so much speculation -on- where our future is heading, I really dont give a fuck! Those who want to control-control. Everyone wants to just be left the fuck alone. Eat a good meal, have a good night & die relaxed.
I went to the spot where she first said she loved me. There a man smoked.A couple loudly arguing.Somehow, I still felt the same.
You say I can be fixed. Like I'm an Object,  Or a  Problem That can't stay the way it is.    You say  I can be fixed. Like a Broken bone Or a 
I am sorry that they never appreciated all the gifts you bring to the world. I am sorry that they corrupted your innocence, like crumpling a brilliant white sheet of paper. I am sorry that they made you so bitter that sometimes even the sweetest p
i see you. alone, afraid, desperate, searching for something to make you feel whole. i am you. we are one in the same. your pain is mine. that feeling of falling, completely alone, downward towards - who knows where? - is ours and ours alone.
Some mornings I dont think about it at all when I wake up.However that doesn't mean it doesn't hit when I walk to the bathroom to get ready.
A tepid taste of gIN, and then, a mathematical equation to send these Merry men into methodical battle yet again. Up all of the live-long night and lividly permitted to squint the life from wired, alcohol-felled eyes.
I caved and seen a counselor today. I impatiently waited in the office, picking at my skin, filling out monotonous paperwork, checking the yeses and the noes, and more anxious waiting.  
Everyone has their own walk with grief.   Some package it up and store it away for a rainy day when they can be alone and let it overtake them.  
sometimes i don’t really know if there’s anyone there downcast, empty, broken i wait for someone someone who may or may not come for me alone i wait
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If I could draw you a picture of my anxiety, it would be a beautiful 12 year old depiction of a one dimension box on white printer paper. Not a masterpiece, but made of carefully drawn with a ruler straight lines.
Fear. What do you think of when you hear the word fear?
Fear. What do you think of when you hear the word fear?
My mom says we have to leave our home to a new special places for Jews like us. I don't really understand what she means. We only get to bring a few things but strange men are yelling at us to hurry up. I decide to bring my giraffe.
Hair ties and skirts all around All but sisters I see No guy to play with or share a sound No brother or cousin...none for me   Born and raised with my family I was, Not I but God can save me now,
No matter how much one strugggles to tend to one's tree, some will just not bear fruit.  But the ones that do will be the sweetest of all of them.
Inspiration It's everywhere It is differently identifiable to everyone To me It's through music Music gives me the opportunity to display how I feel without saying a word All I have to do is be 
Inspiration It's everywhere It is differently identifiable to everyone To me It's through music Music gives me the opportunity to display how I feel without saying a word All I have to do is be 
A cacophony is a multitude of sounds, Sounds that echo through your head, pound in your heart, and block the world out, A cacophony,
I can swallow I can swallow two pills   At the same time And it gives me a thrill   Mixing my meds I find it addictive  
I cling to the underbelly of society's fringe clinging like a baby possum at its mama's soft fur. And I'm floundering among El Chuco's citizenry clutching at crumbs sifting through dregs
As I sat in the cold, colorless room, Tears spilling from my eyes, I think: 'Nobody needs me' and 'Nobody cares' My friends, they concern themselves with themselves
Hey mom, its just me, its Mr.B, the runt of the litter of 3, yeah its your family!
I’ve fallen from a place of grace Feeling the world moving at a slow pace There’s no way I can be this miserable in a span of moments 
Remember the days When I was 3 And we’d spend all day Playing hide and seek And you’d always find me Where the daisies grew
I hope you stay awake For the aftermath is far better than the storm  
  You’ve come so far  A bit on the low side A tad on the slow ride Can't really put forth my feelings They exist on spectrums beyond me and my frail emotions
Hey,   I guess it's been a little while.    This house of ours has gotten a little bit messy. I understand. It's partly  my fault,   
Do better, I need to do better. There is always a struggle, to get what I need. Sign up for scholarships so you don't have to pay for college. I still need to do better.
Do better, I need to do better. There is always a struggle, to get what I need. Sign up for scholarships so you don't have to pay for college. I still need to do better.
You are stress because you are Seeking  freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom for self fights. You are stress because you are Trusting the process. Trusting the processes that will lead to success.
Quietus thoughts I’ve passed three score and ten;many years I’ve harbouredthoughts of death.
Do you think I'm weak?  I do. I am.
Do you think I'm weak?  I do. I am.
Love is a drug. It’s addicting, it's like ecstasy, morphine, dopamine, and alcohol. Once you get your first taste, you never want to stop. This makes love a dangerous thing. 
Looking around me and seeing people struggle  That is what  inspires me You have the drug addicts The homeless
We have all come such long ways. whether near to our dear, or far from home, with each a story of our own It may be patience, trust or love, new chapters just to prove
No matter what stage, problem, question, or wall Thats in your life, someone is always there waiting.. if only  your willing to take that step into that almost impossible concept,
I descend deeper in the dent you made in my heart Slowly chipping away at me What had been the shallow end  transformed into an extensive ocean   I knew I'd be here a while so I made myself comfortable
Watching reflections chased down walkways As it’s cold and rainy on a day like today When normally the mood would be ruined But somehow - the reflection turns up the spirit
When in college, life gets really tough. When in college, keeping up with relationships gets rough. When in college, sometimes you feel like you aren't enough.
The monster lives inside me,He slithers through my veins, He hisses his cruel thoughts, and influences my own. He wraps himself around my lungs,
Why do I write poetry Why am I always so sad I tried to write a happy poem once My sister said it sounded like a goodbye
Wouldn't the police be prosecuted, if these laws were real; - Btp;
You would have to love me, or make a habit of letting go. - Btp;
But hope goes up, and love goes round, like who would ever want to hit the ground. - Btp;
I am Black which determines how I move. I am a woman which you should know too. I am inspired by those who came before me Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Rosa P.
Just when you're drunk in that sleep, they swear you'll never be sober up on your feet. - Btp;
But more than broken pieces, we are the world still breathing. - Btp;
  Life poses the question of death A haunting omen of an eternal state One where there is no escape 
Breathe just breathe     Open your eyes                                                                                                       Breathe for me  Take a breath
I booked a trip to my past. I had some things to take back. First up, Insecurities.
Tears of joy start to fade, As the tears of sorrow overflow for the years I hid you away.
To be thankful means to be grateful for what you have and to give grace, so, what am I’m thankful for?Well I’m about to tell you.
Art is subjective That's what they say They say that what some people find ugly Are seen as beautiful to someone else   My life Full of twists and turns Full of turns and twists 
I remember one night As we walked hand in hand A rose secretly clutched in your sweaty palm The wind frolicking through your locks And mine swiftly gone upon the winds of love
Oh Sweet Jesus, This one Literally tares me to pieces w/ all the factitious reasons Of faceitious believing. And all for No Good Reason. And There Reason Being, They tried to Destroy what we believe in...
Can I have your attention please ?   Hi I’m depression  I hold your undivided focus  I alter your emotions 
The sunflowers,   she said.   They give me hope.  
Im still searching for you, In the city and crowd. waiting to meet you, And hear your sound. I'm still finding you, In my heart. Because I don't wanna , Leave you apart .
smiling is hard i'm empty inside  falling apart   cry out for help  it couldn't heal my heart  too quiet outside   no one sees the pain she's just exaggerating  idle
I fell hard I fell long It seemed so never ending It was so tiring and mind bending  A struggle like no other can understand
It eats at me A constant feeling of wanting something else An empty hollow deep inside that burnt out pit of desire 
Buck teeth and bright eyes I was eight years old, I spent my days out on the playground all alone in the cold right by the fence where I would watch traffic behind the monkey bars
Stuck on a phone that’s stuck to me Bombarded by images of what we should be Being told who I should follow Leaving me feeling empty and hollow I just see, I listen, and I feel
Training our bodies to understand,What strength and honor embody and it’s so grand. Until we are weak and fractured,And we realize that we’re all manufactured.
The savior was never the love from another but the heart of a mother.Maybe even a father, sister, and brother and from this a tiny temple had seeded and grew.Watered by the raindrops from those tiny pebbles that we once threw.
  Be it light be it darkAll these matters in my heartTake apartThis little cart that has always failedTo turn and start. I’m looking left and then it’s rightTill there’s nothing left in sight
A night with a shining moon Surrounded by stars all around When there was silence and everyone was sleeping No noise or any kind of whispering Suddenly a voice, I heard I was astonished and totally feared
Looking for distractions  Hiding in my absence    Tired of my actions  Feeling my inactions    Scared of my emotions  Sinking in commotion    Looking for distractions 
I'm an addict. I'm addicted to this world.  I'm stuck in a self created rut that gets deeper every single day, I sit in this chair with my head bowed, I can't control a single thing around me. 
Tell me who are you in the dark? Are you the devil or the little spark  Tell me who are you when I'm alone? Are you the light or the huge storm   
Trapped in the night    Can't see a sight    Far away from light    Strings around so tight    Every wrong not right    The fire ashes bite   
Bruising it with a knife  healing it with a cut    Brushing it with a sigh  breaking it with silence    Silence I hear it  so deep it could stop it   
I'm scared of letting go I'm scared to be free    What if it's not like  like what I've dreamed    Pathetic naive  that's not the least    Come on get out  get out of me 
I'm a prisoner in my own body  sweating every time you remind me    Anxiety    It held me hostage at my own party  took my hand just to throw it back at me    Anxiety   
Breaking down behind hidden walls  secrets and lies every time I fall  letters and words that silencs stole  not knowing my worth every time I loose control    Love and hate I lost them both 
I don’t understand I can’t comprehend   How happiness and sadness go hand in hand In my wildest dreams; when I am lost in thought  
To walk with no shoes on thick cold ice, It's the feeling of been stabbed over ten thousand times. What were to happen if you were to slip through, to see into into the abyss.
Who am I You may wonder But listen close to my remedy: Take a deep breath And let it all out Scream and shout Until your lungs collapse Your pain does not control you
Somehow I’ve gotten lost In the hollow body I inhabit  I never thought about the cost Of such a deadly habit But now I am trapped In the hollowness I’ve built Thoughts inside my head overlapped
How do I be kind to myself? Should I stay and fight the fight? Is it really worth the fight?
What shall I write tonight? The tribulations of reason, Wandering through skies, Making hardly any sense, In the heart of hearts, I see you- there, here, and now.  
The gun goes off The sound of thunder rushing through my ears Adrenaline running through my arms, hands then feet Sour and sweet
i got a call two summers ago that managed to strike my heart cold no air in my lungs no faith in my soul fear settled in me a voice whispered guilty angry and ashamed and stupid i shut myself away
Sometimes I shower in the dark. But these are not my darkest moments.
Heart never wants the right things But the thought of wanting little never arises Adding new face to same loneliness Doesn’t really help to heal the old bruises
Have you ever been so scared that you looked deep into your past and saw the things which couldn’t last as reality slips your grasp.
I've run out of words to describe my mental state, I don't know if it's the staying up late or the way that I stare at the food on my plate. Maybe it's the  people that just cannot relate to simple things.
I’m unsure of who I am, I’m unsure of my identity. I’m unsure of my sexuality, I’m unsure of who I want to be.  I’m unsure if I even want to live, I’m unsure of my religious beliefs.
when this heart has given up then there is no more lust to achieve passionate desire when this heart has ambitions all that's left is surrender and sincerity when this heart is covered with surrender
I know it's tiring I know this hurts I know this is boring Waiting for something happiness that should be yours Apparently it requires a struggle that isn't for a moment
Hello are you? Have you thinking about me? Because I'm thinking about you Hello.....can you hear me? My heart trying to call you back but the voice become mute Hello.....can you hear me?
The demon Frame in my deepest heart Trying to leave the core of me Want to cast a dark aura from me Spreading the charm of my other self The other me who is thirsty for lust
When I run in the dark night then see behind me I haven't found trace of my own shadow When fear came over me and I whispered to myself 'Am I dead?'
Thinly disguised misogyny Thirteen-year old’s agony A fallen angel Born in the wrong cradle Mistaken miracle.   Story of a girl Naked soul and half-burn “You aren’t fair,
Can we take a moment to just stop? Just stop. Stop and think. Think about people. The people in your life. How your life is with those people in them. How your life is without those people in them. 
Insecure is my default! When the caffeine has worn out,and my bravadohas been questioned...I tend to tuck tail and run Leap like a frogWho knows he’s inCajun territory
There once was girl  Oh, so bright Who used to smile each day She’d smile in laughter Smile in joy And even smile when grey   For smiling was her safety blanket  A cover for the pain
When the dark nights glimmer with glitter When the storm you detest, passed quicker When the blood you shed, became the rose When it's a claustrophobic path and wind blows
Sometimes I’m a sexually repressed nun who fell for someone outside the faith,   A guy carrying multiple, heavy bags of groceries for someone who won’t return the favor,
Rain, rain, rain.... Please stop causing me so much pain. Because it's really driving me insane. The daily grind has me so drain.
With every word that comes out of my mouth There is a string attached at the end With the word "regret" With every word that passes through my mind It longs to be brought out
love is only an emotion that can connect with your heart I feel that love can be a struggle because it's hard to find the right one love is not about meeting someone it's about caring about someone I feel that love can also be like dezen of roses
as I close my eyes and took a deep breath.
I am a beggar, Lurking after your eyes To raise up inked mites Torn pages, our hovel Rainbow of enlightment Proliferates along fingers Shy lips, Reluctant paras Blabbering unkempt debts
Art can be a picture on your wall Art can be a song with a Melody Art is about express yourself Art is passion that's talk's to you Art is the drawing of nude of the body Art is about telling a story
Ignorance grows like apples in an orchard.  They stare into the void,  Not realizing they are walking into it.   He makes the world eat out of his palm,
Drowning in floods of assignments and papers and grades and Sleepless nights make me tear my hair out and blink too much and rub my eyes and Cry
                             Why do you sit on your ass like you live in your head. Why are you in your room by yourself. Why can't you open your mouth. Why are just sitting there like a mule.
His touch was little at first. Barely holding onto my back. With time his touch gripped on to my neck like a huge claw. I was a slave to his world. Do as he says, when he says, how he says.
  I am from Starbucks and skinny girls in mansions. I am from can I feel your hair and is it real ?
I know what I amI know I'm brown,I know I'm brave,I know that I have acne on face  I know what I am I know I'm a women ,I know I'm thick ,And I know my positivity might make you sick I know what I amI know wasnt always t
Do you ever just wonder just sit around and think Do you ever just imagine just let your mind free Do you want to sit just aching just absorbing your pain Do you ever just feel hopeless
dear, anxiety   it’s so weird that you have a name now  I use to always think that’s just how humans lived on 
Reality and I, we just don’t mix It has never been easy for me to simply face it I prefer to remain comfortable in my own fantasy world
The dark route    I had gotten out of that dammed alley way.. Finally    Freedom   I walk down for what seems forever, I hear the growling of crows, the cackling that lingers in the air 
I'm not you, For you chose the path of being everybodies stooge, Everybody knew what you did but me, And yet you still had the audacity to deny it when I can see, I can see you for your true colors,
My peers. My friends. My family. My thoughts. They scream at me.   Why do you waste your time, girl?  
Her bulky Asics angered the uneven pavement below her feet. A crunch released with every step. Two backpacks heavily rest on her aching shoulders. She was not okay.  
WE...are those girls with colored faces Walked those Carroll halls with bleeding patience With the facade of confidence and assimilation Lured the eyes of boys who
I hate the rain. It's cold and unforgiving fall keeps me from fun. I hate the rain. The weight of it when it falls from my eyes is to heavy for my heart to carry. I hate the rain.
****Trigger Warning****     It’s like I want to tear my skin off. I take a breath and hold it. I can’t let it go.
The questions pop up like fireworks Sparks flying out  I cover my face, evading them while fire licks the dark sky I push my hand over my ears I don't want to see, to think It hurts, my head straining
Depression is a black cloud That hangs over my head And follows me everywhere I’ve tried to run I’ve tried to self medicate I’ve tried talking it out I’ve tried crying till my tears dry up
Dear depression I wake up And I wake up more To the sun that burns With your name stuck in my throat I feel things And I feel things now That not a soul could understand Questioning
Why... why can't we reach for the sky? Why do we always lie? And why do we make an excuse just to strive? Is it because you have too much pride or you feel like your'e living a lie or you just wanna die?  What is it?
As a newborn baby I was obnoxious and hard to deal I was told, “Live life to the fullest & never give up” But as 5 years went by, my parents were always spanking my rear
Six years ago, two little boys invaded my home and stole my heart right from my chest. The little ginger haired devils appeared in my life out of nowhere and they took control.
A bloomed flower  stuck in the ground ,no where to be found . looking for hope , but no one is around . she sees eyes with smiles. But no one can see her smile . In a dark room beautiful and bloomed
There’s was a time When all I thought about was YOU Bottled all my sadness and anger inside Holding on to the old YOU   Told I’m ugly, told I’m worthless
Learning to read, to write, to speak, I realized that school was just work every week,  It wasn't that hard, till after 6th, I realized middle school was no longer a myth, Not just one teacher, not there's 7,
Here I am, A “changed” person But this change didn’t come overnight , alright  See, I used to be so gullible and sweet, with little to no teeth  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still sweet with a bit of heat 
 Fear becomes the barrier that keeps me in No smoke to see, and no life of sin My life is as hard as can be, but my fear keeps me in
The lady of the first sun, Hesitates to let her first world down That’s all she relies on All her life she had dreamed of raising this world Her people look up to her, While she cares and provides her heat
To the man who says depression is fake and actually believes it. You know who you are. Hi, my name is Nate, we haven’t met or maybe we did. There’s so many of you screaming in my ears that I might not have heard you.
I became old when the honeycomb becomes too waxy to eat When the queen bee becomes a tyrant And you start to feel bad for the bees When I got tired of swimming through the land of milk and honey  So I drowned But I couldn't afford the medical bill
What does it mean to be 'all grown up'? Have a car? Job? Apartment? For me, being grown up meant self-advocacy. Age 15, depression and anxiety was at it's highest.
No need to be a surgeon. Open your heart wide. Rip your pain away. And if no soul can help carrying it, Put it somewhere, Anywhere, But elsewhere. Put it beneath rhymes and similes
DO YOU SEE ME SUFFER? I’m not your damn toy just stop trying to act tougher I’m losing my mind over you boy Do you see me calling out for help?
      A storm, A wave, A serenade? Premises to start an escapade An understanding Of the hard to wind music box Of the artist’s pox
When I was a child I tried to live in a dome, I couldn’t fathom the convoluted questions of life, I placed myself inside a pretty pink bubble, Where only happiness, peace, and butterflies live,
i use to think  suicidal thoughts was so lame  until one day I wish I had a gun to my brain  or to be hanging from a chain   shit maybe drown like that game heavy rain 
I was in a box with a window, wathing the worlds go round.  Watching how good the world was to those who put in their share to those who worked hard to those who had patience.  
  The flower is cunning, strong and deep,But he has promises to keep,Until then he shall not sleep.He lies in bed with ducts that weep.
She said she can do it but in reality she's loosing it. though life is though, she never did give up.
They say that madness is permanent That it’s like signing a contract with the devil There’s no way out.
Stars shine brightest in the darkest of times and they were so glorious that night. I heard the soft sweet song of the chimes. The silver reflected the light.
I exist In the subtle rhythms The periphery of perception In gentle sea breezes And silky laughter  In the dance of falling leaves And dreams I lust after. I construct my reality
Then   he took the respect she had for Herself  and the wonders from the earth around Her he took her her kindness  and what seemed, the air from Her lungs he took Her curiousity 
My life is an infinite number of scars, Marring the planet upon which I walk. It’s one after another, They never seem to end. Some were caused by others,
I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore When my heart sped up From the mistakes that I had made. A moment in my life, Where I realized There was a price to be paid.   A price for every action
Between then,  and nowhere in this distant harmony... We poets, are forgotten words. Alive,  only in waiting, Haunting and curious Sinking down by ancient greetings...  
I'm better than this So why am I so sad God help me Take this pain away I hate depression I hate crying in my bed At these late hours  Gettin no sleep I'm on this path to success
Once, I thought I knew What I should have said. Once, I needed a break, From all the thoughts in my head.   Once, I thought I could
  Mirror Mirror, on the wall, What's gone wrong with it all? People crying, people screaming. The world itself is teeming, With war, pestilence, and death.
I hear the birds sing at my window, shuffling and ruffling their delicate feathers I too am delicate.   The fan is whirring by my
Allow this vigilant past eye to say thanks, where it is due Yes! Gratitude is the best attitude Nothing escapes this vigilant eye of the past, To say thank you where it is due
I’ve never been good at starting a conversation. The idea of initiating a dialog used to seem as though it was easy . As if the books I read had all the answers, but what looks good on paper doesn’t always work once you look out into the world.
Too much on the mind but not enough to say There's something magical about writing And coughing on the foam of a latte Too much to say but not enough to see Listening to the people singing
At any given moment, I just might break Fall to my knees, head in my hands kind of just might break Fear in my eyes, regret on my mind kind of just might break Why am I alive, how did I survive kind of just might break
beams of light peaking from behind the clouds reaching your face warming you up it's been cold for so long you enjoy every gleam of light you get   you smile, having the feeling
Robbed of a sweet childhood, you stole my innocence. I wanted to save you and you punished me for loving you. I wanted to take your pain away, you wanted to intensify my heartache.  
Reach the sky, trust the sun  and crave its kindness. Rely on the orchestra of rain to quench your thirst. Depend on the lavish ground to stand tall.   When Winter dethrones warmth,
All my life I've guarded my closest angels as they fell ill, Cursing sickness with demonic persuasions and washing down pills  with deadly compounds dressed in glass.   All my life I've watched
It struck me with the fury of one thousand lightning bolts. Although the cool ocean invited me, instead I chose to hit the concrete.   I felt the light of my being go out.
My time has come, my head just hums I knew it was time but only I knew it was mine   The stage was free, it was just me Fear controls me as I always lose,
I was hanging on by a thread, Fear grasped on to me I hyperventilated, thinking of it made me sweat. I was never strong enough, Bold enough, Courageous enough, To leave the cage I was bound to.
Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear! I dance with it the most Dreaming so deeply that nightmares can be imagined Making aspirations turn into imaginary ghosts
there's a joy in the unkown in the things that people hope to dream  there's a joy in htings that people hold dear  there's a joy in what people believe 
Detachment from sentiments It's not easy I must confess Pressures all around me everyday trying to compress I'm getting really fed up no longer trying to impress
Manic has me acting crazy Going nonstop Getting things accomplished With no desire to stop My mouth goes a mile a minute I just can't stop talking Pacing back and forth I just can't stop walking
Why do people suffer for no reason at all I try to pull myself up but I always fall Right back into this pit I can't escape Tangled up in all of the red tape I need a pair of scissors to start cutting
Some minds are full of sunshineSome minds are full of joyBut happiness doesn't comeTo every girl and boySometimes there's cloudy weatherAs far as the heart can seeStruggling through the stormIs all that's left for me It's raining in my brainThere'
Pull my strings and make me dance. Oh, puppeteer. Help me put on my mask and hide. Hide behind a smile, hide behind a frown. Just don't let them see what I really feel.
The darkness swallowed me whole I was drowning, struggling to breathe I reached out trying to grasp onto something, anything But my hand simply went through the empty void I opened my mouth to call out
I've seen a lot of fucked up shit Nothing scares me anymore I want to be with you through thick and thin Right by your side all the way For next to you I will stay You help me be the best I can be
This is how we play the game Up down, left right Down Down Down SLAM Rock bottom hits you You have no energy left to fight back The game isn't fair to most
Love is not what I expected it's really reckless never meant this word so much  I'd put it on a necklace like if this person did me dirty then i would neglect it but everything she say is special
Depression is not an emotion It is a disorder It is a mixture of a million undefinable feelings It is almost impossible to describe
Self Portrait as the Weeping Willow   Reservoir in my eyes, current of my heart, snapped the twigs of my veins.   The fear, I feel. From My head to my toes.   
A poem for the days that you feel so alone the days you feel lost even when you are home A poem for nights when your tears pierce your pillow when your head hangs low like an old weeping willow
Fear. The mess of tangled thoughts, mangled anxieties, strangled shouts That invades your brain On quiet nights.   Fear.
The past is immutable  They harness each theorem from my mind  
Nerved to a breaking point, I walk alone in a field painted in black blood, spilled from my childhood. My knees shaking, and my tears lit by a full moon,
I wonder whtat my blood sugar will do if I eat that yes, I can and will eat that. Sometimes I just want to be normal not having to deal with a millions things at once constantly changing, shifting, moving 
This demon in my head, It fills me with hatred And fuels my pain. It denies me sanity, And reminds me of my loss. It plays back my memories,
My anger is not a star Bursting with untamable fire Stubbornly bright  When drowning in darkness And boiling beneath the surface To drive out the cold. It's a double edged sword The weapon 
Holding onto my hopes Yet I'm still letting go. Keeping all of my faith, but the demons, they know.   They drive me into the darkness, and I feel so alone. My hands feel so cold
My skin is my shield It protects me from the world It protects the world from me The veins in my arms and legs look like bolts of lightning
When you choose sadness to take over the depths of your heartThen you let doubts and anxieties prevail over joyAnd when you opt to have your smile vanish in a whirlwind of fear
Stupid, fat, ugly That's me It's what teacher said, what mama said, what the kids on the playground said It must be so Who am I to disagree with the masses?
you were just laughing, no, the both of us are laughing. telling stories to each other, like no one's ever shared a story.
You get lost in your insecurities And trample on the stressful parts in life You try to feed the desire But you have no time You are stuck in a deep pit And cant find the rope to get up
To make up for deficiencies Lacking or discrepancies To fix or make anew What's broke and disagrees with you. "But I haven't sinned!" I hear you cry "It went that way alone, awry!"
One day clowns weren't scary One day the dark was an escape One day being buried was peaceful One day I clung to them I needed them
I get thoughts.   A lot.  These thoughts aren’t something you’d ever want. They crawl slowly through your brain. They take there sharp fingers and grind them into the flesh of your brain.
Hi Honey, I won't be home for dinner. Even though you made my favorite, I am working late at the office.   The boss was on my case today.
To the days...   I’m going to take you back many years, back to when you had very few fears. Back to the days of seeing isn’t always believing, and being promised candy is always deceiving.
  The hold that you had found in my veins, was not found without warning.   It was preceded by a feeling That weighed heavy in my chest.  
ALONE.                His mind had tricked him. It convinced him that no one in his life had cared or cares.
tell me the difference between you and I while society explains to us that with our own eyes we're to expect greatness from wealth while the poor focus on being fly BUT WHY? tell me why
I am here standing in the darkness. It is pitch black and cannot see a thing.  I stretch my hands feeling for something, anything. I hear a blood-curdling scream that sounds like a high pitched whistle. 
Unfamiliar   A child, scared at their own shadow, Pondering its own unfamiliarity, Slightly,
 When he made her he said she was going to be smart and funny and kind and caring and she was going to have a boyfriend that she adores, that always calls her beautiful but she will have depression and anxiety
I lie awake thinking While staring at my ceiling About so many things To name a few: my day Tomorrow The paint chip on The wall
Just a reconnection. Please, it is all I ask. Just one spark could set ablaze our past. We could be something again. But this time, we’ll last.
In times past the ground grew nothing barren dark soil uneven beneath shoe soles not a cloud seen through hopeless eyes the fear of being burned  without a shield from scorching rays, 
Messed up dreams, Talking stranger things, Thinking about what we could be, And if you love me. Why can't you see I'm on your team, Cause now we're playing Hide 'n go seek yeah.
Think about it too much? or not enough? Will I ever believe in trust? believe in me, and my own skin? or will I fight, against my kin?
The stars in my eyes They’re fading dim The smile on my face It’s wearing thin   The weight of my heart It’s too much to hold It’s pulling me under I’m drowning in cold  
When you are young Misquotes choose the victim  While everyone is playing outside  There is one friend that will be eaten alive  While everyone else is fine   Once you are grown 
The moon is round, And ice-cream white. I sit outside, and it feels right.  Finally, I can breathe out tonight;  There are no problems Lurking in the night It feels so calm and so gentle;  This is exactly where I need to be;  Not tucked in bed, pr
My mother went through struggles,  Most I was too young to see I didn’t realize how hard she really had it Until her life became a reflection of me She had 5 kids,  five mouths to feed, 
Why bother living I have a friend who smiles brighter than any star you will see in the Milky Way galaxy and everywhere she went, she made sure to make others happy but... She wasn't happy herself and eventually became suicidal.
At the verge of losing control, a dagger, enters my chest, sent from his eyes, filled with indifference, one tear, no feelings, poison gushing from his lips—   Breathe.  
Do I really have someone to lean on? Or is it different when I'm gone? Do they actually treat me as a true friend? Or do they kill me when the lights go dim? The truth is a hard thing to come by
“I’m Not A Threat, Unless Your A Threat To Me” Why can’t you just let me be Why are you offended when I decide to take a knee Why can’t, you see, why we, seem to disagree
To understand why it exists, you must know its history. Having experienced the devastation it leaves in its wake, understanding its control over my life was no easy feat.
Let the tears pour out of my soul For I am burdened An anchor of pain has settled in me.   Optimism far from sight Inundated by life’s sorrows Scattered anger and solid sadness  
Breaking as you hit the concrete ground Cause no one to catch you was around In tired tears you tried to drown On broken shards you lay
There will be times when things between us might not feel so sweet. Those moments we look back on, wishing we could press delete. I might find myself tripping, when I only meant to sweep you off of your feet.
 I fight an inner battle Time and time again. And though I don't give up fighting, I fear one day they'll win.  For they have strong armies And are growing stronger yet, And I feel I'm growing weaker
There you were standing, stalled Your eyes, a deer in headlights, lights They held a killer cold hue The best was given Yet, it wasn’t good enough for you
      What if I never see her again?   What if  i never hear the sound   Of her voice again?  
"What is left?” I see you, old f(r)iend It was about time I came back again I am crawling on my knees Begging and pleading for you to love me   Please, I need you My sweetest     amor
I write my words on the page and watch them disappear I write them over again and again, it’s like they were never there. yet no matter how much I write and write
"50 days from now  I will graduate from college 50 days from now  I will get my dream job 50 days from now I will become my own boss 50 days from now  I will meet the love of my life 
Finding your voice is not easy to do. It all starts with a problem you need to get through. After trying to deal with it all by yourself, You think, "maybe I should look outside myself."
The water runs clear, and once it reaches bottom, it blooms into a pink flower. The slight sting of the water it welcomed, any pain is welcomed. The scars run deep through this tattooed
There are days when I wonder why I try at all Most things will end up fruitless all that hard work gone to waste Dreams don’t often come true for those who work hard Life becomes pointless at one point in time 
Today I have done what many have done. Today I have died while still breathing.
the blinds are drawn, the heavy-duty kind that when fully extended, are impenetrable against the sharp and prying rays of sun threatening to spear my long-term dilated pupils, Red. And… Black.
Your love was like a drug, you were my demon and my angel but only time could tell if we would end up in heaven or hell. Outspoken, choking, and broken I was finally awoken to your lies.
as I'm running to my goals a hill stands in the way. very tall, very steep, and ruining my day. I try to run up it with every ounce of speed but then I trip and then I fall
Sense of untrust and unease insanity- couldn't feel a thing and crying for help losing - Another year and nothing has changed another thought and it's all the same abusive people and abusive mind
God Made Me A Better Man   the morning stars made our  heavenly skylights ignite today the colors corresponding  creating value to everything  God you have made me a better man.  
I see her, benching more than I weigh as sweat pours out of her pores She says she wants to be strong
It's time I realize that now I wasn’t ready before Not like I thought I was I was only forcing the inspiration The urgency
Goodbye Mr.Funnyman. You forgot to take your bow. You left the stage in mid applause, who do we laugh at now? Was that the problem?  Our foolish eyes just didn't see
Though we are convicted walking down the streets. We are not the enemy your here to protect many. Sure many were criminals but, to what intent not to harm only to fight back with no work, no intelligence, no money. We are
Hello, I have been seeing what you’ve been doing... I have been wanting to ask you why you’re here. I remember seeing you at arm's’ length, But now you are caped to my silhouette.
Campus was cra-zay in an atrium, but was it that jac-ket... that pulled me to you?I didn't say a thing, somehow we're introduced. Thought there was something, did you feel it too?  And I walked away (oh, oh), kept myself at bay (oh, oh).
I used to hate writing. Yes, I said it.  I feel bad about it now. I think it was all the essays in literture we had to write. Every. Single. Day. I barely passed majority of them with flying colors.
For all the raging seas, For all the turbulent forces, For all the doors that had no keys,
In my eyes, life is about being hurt Being hurt everywhere you go and it seems like it will never end Your family always yelling at you to stop talking and always being left out
               We don’t eat,    in fear of our hearts breaking, from the words and looks we are given.             We don’t eat,
Sorry, do I Know you?   I begged for peace  but you gave  no rest  when my soul  was weak 
My Reason for Living Every day I lay thinking of you Your smile bright as a 100-watt bulb Your hugs comfort me like a warm blanket All the tears we shed together
I am a rare and wild virgin flower in a field filled of poison ivy.  The kind of poison that's been infecting my life and trapped inside me.  And as I become wilted no longer able to get up, my family has been by me. 
The Darkest Clouds don't just fill the sky,  Clouds fill the heads of weak minded children, But like insects, they dig far, remaining hidden,  They say its fake joking slyly,   
Here I go again...watching TV but my mind thinking about you..our last and me reunited and released our essence together in the deep moan of love ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
The episode of Full House that reminds me of you came up today, The one about the kid getting abused by his father. The part that reminded me of you was his looks,
He was begging me not to. No matter how much I wanted to do it The spoken poem was grabbing my attention And yet pinning me down to the earth I hated so much. It latched onto my thoughts.
He was strong because he was forged in pain Today he ruled because he never stopped when it rained Even though it hurt,he was still holding on Waiting for a day when all that suffering will be gone
Your gaze exposed me My body seemed stiff and hypnotized You broke down my defenses Your eyes made me shiver Your gaze makes me missed about something sweet Making my mind floated imagine something
Did you cry? Yes I did Did you bleed? Yes I bleed Did you suffer? Yes I did Did you stuck? Yes I did What would you do? I cry... I bleed... I suffer.. I faint...
I want more More for what More for love More for attention More for falling love More more kissing More for touch More for embrace More for everything
You drag me down into darkness Making myself fill with darkness The darkness come over me from my other side And release me from the pain The pain that you give to me so deep Crawling in my shadow remove my pain
Don't love me if you want to leave me Don't give me a sweet promise if you want to break it Don't stop loving me Although sometimes you get tired Don't change a bit Because in your love I find happiness
The demon frame in my deepest heart Trying to leave the core of me Want to cast a dark aura from me Spreading the charm of my other self The other me who is thirsty for lust
Your touch makes me shiver Feel the warmth of your skin Your kisses all over my body Your tongue tracing in every curve of my body Make me moan with pleasure The heavenly pleasure of a man
My desires is always the same Wherever life deposits me It seems impossible that desire Can sometimes transform into devotion That I carefully tended grew lust to embrace my heart
I lost myself for a few times I lost my zeal to write I feel empty either in my head or my heart I don't know for how long I'll be like this Only time will tell ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
Packing your bag in the night Make me aware about something Something that I scare of Scare of about you That you will packing everything Include your heart and your love That will leave me forever
I know I have to be strong I have to be able to go through all this I know this is very heavy I know this is very difficult Even though I have to live anyway
When you are in love And you get hurt It is like a cut Sometimes you don't realize How much you care for someone Until they stop caring for you ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
Hello there.. How are you? Have you thinking about me? Because I'm thinking about you Hello.. Can you hear me? My heart trying to call you back but the voice becomes mute Hello.. Can you hear me?
Sailing on the sand I know the dangers up ahead My mind is on and ready My heart is leading fully   Sailing on the sand
Why I'm smiling but just pretending?Why I'm fine breathing but still suffocating?why I'm empty but feels so heavy?...Will i ever be happy??   Oh......  
I am a sound Created to be heard  I want to be heard and I want to hear so that I can learn to use my sound the right way  I am a unique and I am a blessing  I can build and I can destroy 
my body is buzzing frantic static inside my head my blood runs cold my skin burns hot my vision blurs i need it to STOP! why won’t it stop? i don’t feel real anymore
What’s the meaning of life Does anyone truly knowIs it all about finding someone Or exploring it on your own
She believed that living was a burden. Tracing every flaw, noting every mark. The world was at her fingertips, yet the world was too much.  
The soft flesh of your ashen, dirt covered cheeks. The prestine awareness of your immacute perfection. Flawless. Beauty and Grace and not a hair out of place. Must have been a deity of some sort. Or so I thought.
The voices around me makes me wanna do something I shouldn’t. Can you get underneath that, interpret that. Understand on a subatomic level the danger of those words no one will truly comprehend.
dear depression, i’m going to be honest: this is an ode i’ve written before because i have the habit of giving life to my monsters by giving up my own.  this is an ode i’ve written before
I squeeze the ink in my veins to pen my pain with precision writs/ Avoiding smears for ones’ to vision the skits/
O Captain my Captain Sailing ships around shores in my mind Weaving in and out billowing sails Docking only rarely to impart some wisdom from sea spray Pirate conspiracies and elegant words
I am here, I am alive These words I chant in my head, A mantra, a banner, As I lay down to bed. I am here, I swear, I am not the ghost I appear, I am alive I say, And I don't want to fade away.
When you are in love And you get hurt It is like a cut Sometimes you don't realize How much you care for someone Until they stop caring for you ©mynightprayerwords Selly A
I remember falling in love with you. Something in your eyes. Just something… As if your eyes yearned for the depths of my love; I could see your passion and my eternal desire. It resonated something in me.  In the days of my restlessness, my going
tonight i put down the razor and picked up a ballpoint pen i learned to etch my pain onto paper instead of engraving the words into my skin i will write in letters of black ink
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
Loving you came in waves.  At first, the water only touched my toes  With text messages and winking emojis Then the water was to my ankles You texted me every day,  It didn't matter what we talked about 
A piece of writing, according to a dictionary definition That partakes of the nature of both speech and song, according to a dictionary definition
To build a home is to tear apart All the things that broke our hearts. To tie together all the strings That hung about lost as they sway with our movements like wings. To make a dream is to rise above
What is poetry? Is it the art of elegantly knitting words together, for the purpose to intice or seduce. Or is it a way to finally help make sense, of the messy never ending chaos inside us?
The paper was too blank. But my mind was too fast.   Danez Smith taught me something. He said that poetry helps with pain Because putting a meter to sadness Helps you structure Helps you cope
My covers like a castle wall,Protect me from the barrage of emotions,Too much to run from,So I hide under waiting for a call.
All I do is get on your nerves... Make you feel bad and make you hate me... My friends are anger, anxiety.. oh and well... fear.
As my Pen runs out of Ink, I'm forced to stare, to stop and think.    This Pen that flitters, jumps and dances; over page it skitters, prances This Pen that colors, draws, and spells: This Pen, which over wording swells.
When I look in the mirror, who do I see? The girl of my dreams or the one I wish to be? Society wants me to be perfection But I have an addiction to wanting to be intellect, So remember nobody's perfect.
What we thought the Future would be.   Gargantuan ships Dwarfing Golden Arch bridges What we thought The future would be  
It has taken a lot of courage to make it through my first year in college, but I made it. I’ve remained determined and I will continue to work my goal to become a director of movies
How now brown cow?   Do you wear your crown when they hate your brown? How now when no one is around? Do you still frown? Still feel down? Neglected? Unheard? Like your voice don’t sound?  
Red blotched scarred face, Clenched teeth, Mouth with a sour bitter taste, Scarlet eyes bleeding pain, Agitated menacing thoughts in the brain, Balled up fists, white bruised knuckes, Tense,alert body
This is what life really is Not all fairy tales and roses I'm putting down my walls, So you can get a sense of some truth So you can accept it Reflecting on the days that I had it easy
Pitch black surrounds my world An ebony melody which is its own heartbeat Once bright and all about color Now lies broken in pieces at my feet   The innocence of youth so strong yet fragile
Bloodshot eyes Clear despite the rain Breaths as silent as they are translucent Dark circles
  Can you understand that I’m hurting? Can you understand that It’s killing me? What you ask is to live
Skin as pale as paper, Words bleeding upon its surface Spelling out red lines of bloody truths. My pen, shedding ink. My knife, dripping blood.
  Fairy tales fill us with hope of a happy ending, Legends give us a purpose to achieve, And Folk tales can give us a laugh from reality.   But reality has to take affect sooner or later
Poetry is the light in Darkness Poetry has taught me to express myself on my darkest days. Poetry has taught me to control my emotions and listen.
My heart has been ripped apart by your words your seething lies I denied because my love for you made me blind. Where is the light? You laugh at me as your darkness chokes me smothers the light that I wish would come back.
Quiet and unsure, Shaking and scared   With a stutter so obscure The words wouldn't come out   They asked again,
most days i don't  know what to do  with the poems  stuck in my lungs. or begin to know how  to set them free. there  is no air & i've let go  of the hope that you  would understand
How was your day today? I ask them everday; To make sure they're okay, and to care for their say.   She said "I'm good" one day. A facade she would play to hide her little gray,
Behold! Behold a place that’s home to those whose found themselves quite comfortable losing hope within their own self…
Do you remember when Forrest Gump recited a simile his mother made? Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Poetry was like that for me when I was young girl.
  It's a very black night, Just with no light, Living with mosquitos, Sinking in cold water,
I, in the current state, is not a stateThat nobody wants.My past state, is alsoA state nobody wants.I, in the past,Was like a jesterIn the king’s court.Some memories die,While some don’t.
I find solace in my wordsBecause apart from them being words, they are mineMy ideas, my thoughts, my experience, my storyMy words And my words are ones of brawn and boldness
They say with pain comes art. But how can I createWithout seeing light?
and when i saw him i just knew he was gonna be the one to break my heart and i was right -T.D. Ronk  
I was a sinking ship Headed towards the bottom Of the ocean; lost in motion Were dreams that seemed too far from reality I wasn't sure I was going to make it But the ship continued sinking...
She spoke in broken sentences Ones that MLA format me couldn't grasp   I laughed for the first few I cried at the last   "Explaining My Depression to My Mother"   After that
  No.   I really don’t want to talk about it,   Stop.   Why are you insisting, why aren’t you listening to
I was a Curious Cat born in a flock of sheep Appearing to the world, an apparition They cut claws, and shaved down paws To sheild as hooves Overgrowing my fur, bleaching it wool white
Down on a glooomy day, Depression took contol of my ways,  The therapeutic words in poetry, Had me feeling like a bear with honey to eat,  Poetry is protein for the soul, 
They hated me for being someone else they hated me for being me. They told lies about me to the whole wide world, so a hoe is all that they see.
Driving by on the sidewalks I see some broken people. Driving by on the view I see some lonely people. Driving by the sidewalks I see some crippled people. Driving by the view I see some strange people.
Freedom of expression isn't something everyone has Writing the way we can is a privilege We can read it and write and learn from the best Poe, Shakespeare, Frost All just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg
I like the words I have yet said Like poetry left unstirred The space between every line  Every letter, leaves room  For the undead Red, shred, dread, and led It doesn't make sense
A girl sits, head buried in hands, eyes burning with unshed tears, troubled spirit tearing at her innards. Images swim before her, memories of agonizing days gone by -  her mother's furious face,
How can I rhyme the words in my head When my medication keeps my creativity dead It suppresses my mind and artistic creation Right and left brain have no correlation My inner child wants to frolick and play
a spark. In my eye, In my laugh, In my intelligent sprawl. I'm told I hold this minute catalyst in the simple moves of my frame. but no,  my life, my story. I'd know if it were so. a spark,
all of the days when you wanted to hide all of the times when you made mistakes all of the moments when you hated what lived inside all of the nights when your heart finally breaks
Love /ləv/- an intense feeling of deep affection Love /ləv/- silence echoing outdoors as I lay eyes on you Love /ləv/- our eyes lighting up as you spin me to class Love /ləv/- handing you my heart to fix your broken one
This rat race, it’s one bad place Where I can’t breathe and I can’t see Struggling on my knees for this piece of cheese. The world? Oh, it’s watching, see? And coming after me on this treadmill
All it takes is a beautiful Fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are. -Robin Williams  
There's a possibility  things will get better But the memories you have - will leave never So how do you hold on to that possibility with hope that weighs  a feather
There is something so innocent about the night.  Maybe it's the sound of the wind that whistles the trees  or the silence breaks as a car passes through every hour or so. 
Will I fall, will I win, will I gain or will I lose The darkness of my past, displays the light held in my eyes Wrapping me in a cocoon, sealed so tight, pushing away from all light
It's a struggle My body squirms every time my thumb hits the blue arrow Reveal too much and I become a slave, she's the Jew's Pharoah Conceal too much, she may turn away, This is my conflict, my new peril.
To fall in love.To give your heart away.To share your passionsWith another All of these things are fantasies.Fantasies that are rapturous cords.Linked around my heart.How I have dreamed of sharing the jewels of my heart.With someone like me.Going
A dark abyss swallows my soulLonely and cold, out of controlI push and I pushInside, always breakingNever forgetting, Never forsakingA smile, simpleIt hides my fear
What comes before the calming stormThan chaos, unfiltered, unfettered, noiseDay by day, night after unrelenting nightI am only clear unto myselfFor the ones, them and theyCan not understand, or is it won't?
Through you I can write about her With you  I can unleash my feelings Control Is what you gave me Unleashing my emotions has  Never been so easy No one has to look at you Only me
I vanished for a while Tried to get my shit together Then came all the cloudy weather Making me decide wether or not to come back But here I am And in the end I have my friends
I wake up in the morning and honestly I don't have the strength to move. But I do. There's so much I've been hiding from everyone for several years.  This is why you don't understand.  
Internalize In turn all eyes turn inwardand find only darkness,what a clever disguise.
Never let your Past catch up to yourself No matter how much the past stabs your back keep your head up and run with those who give you hope   We as humans are born to endure hatred and Depression
Depression a black dark wave of regret and sadness What did i do wrong? Why wasn't it enough? Why wasn't i enough? Some days shine bright and my future seems brighter
Why do I dislike your company? Why does the conversation run dry? Why does your presence elicit disharmony? Why do you render my plans awry? I find your interests to be drivel,
Trouble Is An Object, You Don't Really Want It. Pass It To The Next Man, Maybe He Will Want It.   Maybe He Will Flaunt It, Attracted To Its Danger. Or Draw Back And Cast It, In The Direction Of His Anger.   Trouble Is An Object, That Can Transform
You're my drug, my addiction. My pack of cigarettes, my cocaine.  The perfect sex that leaves me exhausted and wanting sleep.  I get so high off you, so drunk.  So lost, with no words to describe this feeling. 
As i watch the tears fall from my sister's eyes as she is dragged by her hair   Her whimpers as her face gets scraped on the concrete.  
Do you ever feel not good enough? like the journey’s too long and the trail is too rough? Do you ever feel like letting go? like falling through time with nothing below? Do you ever feel like the sun never shines?
Once again I've been speaking to the shadows on the wall as the moon brings light into my room of darkness. Constant thoughts of throwing away my last piece of humanity for one piece of sanity. Bipolar thoughts cloud my mind.
Cover your ears little darling, Space your fingers evenly like piano keys No scant remains of your cry Will scar your beloved brain, a pained pulp Stand feet shoulder length apart
Your mind feeds you thoughts that all pile up into your stomachand become the apple seed that sucks away your nourishment and only gets stronger as it grows and grows 
I'm sorry, but who are you to judge a book by its cover? I could give you the world.. BUT  I'm an infant so I guess I can't light your world up.   I'm sorry but who are you to walk away from me?
But alas, I sit in this barren, cold room. Very much solitude. No sun, no moon.  Storm nor shine do I find. Dark nor light existing. Just space, space and confusion, doubt, and worry.  Running, chasing invisible dreams. Dreams so unreal, dreams so
A kid wakes up. He sees the sky out of the glass pane window. He starts to shiver because of the morning cold. Once the young child stands up, He started to feel confused. But then he soon realized
Dear Depression,  This is a notice of eviction. You will find this letter on the door When you decide to visit next It will be locked from the inside. Dear Depression,
Some time ago, there was a person.Who only saw the world with no color.Yet, there was always colors around them.The colors were yet to be discovered.These colors were known as shouting colors.
Dear Reader,    Some of us are full,  so full we could fill the oceans and paint the skies  with our emotion.   Some of us are empty,  so empty we could
Dear Past Me,   I'm sorry.  I'm so incredibly sorry For what you went through, For how you were treated.  You should have never accepted  What they were giving you.
To my recent heartbreak—
My words do not mean anything They are just emotionless sound. The friction of my lips, The dictation of my tongue against my teeth, The spit slurring all around
Dear Mental Health, We talked about this. You said that if I took my head meds, You said that if I reached out, You said that if I tried,
Hey little girl why are you crying? Is the weight of the world on your shoulders? Did the stars fade out of the sky? Are you sad because he's always lying? Is it because you realized you're growing older?
Dear Depression,       it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? The past months of traveling and working have made me breathless. I’ve listened to new music, ate new foods, and 
One pill, two pill, three pill four, already started let me take some more.Five pill, six pill, seven pill, eight these are for all the people who look on me with hate.Nine pill, ten pill,eleven pill, twelve these are for all the family members I'
This is who I am  I will not apologize  because I’m perfect  
Dear Perfect Stranger Who’s Trying to Help, I’m doing the best I can with the tools I have Just trying to make life go right In a world that seems all wrong
Fake a smile, force a laugh, don’t let them know you’re sad. Follow social cues, don’t give them any clues, of the weight that’s burdening you. Tell them you’re okay, convince them with what you say, your smile is too heavy to hold.
Dear 12-Year Old Me, They said you would be a failure Do not listen You have excellence in you You challenged the criticism  You passed You found paradise
Spark up for what may be the very Last time,Raise your glass,Unaware of when your next drinkWill be.Dance with a stranger,Any way you please.Nothing more was promised to youBut this moment,So spend it with a passion,With a fire,One that only you a
Dear you,  Something that is not grey Is black and white, of course.  Like right and wrong And bitter and sweet.  A contradiction of "no other color," Could only be pain.  Our friend and enemy:
Dear depression, you have thrown me around beating me Throwing darkness in my head right before I went to bed Playing with my emotions, driving me insane
Best friends are those who are in the bad and the good, despite the bad. Those that make you cry in laughter and emotion at the same time for any reason. Those are the good friends, right?
salut, mon petit! that's how i greet you since we're both french minors and we're both multi-ethnic and we grew up in the same hometown and we were born 11 days apart
You are a self important hero with so many complexes  that I have since lost track of my own senses while trying to count them all  I am sorry that my pain has given you so much grief but it was mine, remember? 
I can not I will not believe in your ghosts with you
I swear to myself that you..will be fine
I thank you kindly for your words but ask also that you do not pity meI have never lived my life as a victim, and I’m not planning on starting now.
Your obsession with my willingness to overcome challenge leaves me feeling like a failure Your words have power the way you use them hurts me 
Dear Depression, You came. Made your claim, Took my flame, my name. What a shame, It’s all the same.
W h o   w o u l d h a v e   t h o u g h t   t h i s   p a s t
 Many of Our Major Experiences Normally Take Seconds   Written by: Eric Fraley
I withstood the pressure
You ever want to kill yourself? Not in the way that comes to mind But instead that being that lies inside   Do you ever get tired of him?  The you that limits your personal life
Dear Susan,
I feel cold arms wrap around me,  A possessive grip, not one of love or comfort. I've struggled for so long to get away, But now, there isn't enough energy left to fight, So I just sit apathetically,
Screaming. Arguments. Anger. Depression. Crying. Regret. I’m suffocating. The voices, inside and out, strangle me. Everybody complains I don’t listen to them, they’re trying to help.
To whom it may concern,   When you’re tired and feeling low Most of your days are full of sorrow, Take a step back It’s okay to get side-tracked   Don’t lose your soul
I feel so alone,  And I can’t seem to condone,  These feelings that rip through me,  And I can’t even flee,  I’m so afraid I’ll never have anyone, That I’ll never love someone, And I’ll never be loved,
The body of me hangs on the edge of a cliff  hanging only  by a single thread by the name of hope  hope clings to me as if i have nothing else  as if
Dear Me (circa now),  
Dear First Love,   With words left unsaid, and feelings left unexplored, I try to rest my head, as sleep goes ignored.   We were two young kids with the world at our feet.
-constellations run through  my veins and galaxies in my eyes but you never much liked nighttime, did you? 
I know you probably have had millions of different people around the world seek out to you. People of different skin tones and cultures, who have been searching for you their entire life's and not to even have a glimpse of you. The real you.
My mom gave up on me before she gave me a chance, I’m trying hard to forgive her but at this point I can’t, My dad tried his hardest but even he let me down,
Dear White America, You are not so endearing. I bear the thorned cross of an ethnic name, burdened with baggage instituted, from bloodened roots that cultivated this soil. White American Academia,
  Such phantoms Accompany no one else   Such time is spent In no other hell     The only light is a tiny spark     Behold; a writer in the dark     Trapped and wrought In a cave so lonely
She's in a new world Lonely girl, where are your parents? A new area, so familiar but never explored Adventure awaits those who seek it She's taking the next step, just as useless as before  
  At 14 I explored ever corner of my soul , I memorized every milestone, heartbreak and path that lead me to my being,  At 15 my world was overruled by the truth,  I knew nothing, 
Fight it, Come on, Fight it, I'm better than this,   Softly addictions whisper to me, Late at night when I'm all alone, But I'm tired of giving in, I'm tired of abusing myself,
The urge is overwhelming,My body and mind wants it so badBut the scars cannot be hiddenIt is an addiction.
Dear Depression,   I beg of you to leave this soul of mine to grieve for I cannot take this pain no more for it is difficult to restore the happiness of before.   This pain is killing me
Have you ever felt like you can’t get out of bed? You feel you literally cannot get dressed? Like you have no energy to pick up a fork? Or put on a shirt? No interest or ability to concentrate on anything?
“ I don’t know man, she just didn’t seem like the type of girl to do that. I swear she was always happy ” “maybe she was faking it ”
The teardrops on my face Keep dripping The tables turn and somehow  Keep flipping
Wide smile Bright eyes Loud laugh Ready joke A joyful girl: Unafraid, Unfazed Ready to lend an ear, Ready to give a hand
  Wings with lift to soar When you can't take any more What you never saw before Wings with lift to soar   I blinked and this week's been
i stared into broken mirror with the pieces all scattered about blood all over my wrist i fought back tears as darkness gnawed at me its the fifth time i tried taking my life when its not even mine to take
From the first day i ever cried without reason, i was told to be stone cold, never show 'em how you feel, because emotions are bad bad bad don't use those dirty words.
Live   Forever, it seems, you fought this war ,
Dear you, My feelings are hidden Somewhere deep in another world So far away that no one else can reach them But you
She whispers into the darkness, to find light.   I do not understand.   If she is trying to find light, why look in the dark?  
I speak for the students or should I say the slaves, Working all the time to impress our parents with grades, And Schools with sports, Teachers with clubs, Colleges with SAT's, Extra curriculars, Majors in particular, Community service, It all mak
There’s a new you in town In my neighborhood On my street Too close for comfort   'Registered Sex Offender'  
Do you know how it feels to not feel good enough For another woman to enter the room and your afraid that it's her instead of you that they want to cuff How in the mirror you feel like a sapphire, emerald, pearl; but get in a room full of diamonds
To Whom It May Concern,   Now or never: In the O four hundredth hour. It seems: dark shadows like ghosts Running away where we drive ahead Engines roaring in the lonely atmosphere
dear misery, i’m writing this letter to ask you to leave. i can no longer take the constant torment. i can no longer take the constant pain.
365 days ago the roof over my head was secure, paid for with my own money.  365 days ago I had 1 tiny window in a basement and I felt great pride because  365 days before that I was on the verge of homelessness. 
I know that now.  I knew that then.  I was hoping we could be more than just friends. I'd rather go blind than to see you two together again. I'd rather lose sight than to see her with your last name.
5 Senses Have you ever heard of men's differnt smells? Some got Degree Some got Old Spice  But I've got secrets. The day your sweat aroused my hand, I felt a certain stench around you.
Dear Depression,  It's hard to know when you want to hit It scares me that today may be my last, because you control my mind, Day after day I have a smile on my face, Yet inside my world is a mess,
Dear you,   If you haven't heard it today I believe in you, even though we've never met. I believe in you because I know it is hard to believe in yourself,
Dear Mom,   Mom, my depression is a shape shifter. One day it is as small as a firefly in the palm of a bear,
Sometimes we take a breath, Breathe in the clean, crisp air of possibilities, Sometimes we breathe in deep, Lungs full of water, six feet deep.
  Let it be True Let it be Real Let the rain wash away and Let the Sun bring a New Day
Because I love you I will never hurt you My hand shall not raise  Or meet your skin with a "thwap"    Becuase I love you I will never stray Nor will I even look their way  
I'm gonna start working on me, myself and I Gonna stop all this just tryin to get by telling me to "get better", "stop crying", "you're fine"
the hardest days are those i expect to be the easiest. 
The Teller   I looked in your eyes, but I just couldn’t see A glimmer of hope reflect back to me The hours we spent the laughs we cashed in But the bank closed at 5 and it’s a quarter till 10  
A smile on my face even when it hurts to make it happen A ache in my heart , not knowing why it's happening A broken mind,trying to holding on to every piece pain and anger  is the only things escaping me
onetwothreeonetwothree This is how Elza stands up every day. She has to convince her frail, 94 year old body To do the work it’s supposed to do on its own.
It was here, that I found myself close to the edge And I almost thought, with you, I could find a pledge, To destroy this part of me that wanted to commit my own death
As I closed my eyes I could hear the raindrops sing, I could hear the wind whistling “it’s going to be okay” “it’s all over now” “it’s going to be okay”  
What you know about the silence of the lambs I'm not talking about that cross dresser shit. I mean the way people today choose to live, cowardly, afraid to speak up. Think differently,
Shattered,  Into millions of glittering fragments,  The last remnants of the dream I held onto so fiercely   I watched it fall, Even before it happened, That wobbling self-fulfilling prophecy  
The one you love should touch your soul Calm the storm that riots within you  Bring out the wholesome you  Love is a risk It exposes you Your vulernibility Your trust Your patience
Because I Love You, Please Eat. it's been three days and you are so shakey it's like you could crumble at any second. Breathe. in and out, it seems impossible in the moment
Because I love(d) youI’ve swallowedbonesand emptied oceansand painted crimson on the floorwe’ve tasted regretforfartoolongand loneliness has become our bitter companion
  Dear future me, Your mind so bright Your heart so fragile and light I have hopes for you Oh future me, And so many do
I wish to paint your carcass black, Show you all the dark thoughts I've ever had. I wish to tear you limb from limb, Use my anger To show you the pain I'm in.  
Circumstance by Angela Brown   Why am I a product of circumstance? I’m not red, yellow or brown!
"Why do we, Ja'Qaylin?"  they ask."Do you know yourself?" I ask the barbarians of today's societyThe biased and unsureWonder why....
Staring out the window, my mind in blank. I felt numb, hollow, crushed, and heavy. At school, my smile was too cheerful. No one noticed. I started to lose my appetite. No one noticed. 
What can I say. Pain is one thing, depression is another. I hide my feelings from my mother, While I test my father's temper. They want me to be like them
  Some days I am fire, some days I am ice, Some days I am darkness, curled up in vice,  But all days I am human, all days I am me. It is for better or for worse you see.  
I want to walk upon the waters, but it seems so inviting. I may just tumble down to the depths and feel my last breath. I want to lay on the ocean floor. I want to watch as my last breath rises to the surface without me.
Everyday, Every night it haunts me The feeling, the urge, the need To feel the pain, to hide away What really lies inside me It screams, and shouts to be let out I want to end all the pain
I feel the earth under my back, pressing against me as I am pressed against it, equal so that there is no tremble. The world is still. I let my fingers lie loosely, the apple that had rolled out of my hand still only a foot or so away.
The larking of the crows, Dawn: The dark days  The tree's  splitting shadow, obscure,  silent   Whips of black, crack the dull morning daze   The breaking light crimson, almost violent   
Now I understand the reasons why  I can't destroy my existence  Since it is only made up of  Pure rages and happiness. He sees the side of me  No one ever gets to feel.
In the lonely streets and busy highways, I pass by wondering which way you wish to go What pain you carry in your heart, What story burdens your mind And what lesson you are learning from
Thoughts can be hurtful.  Thoughts can be dangerous. Thoughts can be killing. Distract me from my terrible thoughts.   
Almost like paper. So easy to tear up and Throw away. Cut into small pices, Color it and Permantly damage it.    
We are all searching Searching for that special someone Someone who will be there and stick with us Stick with us when times are tough Stick with us when times are great. I met that someone.
They wonder why, why we can't sleep at night, tell us such pretty lies, why we can't sleep at night, the anti depressants are too tight, acid and synthetics wearing off, haze of something crimson,
I Will.   I will lift you from the ground when you fall, Be at your side with even just one call,
  “Because I love you.”I mutter. I’m not hungry. The thought of food disgusts me. I eat anyway.       “Because I love you.” I whimper. I’m curled in bed early.
No matter what I may say, I do not hate you, I do not hate you, I love you, And the only person I truly hate is myself Simply because I thought you were different,
      (1) One Thousand and One Nights   "Tell us a story." The voices whisper. It's getting dark out. There are far too many shadows. The room echoes of silence.  
Mi Morenita 
"Valley Of Death"
Once upon a ti— Wait. We all know how this story goes, A damsel seemingly in distress, begging for help though pleas never fell from her lips, for she is independent.
Once upon a plastic heel  I grew up in the slums ain't no glass slipper real running out of the club because the cops showed up Mr. Prince Charming yelling, "you left your cup" my cup of what? Sure wasn't my dignity
I’m not depressed, just unimpressedWith all the stress, it’s all distressYouTry your best at life’s request?A pointless quest that ends in death
I overcame my depression, sadness, and self recession By teaching myself a lesson On what it would be like by going to heaven, Then being kicked back down to hell Nowhere to scream and shout 
Oh, Mr. Plumber man, I heard drips from my sink. So I called you over, to come and fix the leak.
Covered from head to toes, in this sinful mud Weighs more than a thousand tons Seeking for help, in wrong directions we run 
Haters dont have nothing on me they just trying to destroy me. I'm on to u and u on to me but what can we say.
There  comes  a  time  when  we  will  be  tried,When our coats are sopping wet,And  our  brains  are  fried,Our shoelaces swishing through a puddle as we fret,
I am drowning. Slowly. The color, from my world, swirls down the cyclone of this sea, and me right along with it. It gets greyer with each passing month, then the  pace quickens.
It's funny how we believe in a dream and see what is make believe. We want to be the prince who becomes a king
Does anyone listen To the bird perched upon the tree. The one who tries to listen The one who always sees.     Does anyone listen
She didn't know why Her anti-suicide talks Wouldn't work on her.
It was told that a leader of many Would not see the morning moon. That the giver of plenty, Would die too soon.   Today, he decides to live alongside The Light’s curse.
She feels like a ghost among the living With no destination or purpose, A mind so big deserves much more then Be simply unnoticed by many. One more step, and she falls on her feet
A life for a life is what they say Sacrifice your needs for others and then you would feel good What a bunch of bullshit is that I have never felt so alone and useless in my life
She carries out two lives; One for the public And one for herself Late at night
Origamis of live samples Deliver poison in live miniature models Approach by passion cut short By responsibilities tentacles Standing in desires court Accept sentence given by 'learned' animals  
I searched high for you, I lost hope. I buried my heart deep.
Is possible to be who you are when the whole world is against you? Does it matter if you know who you are if the ones you cherish will only reject you To be who you are is to experience pain
Where did you go My Soul, my soul? Oh God do answer  For only you know. My soul, my soul To where did you leave? Or are you trapped within pulsating walls Where the darkness does so cleave?
When I say "homeless," what do you see? Someone dressed in dirty clothes, out on the street? Someone with a cup, asking for change so they can eat? Someone who struggles to get back on their feet?
These words are my energy, Poised and beautiful poetry, Defining who I are, my identity; Paving a way for my legacy, This poetry to me became as pornography.
"Counselor" by Zarinah Alarcon   I’m that girl that sits up late at night with thoughts constantly running through my head.
For many years, I was forced, to sit quietly by and be subjected to the hateful words that were said by you. You would say that I’m lazy,
Sometimes,  i lose hope. sometimes the pressure is too much sometimes the memes are too dank for me for my family for my community for us all so i must share them  BUT!
Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess Now we all know how this story goes but noone knows cinderella woes This story is often told from people looking in Noone knew her struggle and what she felt within
Speak     I don't.       Fall     I did.     For him,     Wonder if     it's safe to say    
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, pleases let down your hair. Your beautiful but uptight, do not hold yourself captive up there, Your so smart, but oblivious,  Destined for something so... great, however unaware
She is within an ever-lasting atmosphere, 
Yin-Yang, push, pull, always switching directions, 
It was spring when we had a talk Asked if I know you, excited me With no thoughts, at loss of words said I hate you with no harm   It was the time when the hot weather caught us
People say whatever they want without knowledge     “1st amendment,” they say.   We are different in every way, and that’s what’s beautiful.  
Misery loves company So meet me by the hanging tree Where my friends all are, and there they are Hanging together beneath the stars. When night falls, He appears Feeding on our darkest fears.
Oh Chicago, how you eat its young with passion in the night. Oh Chicago, how you reveal a love soliloquy from Frank himself.
We are the epitome of pride and success Leaders in our fields-and in the fields   Melanin seeps in our skin Pride runs through our veins  
Can I try to escape from All my nightmares and demons Soon this era will be done The truth of time is too blunt To not cut like a sharp knife
Time flies when you're blind Gravity let our hearts collide Burning flames give it away Our love brightened the darkest of days   We never knew we would crack We thought our love was bullet proof glass
I am thankful for the sun Such a bright brilliant sun So tough yet so optimistic When its gone its hard not to miss it  Prompted up in your crisp blue castle 
My thirteen reasons why  Life pushed me stronger to survive    One. Served for a few years ,  Some very holy regulars came in  They said I've been gaining weight
You never listened You never cared I was missing Some heart repairs   You showed me the door  which I would walk through With my heart fully sore but it didn't matter to you  
the only time i could breathe, was during the day-dreams of my perfect suicide.
Where has my strength gone? I used to I used to be so tough Never sleeping and all Wave by wave, I slipped up, grades sank And now I sink too Buoyancy, my old friend, is all I'm riding on
A paternal guide’s absence made for an angered child Depressed and journeyed a rite of passage to rite as means to digest unwonted stress manifested on paper
Yes I can see From the glow of my computer light That I cannot be proud of Our stars and stripes. We stand on the shore and ignore The helpless cries of our fellow man,
In the corner crying she feels like dying the music playing sad song sometimes she sings along the melody beautiful remedy her Clarity broken she will stand her pain... No one understand
For my country, my heart swells with pride; The land where my rights are upheld, and never denied.   But I must confess, Our country is a constant work in progress.   To me it’s a shrouded mystery,
America wasn't great? Im sorry, didn't know. We aren't truly free? Is that an actual fact? I didn't even know. I Couldnt see. Cause I knew from the start, America wasn't made for me.
Fuck. I want to die. I wasn’t supposed to let it get this bad again but it’s not like I really had any choice in the matter. It’s my brain who fucked up here, not me.
till the limbs can't breathe stepping, always continuing time is freely yours the sights before you make it worth the sky is beneath vibrations make waves, joy happiness is for thee
Chained to the ground, accept it Live it Chin to your chest Tears stream down your face You count your days till emancipation   Hope in your heart, deny it Escape it Head up high eyes to the sky Chains rattle as you struggle You count your days ti
Everyday I fight a war. I get up without the guarantee of seeing you. I go to school without you to make it bearable. I smile without you to make it real. I laugh without you to make it full.
"You must do well." But why? "You have to. You have to fight, you have to climb, no matter how rusted the latter is. "You have to do better than me." "You have to outshine the others."
She will never let you soak up a tear and she will beg you to have no fear because she was perfect before you and she will rise once again too.   Yes, she may ask you to her door, but for now
Its another lonely night My skin feels cold to the touch My heart grows colder still Why do I hurt so much? Somethings are hard to admit Others make me want to cry But I'll admit the darkest thoughts
March on, march on Little soldier, march on. The path may be weary And dreary And cold Through the gauntlet of expression and conformity, Of G notes and B naturals, Of passion and emptiness,
From her head down to her toes, She was skin and bones…and tumors. As the first month commenced, so did the malignancy. As the flowers blossomed, so did the pain. Choking on pills surrendered its threat, for
What am I thankful for? I am thankful I am not in the streets but surrounded by people that love me, not in a gang or or selling dope but always around kindness and hope.
2016 was a piñata full of cheap candy. All around, everyone was chirping dale, dale, dale.   Drive-bys. Ya le diste uno. Crooked landlords. Ya le diste dos.
My hair is getting blown in the wind as I pedal over rocks and dirtThis trail is bumpier than I had heardBut this doesn't stop meAnd I choose to pedal fasterAnd all around, leaves shed from their branches above meAs all of my struggles and bad mem
Cheerful smiles shine bright Nothing seems to bring her down Rarely is she hurt   Friends always by her Loved by all and feared by none She'd never hurt a fly   A careless, free soul
I am alone. Or, am I really? What hides in the shadows? Is my fear truly gone?   I have flown through many ways, Speeding the only test I know. I move wrong, but I can't back-track,
Unwanted, I feel unwanted like a useless  plastic bag floating in the wind.
They prayed for you to succeed in all you do But what are you supposed to do When all you do Is make people proud? There is nothing that speaks to you And they speak to you
life goes on we never know wha to expect, it has many twist and turns and from that we learn from our mistakes we move foward never looking back forgeting the past
I look to the stars every night I see I see my world falling down on me Will it ever end? As my spirit sends and it comes back tumbling down comes crashing down When the Sun lights up 
Jumping into the year with exectations so high Played football but got out because my school work was too severe  Tried out for the basketball team didn't make it 
I don’t know where I’m headed, But I wanna know before I go Which way is right? Which way is left?
From the vibrations of my screams  to caper-colored bruises you denied me to be all women, a Woman in passion Woman in tears Woman with smiles Woman and proud.
We hide in shells we cry in ourselves we can't hide ourselves   We look for hope in your eyes for we cant see nor can we be friends Twisted from the dark that we can no longer see light 
Did you ever wondered Why am I still alive? As you cried yourself to sleep Or as you wake up in your bed Or in a hospital bed.   How many times did you thought of just giving up?
I just have to keep running  I have to run towards the sun and try to reach it but, I keep fallling I run, I run as fast as I can before the sun beats me.
- You're cold, stone-hearted... Void of feelings! - Yes, that's me.
i see A New year forming and i anXiously find myself lookIng back on two thousand sixtEen seeing where i mighT trY to grow. iT seems as if we oveRestImatE how much our minDs can handle,
  They are the only thing that scares me.  I am the only one afraid of them. Twelve unopened letters with secrets sealed inside and my name as the recipient. Twelve that I should have opened, but they sit here.
Slipping under the guards of yellow tape, that warns "stay away," burying myself into clouds and space. Locked into this haven, reserved only for my soul,  
I'm filled with laughter and I'm filled with hate. Bipolar destruction that's not so great. Stuck with depression urged by perfection, a smile that's desired and a cry that's gone tired.
The tree of life it stands Against the white beach sands A lovely vision of life An ongoing reminder of strife We languish and fret And and poke and pet At life and its ills And our bitter pills
This year has tested me. Tested my strength, Tested my courage, Tested my ability.  Problems arising like constant showers during a storm, All day and all night, It's never ending.
Lost again within transition Blurred living with no real vision   Numbed aches A Selfless destruction An ease sustained in illicit fashion  
I never thought something invisible could run my every day. Anxiety is like a water balloon, it fills and fills until finally it explodes blurring your vision drenching every part of you.
Floating pages in the wind, Some words written on my skin. Yes I was born into sin, But where do I truly begin? Maybe I lost myself in all the books, Pages upon pages was all it took.
Struggle, we struggle each and every day we get upset angry even cry in our very own bed Struggle is like being a mighty lion with nothing to eat You are so worthy so capable
I stand atop this mountain, many souls in sight I try to converse at the fountain, they vanish into the light Crowded with loneliness and filled with mistrust  I begin to accept it now, empty with dust
I stand atop this mountain, many souls in sight I try to converse at the fountain, they vanish into the light Crowded with loneliness and filled with mistrust  I begin to accept it now, empty with dust
We were centered around coldFrom our dreams, to our sports   Cold was a running motif   You played hockey, I slept in coldI'd leave my fan on foreverYou didn't mind it back then
You see it everywhere "oh 2016 was the worst!" "man, I think 2016 was the real 2012" 2016 was the year where it felt like everything was cursed   I was apart of the masses - 
A flower made of fire Was consumed by fear And went up in smoke.   "Kick down the walls, Open the window, Let the light shine in. Embrace the way your soul repeats, 'You are unique.'"
Pent up emotions breaking their seal dripping from the sky lit magenta, peach, purple. Diverse like me
I don't know why you're so upset Do you need some attention? Maybe you want some affection because your mind is conficted with thoughts that can go on for distance. I don't know why you don't think you're beautiful
Elated and euphoric as I read 23/25 at the top of the page YES YES YES   Worthy and filled with pride Momentarily  The shortlived victory is overshadowed by the BURN that fuels and torments
Our principal announced it on a Tuesday, His somber tone echoing through the hallways. The boy I loved was never coming back again, Something awful had happened to him.
What hangs from my eyes as I look down? A crystal pendulum spinning  in the sunlights rays.   Maybe it spins in fear of something new being on the other side of it by the time
Tears in your eyes you ask me "Should I have left him the first time?"   The car is silent.    You found the pictures on his computer   You are scared silent.   
Should I be more conscious of the rough brick pressing up against my back? Is my insignificance rooted solely in the pavement of downtown Corvallis? Warm hello's can't pierce such
Like a baby, my first steps are difficult. I fall countless times. There are bruises and wounds to remember the struggle. And like a baby, I keep trying. Like a baby, I look ahead and find Father waiting for me.
Can you, for sure, say that you are alright?  I, with utter ease, can say no I’m not. I am like a porcelain doll, fragile, I am easy to break, easy to bend, helpless
Did someone put me here to live  or did they put me here to survive I live around people that don't have morals  but know the means of surviving  many of them strive to do good 
My thoughts are killing me, my dreams are haunting me. My body is covered, with hundreds of scars. My eyes are liars, and so is my mouth. My body disgust me, I'm repulsive to myself.
I saw fateful stars, Not twinkling with lullaby dust, But searing, scorching, bright with meteoric impact. I stumbled into black, a murky, messy plight of blurry edges, hollow words.
Alone I sat waiting for death Blood dripping from my veins Fading I wait for my last breath Pain? yes pain that explains Morning how dreadful it seems Another fail another day at play
Huwag na lang balikanLalo lang masasaktanKaylan ka ba tatantan?Sinong nahihirapan.
Ghosts linger in the crack between the door and its frame. Now, you should know that they’re hard to tame. Not every one of my demons is the same.   It is madness; It is a cigarette I call badness.  
Ruthlessly pushing through the mob In want of space to breathe. Helplessly flailing in the openness In search of someone to grasp.   Memory of all that was gained And lost.
Just a little longer please This thing called life is moving too fast. I can’t keep up The current held me back somewhere along the way.
NOTE: Before I continue, I want to infom my audience that my poem was written after seeing my father for the first time in 9 years...  
When I write down every word, the pounds of weight you put on my shoulders continue to drop. How could I be demanded to respect but be disrespected?
Still images of the past, sinking into time, it was once a vast land of minds and acts, until a stranger called west stole her soul and heart, beautiful was her mask, made from mahogany's bark,
A year defined and caged by a measurement, and constrained by time, could never explain the revelations, or cover the cost of my silent frustrations.
Is it worth it 
The lifeless air hung around my neck like an old scarf in the cold. Drowsy eyes of toddlers bundled in layers of coats with their Sunday best underneath, walked sluggishly in the path of their parents.
Angels sweet melodies Soothing the sensation. The times go by through and through Strengthening my disguise. Lost and alone drifting through life Nowhere truly found.
The dark was drowning. Suffocating. Panicked breaths filled the silence within my days. A rock weighing down my lungs, A constant pressure on my shoulders.
Losing you felt like my heart was ripped out my chest, I cried for many days all those sleepless nights, constantly trying my best, to stay strong and fight. Wishing you never left, wanting to bring you back,
Turn the pages and you’ll find Me. Just get lost in the Words. You’ll find my voice as loud as Lions. For all the times I’ve been Misheard. Broken down like glass before You.
lowly hanging my head walking slow and somber easier may be dead for seemingly no cure except music as it rings sweet harmonies of life and it sings away all my strife.  
Lets think of this as a poem rap song:   I used to be the type of person who use to be a mess. My reason for that was because I was depressed.
A breathless beauty forms in front of my eyes the cotton candy sky illuminating onto my skin the clash between red, orange, pink and purple mix together as one as if they were in love and never letting go
She is a sly one She comes in and leaves with a trail behind her Sadly only few will see her trail of blood She comes back ten times harder when we defer
It’s a mystery Why certain things really seem to get to me I wonder how and why it lasts this long It’s repetitive and like an overused song
A night's slumber is so endearing, To the point where morning can be fearing, But when the sun begins to rise in the pink sky, My beautiful array of dreams begin to wither and die,
Heavy dejection Desperate resurrection Abstract creation
I walk 15 minutes to find you when I'm sad.Though it's very rare I find myself feeling this bad.In cold weather, I'll find you, while I'm jacket-clad.If I find you taken by another, I'm rather mad.
I watched her, I watched her fingers untangle from the struggling grip of my hands. I watched her eyes grow in hate and sorrow from the shattering promises
People been telling me it seems like I don’t give a care truly like  I don’t see your flare its there trust me i made it to withstand the largest blare
I'm not where I should be.  I know I'm not what I could be.  I never knew how cold I could get  without the drugs and people helping me forget.  Looking at the bottom of empty bottles. 
Wow. Sinking down into the hole again.  Feels a little painful but what else is new? Cuts, bruises, burns line my once beautiful skin. I just don't know what to do... You gave me a smile when you walked away while I cried and screamed for you.
I live and get hurt and I learn, I live and get hurt and I learn, I live and get hurt and I learn, I live and get hurt and I learn. You learn to love to hate. We hate to learn to love. You learn to love to hate. We hate to learn to love.
Life's a roller coaster, filled with highs and lows, but some things, you just have to let go. Depression's a battle, one I have fought, I know it well, but I'm not an afterthought.
There's so much in my mind that I don't understand, things that I should let go, instead of burying in my head.
Beads of pellucid sweat mixing with briny tears painstakingly white knuckles cracking, air catching In pockets of charred lungs
The perfect crime The way to Grab someone Kick them or Cut them All without moving Just by uttering a few breaths Filling the air with poison The evidence is never obvious
Dissapointment. Nothing but regret. One night stand, Nothing but a sweat. I was your seed, You gave me no lead. Feeling boundless on bareness. But the carlessness was always there.
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
Over here it's a bad place to live, all the deaths, people can only forgive, everyday there is shootings, no one can do anything about it but mourn. Now a days people are negative,
Profile: Hello! I enjoy literature, comic books, And nerdy T.V. shows. I like to swim, dance, hike, and draw. My name is Ariel.  
lost, between reality and a dream, wondering what life has planned for me, constantly trying to reach my hand closer to a dream, that never seems to get closer no matter how far i reach, maybe the dream was not for me, or maybe i need to keep foll
I try to focus,  but im just too hopeless 8 planets in the universe, I'm on the coldest    The things that complete us, seem to leave us broken i got distracted from success
To smile well depressed is such a strange feelinglook to for help yet your external emotions are concealingalone once again
One day is all it takes The first stages are always awkward and great You never smile this much... Suddenly You never frown this much either You thought he was it while he thought
Maybe I was too innocent, maybe i was too stupid, maybe i was too excited, But who could have denied that i was in love.. Love which was beyond your cruelty
Terrible things happen to good people every day.
I have lived our time again and again searching for blame But it wasn’t your fault or mine it was the entanglements of fate and
Hunger   She tried everything in order to fill the void she carried inside, Sweets, pastries, snacks, The black hole that her enemies,
You thought that there was no other way You want to die and go far away I can tell you were never fully understood So you stayed away for as long as you could   But Im going to change your point of view
I'm stuck. I'm stuck in the middle. In the middle of a fight I never wanted part of. A fight that shouldn't involve me, but it does.   I hear the yelling and threats and oral abuse.
Life is more than a hungry stomach and hearing gun shots on the corner of the block. Life is more than a fatherless home and family abandonment.
Reading excerpts of his cherished poems, As the ocean breeze fluttered past our noses offering the smell of salty water, He taught me many lessons.  
Empty page and the space isn't going to fill itself, plus I know too many thoughts with no outlet is bad for my health but it's so hard nowadays trying to express how I feel, wandering through life trying to separate what's fake and what's real
Will the sand stop the ocean From devouring all of me Can I be counted among the broken Or am I forgotten and left unseen
I’m just a kid Always have been, always will be.   From the creative spirit I display To the tests that life has to offer
I look back now unto it reflecting, Quite a journey it has been from that place, Standing firm and strong, Life's blows deflecting, The torment and labor none can erase, The aching head and longing for the sky,
When I was a young age of four, I wanted to understand why the other kids could run faster and l o n g e r than I could. When I was six, I did not know why the big, bad
Darkness swallows me whole, and spits me out into a blue room trapped in can't figure out how to flee, surrounding energy is melancholy, so the tears begin to fall down, the mask slips off my face,
I am not a poet, And when I do I try, I put myself down, And give up every time.   I am not a poet, Though I would like to be. I find I can never express My feelings accurately.  
Poetry is the art of distillation  Of any instance, feeling, or experience I wish I could use it  For the sunny days and smiles, but instead  It takes me through the hardships    The days when my 
The house, dark--locked doors behind which secrets floated. My emotions were like         poison to me and all others.   Weak, debased, I turned to a place where no one judged;
Every man is a poet in his own way. Poetry is simply the cry of a heart that wishes to be heard, its the sigh of the painter, its the sweat on the brow of the athlete.
A silenced voice, with thoughts that are screaming My pen bringing fire to a forrest that's been bleached I never thought much of my outlet for writing I'd pullen the plug so many times
Like all things, I suppose this too must come naturally Vulnerability was a real fear before this With a kiss Rapidly and magically my elevation  Completed Disbelief and 
I am unsure….If it is this place.      Or if it these people Or these people and who they make me become ----- I can feel the breathe clinging to my lungs reluctant to make its escape; into an environment that is somehow less hospitablethan the on
Sometimes I want to give up When I feel this way I want to hurt myself and my mind wanders off to maybe suicide, but then I think on it for a while and think "No, better not do that."
              I am a poet. As the words dash from my beautiful mind, I Know it !       Poetry is a way to find oneself, OURSELVES, and myself.
words spill from my lipslike a water fountain in crimson red there is so much i want to say, alwaysmy tongue like a reel of film ripped down the center;writing makes me feel unique
When I see you burning Tears fill my eyes Crying children and mothers Make my heart bleed Blood covered bodies of youth Burn my soul Valiant guerrillas fighting to liberate you Keep my spirit high
I'm not a real poet. I 'm just a broke college student, Looking for an easy way to get out of debt.   I'm not a real poet. I just want to avoid taking out loans,
 My star. My vice. My right. It’s sweet breeze of calm draws the sullen and weary to its flow Its unparalleled movement rescues the fallen leaf from its place of disparity
how does one feel what is not there                                                                                                    alone is what I crave                                                                                          
How can something be so refreshing, Yet so draining?   An escape, Yet a prison?   Monsters under the bed. Monsters in my head.
They jump as if to take flight To be free from all that carries them down With the wings made from the wishes and dreams they held within They falter, their hope gives away They plummet towards the black abyss below
The screaming, all night and day, I open my eyes and there's broken glass everywhere, Grab the baby, run away, Do I react in violence? No. Forced to write, the pen to free..  
Overuse, Overthink, Oversimplify       The degree to which we suffer is surely to the nth Forced to lose humanity, when I can't pay my rent Swear to god
Anxiety is irrational Nana, but you can't understand can you? I cool my impatience like an ice cube on my tongue, remembering she's no longer young.
My despondency wraps it's arms around me, Motherly embrace, I cannot walk away.. My pathos leading me to beautiful mourning, Waves of melancholy spreading all over my body.. I cannot walk away.
Poetry is where my heart soars amongst the clouds of grace and roams free in the forest of elegance. Poetry is where my heart takes a break from the chains of hopelessness and escapes the torturing pain of reality.
My great continent Africa. Africa is so rich and big. We have oil, diamonds, and gold! Europe, Asia, the Americas joy! They want to take our riches. Yes I am one of the biggest continents!
R.I.P Mika Lucas...A beautiful girl is now gone.I hope her pain is no more.Mika a marvelous name,so smart and kind.One of those people that will never leave my mind.Her greetings every morning and afternoon, made my days more lovely.I'm going to m
A part of me died a long time ago, no funeral or flowers, and no kisses goodbye, I felt the hole it left, like a  knife plunged in my chest a million times, my identity lost,
It's rather dark here.My mind is a place no one would want to be.The scary scorpions in my head are near, getting bigger and creepier and undeniably clear.I wish they would leave, leave me in peace, so I can see the stars, it's rather dark in here
The floods of demons are snickering, enjoying what they consistently do. Battering, bruising, and cutting up my skin and confidence. However, my skin is old and tired of it.
Marvelous words of positive affirmations, are hard creations to make for yourself, when your mind and soul are becoming impatient with your self hatred temptations.
I saw you on a crowded street, And you seemed to stand alone. You're smile hid the scars to deep to ever seem to show. Your laughter made the world stand still, And hearts begin to slow.
Pens are marvelous creatures, aren't they? They live and breathe and bleed. Oh, yes how they bleed All over pages, endlessly marking history,
It's not just pen and paper and words on a page.  It's freeing your heart from its barbed wire cage.  It's the feeling you get when you can finally breathe after drowning for years
I instill fright inside the young boy during the light darkness of the night. I engulf my prey while he lay, struggling in pain, unable to sleep, eat, or converse with anyone. 
The Fallen Angel is Dying-- The pain comes in strides Chained down to Earth, left alone; tortured by her other side Her wings--they droop to shame, as sound stops and begins
As if you care! You watch me in pain several times You watch me cry each time I’m sad You look me in the eyes and tell me the worse things I never imagined to hear from you As if you want me!
Being young and homeless having possesion But dont own shit the folks that put you out on the streets hide behind a good class I can see thru a good glass what lies behind and beneth the classification of help is help
Soft kisses under darkness’ veil Velvet petal bouquets A dark, ashen color   A quandry
From sun rise to sun set Show how big you are By not showwing them Tend to and then don't try all the way Grow more and dream even bigger aim high and miss it Turn down and then look up
Your Little Girl Slowly grows up happy and beautiful thinking she will grow up to become a smart and talent girl  
Each and every time I pick the pieces up. Each and every time I just want to give up. My will power takes a beating each and every day. I’m not sure I can carry on If life continues in this way.  
I am not important. I am not important. I am not important.  
I toss words across an expanse filling it with sound and nonsense To push away silence and pain All the gunshot wounds bloody arms
I thought I was a sociopath. There was something missing in my mind, No feelings, no time, The tears that once created streams were now damned by these things.   Just write.  
Where were we in that past life?    This is no run of the mill fast life   Getting up around seven and getting back past nine     Enough to make the irrational type     Practical  
  “X Marked The Rocks” The X in excellence seals your footsteps. Stones trustworthy acts of strength. The “King” was Our Shepard Crown thee majesty honoring such grace.
Always trying hard. Abusive devil drinks near. A senior I'll be .
All of nature cried, The day my beloved died. No words, Not even from the birds. The day my whole life became a lie.
I’ve always wondered how wonderful the world would be if we all just embraced each other A hug for one person to another A kiss to make somebody’s day Some loving to make the pain go away
What is heart mind and soul, Light a match Heart of coil Do she even know It burns, Mind of confusion, The battle of insurrection Fears and Substitution The wall of protection,
There is someone inside my headIt is full of rage and carnage With claws as hard like leadMy mind just can't seem to manage It whis
Cue drum line please, as I march off to this war I'm fighting against myself, but I'm much stronger than before But no I'm not perfect, it will still be a challenge Me against myself, but there's still an imbalance
A camisado A shadow Like an assassin at night A voiceless voice that attacks your conscience with insecurities and fright. Mood swings become the perfect game of tug-of-war for emotions,
Peace. Relief.      An escape. No more tears, or thoughts, or dreams.     Just bliss.
I'll express this today That beauty in the world comes to me seemingly so quickly At least until I feel like everyone in the possible known universe is ticked at me I'll express this today
What a world we live in Where beauty is confused with worth Painted masks perceive perfection Without uttering a single syllable.   What a world we live in Where anger burns and scars the heart
Upon thee arrival of opening heated pearly gates, Patiently I waited for another chance to make a cool escape. The shadows and a violet pen provided me with a plain face,
You creep into my mind And it's like I can't be sane without you. You kept me high all the time. Your touch was so intoxicating. All I want is to have you in my arms again And hear your voice next to my ear.
This was never an easy walk.Just look at the scars of my heart, and they will talk.They'll show you my countless faults.My countless falls.
Haikus Inside, there is war. The heart and mind, They quarrel. Like kindred beings.   Fell between the cracks. Shortcomings, All too common.
Words only mean so much They mean nothing without action Time will pass on And unexpected events will happen Day becomes night Tides will turn Moments will simply become a memory
You were just my brother Every morning as I'd get out of bed Mom and Dad in the kitchen holding coffee mugs as they shake their heads "We've tried everything we could" "The rehab hasn't done any good"
Two things I can't deal with A broken heart and a new addiction The man I loved abused my trust And at the moment I got zannies in my system I'm just a young female trying to make it  In a world where if we don't got it we're going to take it  The
I like green apple jolly ranchers, and I am different I told them I yearned for him to pick me out To see me as separable Identifiable I did not enjoy the glorified blue raspberry Hell no
I refuse to stand here without you Choosing to move forward knowing we'll find each other again Here I try attempting this impossible task But soon realizing there is no need
Society Doesn’t Allow Us To Love   Some people have to hide. So much they have broken down and cried.   Held it all in all the time.
I have a love hate relationship with swimmingIt seems like it’s up and down every weekBut my tolerance has grown over eight yearsNow I know how to deal with it.I spend so many hours in the poolAll the tears and disappointing memories fadeWhen I wi
Every right is also wrong, every road is hard and long. Nothing ever has an end, it simply twists and snares and bends.  
Continue..... Continue to live Continue to process I dont remember how this began When did I go wrong? When did I decide my bed is where I chose to stay safe?
                                                     You were the smell of the rain                                                          Like the blood in my veins You pumped right through me
You I hate you And yet I’m supposed to love you I want to be rid of you Yet I never will completely
They threw rocks at me today.   They smirk and snicker as I   walk among streets and alleys home.   do they not know what they  
What if I were to give my passion to thee? Unbound the chains to these iron gates and watch it flee, Overgrown with vine and darkness I cannot break free, I have always known why you could not see me for me,
When it comes to struggling we know nothing. we are dumb. Some are silent.  Some are screamed, but it is rarely what it seems. While a child starves at home another starves alone, A victim of the numbers.
You be provoking this angerwhen I simply wanna smile,I know you believe that the whole world is against usand there is no justice, but maybe it’s just usI don’t know what has gotten into me
Old pipes Portable stereotypes Old technology Keeps dripping tautology Snap , snap photography I'm here on the side of the road My camera ready to re-load Another add-venture
I am looking at the wall. Too high to jump, Too dense to walk through, Easy to go around. But I can't make myself go around the wall. I let myself stare telling me, "You won't ever get past this."
  One thing that was said is that I was wrong Not understanding why this came about Haven’t heard something like this in so long Saying all these things they wanted all out
Leaving behind a title, Breaking the barricades; Calling out for revival, Hurling out hand grenades; Fighting for survival,  Peeling off charades; Waiting for avowal,
I write this poem for the kids with three textbooks in their backpack everyday   because scoliosis is a term coined by the public school system because of constant inactivity and what feels like early onset arthritis
I done went up the mountain and uh i even back slid became a product of my environment I hopeless told God that I hope this life don't last forever why am I still here I know that there's something better than the chedder
Every day
Dear Mom and Dad,
Remember that time i climbed the fence?
Even though the shattered mirrors reflect a broken person scattered and young,
I am strong -er than I was before Curled up, shaking, on the floor. Panic attacks that would make me weak.
Life is perfect now it hasn't always been see all of the problems started around the time that I turned ten   My dad died when I was six and then there came the coke Mommy became addicted
Look at my life All the struggle and strife I deal with on the daily Haters are spineless Like snakes, scaly My words never fail me King Liam, hail me grew up like a peasant
Here is to the women who hurt. How their pain never told though their stories ever sold, intuitively resistant and bold.
The sun goes back down Days turn a bit longer Time passes much slower Grey tinge fills the air   I'm stuck and defeated Downthrodded and beaten Torn and split on emotions
  To Pimp a Butterfly
The emotions ruining though my head are empty and deprived of every little breath of oxygen. Like a prisoner trapped within a frozen den. With the emptiness consuming my soul, predicting the very out come of my life.
When the man I loved tried to commit suicide, I can only describe my pain as having my heart ripped through my chest with hands of barbed wire, broken-glass dreams and smoldering promises.
The addiction 
Poem I will name it the struggle is real
  Clouds begin to creep I can’t stop the seep. The sludge and muck Seizes me, I’m stuck. My arms go first Seized by shadow’s thirst. Insatiable, unstoppable Misery’s quite probable.
I am a foster youth, I am the voice of countless others Though my lips speak, this is the voice of my sisters and brothers The voice of those that are still silent in despair
I Was A Seed. Planted in my mothers womb. I Was A Miracle. Who survived when they said I couldnt.
I wish I could see the person
My life is a book.
This device in you hands, good for so many things.                                                                              But right now all you need is it's music, and the distraction it brings.
Don’t you remember that day When I declared to you my love? And you smiled, as you cried of joy Thinking if God was witnessing from above   We promised each other eternal love
If poverty dwells your wallet
I went to school, I did my work.I tried and I learned everything I was supposed to.Now, here I am, in the real world.I'll be the first to tell you, I have no idea what to do.
This world is tough
In the crackling fireplace I sit. My blanket around me with the flames searing the tassles  to a sweet orange. My eyes grabbing the red sparks with a newfound ferver look at the room
To struggle here in this colorless world,
Like the sidewalk flower, We develop from difficulties. Struggling through cement, We learn our lessons.   Like the sidewalk flower, We overcome our obstacles. Battling through bricks,
I'm Daniel at warFacing the tallest of the GiantsMy rocks won't reachMy voice muffled in the echoes of silence
People ask me why I'm bitter. I say add sugar, sweetie. People wonder how I stand it. I tell them optimistically. People say why bother with living like that. I scream "It's my decision!", 
There's so much of it, more than anything else It's dominance is clear that it cannot be stopped by anything, even itself Time stands alone, for itself is all it needs as we are intertwined within
there is a version of you that makes me feel the best i have ever felt  the version that is hardly ever seen instead the many sides of you that frequent the surface make me feel
I am sorry
My life is my canvas Everyday a new struggle Everyday a new scar  
  Water rushes in, Cracks form Glass breaks at the drop of a pin Will you ever be warm? It is falling apart.   Everything crumbling like a cookie in a two-year olds hand.
  Water rushes in, Cracks form Glass breaks at the drop of a pin Will you ever be warm? It is falling apart.   Everything crumbling like a cookie in a two-year olds hand.
Close your
Behind the filter are tired eyes,  Eyes bags so big, without the filter you can't help but notice it's sag.
I tried to roll the melanin off my skin
I became the shelter, a safe haven, a building of four cement walls and a celling. Study enough to survive the storms, and the battles outside of my doors.
Without a filter You would see haunted eyes from Memories of her childhood Without a filter You would see the fake smile Starting to crack around the edges Without a filter
The stale white walls are caving an emptiness  chilling to the skin  
The ocean tide changes,
The losses we feel They overwhelm our very minds They take our hopes and emotions Dash them on the stones of reality And laugh.   They laugh at our loss.
Second chances, second tries, fresh opportunties. But I'm like a broken record, there's never a new me Keep on doing the same thing, keep on fucking up things. Always the same pain, the same stress the same ordeals.
Will I find Salvation Once I find Redemption  
I am from the unknown, from the sweet nector and the pillow of comfort, i am from sweaty skins all around, (rasping,damp,sun biting my skin) i am from the iris, the oak tree, birds here and there
Many different people like lots of different things. Some like fame or TV Others like rain when it goes drip drip drop down on your window. But me? I love words.
Not good enough? What is “good enough”?               Will I be “good enough” when my hair is down to my ass And my eyes are altered to turn blue from thin layers of magnifying glasses
For better never worst, Whatever to see a new year. Maybe another hurst.   Children always come first. Facing your biggest fears. For better never worst.   Dinner followed by dessert
Atop a tree sits a lonely little guy. If only, if only he cries To his only true friend, the dull gray sky.
Silver Lining   What good is this life if I aint gonna live What goods a second chance if I never forgive? watch me take advantage of the time that I got
I'm dying in the sea today,  a sea of memories, drowing in thoughts  of the past, of things i can never change. I wake from my sea of thoughts. If I were to sit down 
I am a yougin and you might find what i am saying is obsurd But i need to speak up and say these words My brothers and sisters Look what has become of us Living in a country where people are scared of us
I'm gunna make it baby, yeah I'm determined to 
Every answer is a lie, Every night it all unfolds. Only when I'd rather die Is when the truth is told.   Every answer is one I hide, It scares me more than you know Because when I search,
Two months ago, as I stared at my skin in the mirror, I asked myself why. They told me it would be hard, they told me the side effects might be harsh, but they never told me my disease would make me die.
My feelings are rewritten and straining as I see others struggling to make it in life The winds in my heart are changing   I remember when my opinion of the world was so loving, so unbending
anxiety. Nervous tics Fidgeting Stomachaches Headaches Thoughts scrambled   shaking. Hope it's not visible Vision blurring Is the smile convincing?
I Am A Shooting Star Once You See Me I Amaze You But By Time You See Me, Im Already Gone My Existence Has Already Been No Longer Dead To The Outside, But Alive In Your Mind
Without filters and false smiles I am strong, Even if sometimes I feel I don't belong.   I sometimes smile to the sky, and that in itself is enough to get me by.   I don't have many friends,
Mama, please pour some bleach in my bath water I need to wash this dark stuff off my skin I need to look like the ladies on the television, Fair skin, and petite noses That’s what’s pretty
I am but a sidewalk, perhaps one less traveled by.
A boy raised to be nothing but successful in life, educated and uneducated in what is his purpose, given the impression that he will be discriminated and intimidated by the real reality of the world , grew up on the southeast side of Dc not by ba
This is for yall ignorant folk
The bees are buzzing Their meshed together hymns   Never Worrying   Never stopping   Strays drop to the ground Or get swatted away by a great force   The rest don't slow
  You bring me joy but at the same time pain, You seem to dictate my life as you wish; But you take it all for your own gain.   I flip your pages trying to retain,
At first glance you might tag me as the nice guy who always smiles and waves, but I think I give you some insight behind the mask today. Anyone who knows me close knows sometimes that smile is a facade covering up what's really going on.
I guess I am supposed to write down how I feel.   
High school junior and the pressure is all here Where the adults tell you whether or not Your future is clear And all the numbers you've feared For so many years
Love living life off the edge.
As we walk on this world Full of anger and hate Nos vemos nosotros getting dirty of it De lejos venimos to look for a dream Un sueño, that makes us forget what really exists
I come fro
My head is hurting, so is my chest I rush I choke to say what’s best Enough about me, what about you? It feels like cardiac arrest. My heart is aching, eyes are stinging Fingers tingle, ears are ringing
Behind the curtain Beneath the skin it's different than what's in front Out for others to see Eye contact feels like lasers When people are staring, it feels like the world is closing in
Land of the free Home of the brave As long as you're white And not transgender and certainly not a queer lady.
Who's hiding behind the locked door? No one seems to hear me. Who's behind the curtain? No one seems to see me. Who's hiding behind mask? No one seems to see who I really can be.  Why are you hiding? 
Let me tell you about the struggle So worried about what people will say Kids scared to tell thier parents they're gay Meanwhile at the cemetary they just dug another grave
Redheaded girl, who sits and waits, For the days of cold to be over. Whispers of other student's rates, On the always unnoticeable cover.   The pain she feels is always real,
  First, you will get knocked down. You will fall short of glory at some point. Pressure will be obvious. This big, intimidating world will seem to work against you; you may be held at the mercy of others.
Memories scald my brain. They pull at the frayed edges of my emotions. The sounds from them richochet inside my skull. Screams and laughter ring in my ears. A constant battle that is never ending.  
So let's live, And let love. Where is this coming from? My heart says yes, In you I obsess.   And I'm losing my mind, But I swear that it's fine... Just commit me now,
       A sorrowful painter never shows their work, wrapped in memories, connecting words unspoken.// Aching with attention, craving another stroke of the brush, gently gliding over rough canvases.// Leaking misery the paint drips, along with your
This is for everyone
I am not who I should be, The way I put the me in mean, Hurting those who on me lean, Lord you must help me. Being this way, a jerk To those who look to me, Lord please set me free,
When the ocean is far awayand the wind is full of sand instead of salt,I dive back into the green pools offorgotten peace in your eyes.I swim through lakes of cheap vodkaand expensive memories.
Where I'm from there is no such thing as loyalty U either fake or tryna manipulate to get to the money Betrayin family just to say they thuggin Robbin the elderly just to say they hustling
Don’t all people hide behind curtains?Ones that appear physical, invisible,Some even palpable.
Mighty or Minion By Mary Nguyen   The leaves were falling, time was ticking
Brain is sweating heart convulsing stomach vomiting hands screaming
Watch him go! The silly thing The pitiful, puny, ugly thing Six grabbing Appendages Crawling up the table leg The shadow of my finger Chasing him Scramble home,  little bug,
What curtain? Where? Do you mean my shower curtain, Torn from the wall ages ago? Oops!
  Continue on Your Journey This journey is indeed hard, There are days when the tears rush down my face And people ask me: Will you cry me a river ?
Ive been MIA for days and when i came back i got knocked sideways i had to follow they're rules for days so i left and when i came back again everything was a haze so i got up took a left
Breath your head is still above water Shh, no reason to cry the monsters can't get you anymore Scream that's right, Yell anything, just don't fall victim you're stronger now
I rap like a rapper I Po et like a poet My mind is abstract But who really knows it   If I am a box A square full of roses Concealed to the world Who really knows it?  
I know well enough That I am not alone But nevertheless my resolve is to never give up my secret For if ever I did I would certainly be stoned Or forced to pack up and leave their home To show my own soul
My testimony, my story Is not full of fame or glory. I'm just a student trying to make it through the day Just a young adult whose only option is to pray: Pray for my family that is too far
Nobly and drab, heavy curtain hangs toward justice. Righteousness hides primitive desire’s poetry read to the meter of heartbeat. Sacred service, trust, churning guilt at the ignition,
You sit there quiet as can be You scroll through your phone or maybe searching for a tweet But when you look up and I look into your eyes I see no fun But your smile radiates more than the sun
First Impressions A nice smile, soft brown eyes,A look that’s worry free.
All my life I’ve been taught one thing And that one thing was to be tough Ever since I was a tiny human being First, bad words and fists. It was never enough. Having a childhood in my house was never easy
How ironic it is to be controlled by the ones who should encourage expression
I've grown up around strong women. To be specific, I've been surrounded by strong black women. That doesnt make me strong though  This made it hard for me to find myself. I wanted to be like them 
How difficult is it to simply be ourselves? At a young age we're all taught that who we are isn't enough- Not tall enough, they say. Not pretty enough, they say. Not smart enough, they say.
I'm looking in on a life that's not mine Its not even a nine You got me jealous Acting all over zealous You're far from perfect as can be seen by your life
Very well groomed, always clean Unkept, unshaven, and periodically obscene Focused, driven, and ready to work Distracted, halted, forever needing a job I am the man with which you would share your life story
I differ in home than I do in school, in stores, in Restaraunts; in places out of home. When it comes to school, the strong love and affection I Feel for my friends, my adoration, hide within my Bodies' boundaries.
Who gives a damn about the real me. Nobody  Nobody really cares about who you are Whenever you talk to someone you are just speaking to their repersentative People who try to be real are shunned 
Behind the Curtain,  I am a mere man, Trying to live life the best I can, Just like the other 7 billion people on Earth.   Behind the Curtain, I am a dreamer,
My eyes are the windows to my soul What's inside of me does it glitter like gold? Take a sneak peek just to see the real me to whom I express my individuality
I am Marley, The child of the long lost south. You have never met me, but heard of me by mouth. Bombarded with questions since the day I have arrived
“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” I am just a woman who hides behind things. I know one thing is for certain,
I am confused about my religion.  I am supposed to be a faithful Christian on a mission.  So why do I feel Muslim?  To God is my submission.  But I would rather call him Allah, Father, or Jehovah. 
I am suffocating.  The elephant in the room is breathing all the oxygen  and my lungs have become too weak to function anymore. The tiles of my veins are cracked upon the impact 
Through glossy eyes I view the world In colors to beautiful to describe But all you see when you look at me Is a young man with starry eyes   It's not like I haven't faced a crucible
Do you want to see me cry. Or bleed heavily from heartache. My mind gushing from a gunshot or stay here in my black box. The world can be cold especially being raised in the ghetto.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! This show boat is for certain
People say in God we trust but there are many times I continue to doubt It bothers me much since He is the one I love but with lost of hope and constant disappointment My actions speak louder than my words
I move through the halls with barely a glance. People won't talk to me, won't give me a chance. They hardly notice if my appearance I enhance. I am not a ghost.   I spend most of the day inside my head,
Have you ever felt like you're in the shadows waiting for your time to shine? Have you ever felt like you're tumbling over, caught on the borderline?
My dear reader,  I strived to be God's helper.    I engaged myself in the conflict against evil, Yet, I could not conquer my own vice. I strived to be the light of the people,
This wasteland as you can see 
Beep. Beep. Beep. Ugh, time to get up. Sprinkle. Sprinkle. AH! Hot water gone again. Beep. Beep. Beep. Burned my breakfast. Lovely morning, right?  
The C word is loud It is always in my face So I venture off and find my happy place.   It attacked at my back Fear crippling, questions surging My perspective shifts and memories begin merging.
Believe me when I say that mothers know best,  now I'm homeless and pregnant with very little rest.  She yelled "Stay in school. He's nothing but trouble",  but I was inside my love-filled bubble.   
  The man who you are suppose to be able to trust and love turns out to be the one you have to look out for the most. The man who was suppose to love you and never hurt you turns out to be the one who can't be trusted.
 I Bet you don't know how some of us youths are trying Consistently attempting to filter  and rebirth the "already drugged" mind whose views are confined to material wealth, sex and guns
Tiffany This isn’t what I wantedMy weakness brings me closer to you
The strongest man endures the darkest days But to endure does not mean that he simply Takes And
This is my final prayer, That someone will care, But it never seems to change Because my mind is really strange.   It's dark inside, All my pain and demons hide, Maybe one day you'll see,
Stand tall, speak with grace, never crumble because I am going to win this race.           I may be the tortoise and you the hare but look who finished the race with breath to spare.
It's been another long night With another hard fight That I endure alone Because so few know And nobody cares That my skin tears When I'm left to myself Because there is nobody else
The silence screams through the noise The blindness crawls through the images flashing by her eyes The anger hides behind a mask of smiles The tears stream but they can't be seen through the look of laughter upon her face
you used me you manipulated me
Alone, we wonder through thick of night, Stumbling through the under brush that binds our ankles. The journey is too much for the body, emotions, and spirit. A heavy groaning escapes the lips,
Every child reaches the age  When their thoughts need no consent. When hearts twist and writhe, Simple encounters evoke torment.   Days pass as moments, Slipping through the tightest of grips;
I am the glass vase you forgot to fill With flowers last week. So let me be cold, Let me be beautiful. Let me be clear. I am the drawer you left open in your Rush out the door. So let me be misplaced,
Eyes sore, pierced from what I've seen.
Please don't break. 
-I swear, you be messin with people on a daily basis!
  A never ending line of bills Needing to be paid at the end of the month Debt is in the trash bin. Poverty is as stifling as the Miami heat on a Summer's day. How can I make it? How can I go on?
I am a good person. Im telling myself that because I know I am a good person. Well, to be self-honest, to keep the truth before my tired eyes: maybe its just my appearance. My persona is often oppressed and affected by other personas.
In life we all make mistakes. We all try to make it somewhere and do something. We want to be accepted in our respected communities. Though, it's not that simple: We must climb the mountains,
Walking through life with no blinders on no tunnel vision trying to reach my goal but this world is is cold and such division much derision caught in the valley of decisions
I strive for any sense of sanity my body has left
YES I am to blame; I am to choose to repent?
This war has no glory There are no heroes No knights in shining armor No sides Just yourself You hold the sword And you hold the shield You can ride off on your horse
I pour my thoughts onto pages nobody will see My tears soak the pillow and dry on my sheets Any marks are left to fade or hidden from sight This battle is invisible for it's a lonely fight
Heart beating out of my chest As it calls to me I cover my ears but the sound increases It never leaves Always an echo I try to hide but there's no escape It follows me  
City looked so pretty I hadda put a ring on it. Faces I probably will never see again The darkness swallows her. Before bussiness started, he had to test her The best thing was watching you grow
I know that I have problemsI know it's not your fault.And that on every wound you ever hadI poured on saltI always say forgive meBut I never really change
These feelings that I've felt Are not the kind that humans feel. And most of these atrocities Have spun me like a wheel. I've lost hope for escaping And can no longer see
You broke my heart when you sai goodbye You made me cutt and want to die You told me you love me and that you cared You even got me a cute teady bear I gave you my heart And you tore it apart
i look at this blank page; or I I try to see bend the words Flowing from my own pen I look and I won't see the the truth in the words I write- I will look and I won't see that my mind is in a fight
Since the day I enrolled, since the day it began, School & education have not been a friend. Having to deal with the pressure of it al, The studying general things that don't apply to me,
AS darkness takes over my plea is to be free, but all it does  is take over me. I hope for a candle, but no, it's to bright. so instead, I search for the right. You are in my darkness,
Needing my Mother's Love Some will wish for their mother,
Most consider Africa the mot
I have never slowed down. Ran afraid from it all. My pain that I harbor from every time I fall.   I have hid in shame and have froze in fear. I've even morned the death
I have never slowed down. Ran afraid from it all. My pain that I harbor from every time I fall.   I have hid in shame and have froze in fear. I've even morned the death
Her heart is filled with questionsnot knowing how to feelshe peers out the window
Everyday I wonder why Everyday I look into your eyes I see what I don't want to be Everyday I picture a dream in my head One so profound I feel as if it can never be crushed
Tell me how could real eyes realize real lies, when you're the one who's always walking blind? You wak with yor head held high in t sk wth such pride, and have the nerve to say that you're "the realest man alive."
It hurts to breathe and I growtired of beingsplintered ribs can holdno fluttering soulghosts of the past have takenrefuge in vacated space:and my bones    creak with their       wounded hearts
As my eyes close my mind is blown..
Don’t cry, it will only hurt more.   He just wanted to study I heard the rumors in college I never thought it would happen to me He liked me. No. Not me.
Man vs. machine, machine vs. man. How can one understand such struggle in this bubble we call the world. Airstrikes strike the air with such force, and now it's up to only us of course.
    Walking up sorely and tired,     Not because I was beaten but because I peservered;     Chest high and admired,     Not by others but by myself revered.    Trying to move pass old pains,
So tired of playing the same sick games Running around in circles playing whose to blame We fight we fight you’re mad you go date around Then when you aint happy Im left to be found
Unable to socialize had a hard time fitting in Never seem to get noticed even by smallest living thing. Used to look in the mirror and study myself hard asking painful questions I later regret.
confident yet insecure
I’m an addict
The shaddows begin to appear, the night kills of the sun. The man walks, hopelessly, he knows he is not done.    The wind never blows, in his direction, there is no breeze.
I had met with an angel. Here's what he had said: Love me forever, and it costs but one small thing a life, fleeting a soul-less little thing your soul I ask to bring. I had met with that angel
Every day, I fake a smile, I look at the world through dead eyes, I slice up my wrists, And I bruise my thighs, They beckon to me, The colorful pills, The nylon rope, The loaded gun,
I sometimes ponder whether our souls simply conjure the vices that mold our souls into monsters, or if heavy hearts simply sink like lead when life's violent seas bring disease and death.
Life's not all about fun and game, Life's not all about sex and fame,
Lord I love you Lord i need you "My blood has redeemed you" That is all i can hear You say But why save me when i continue to stray? My very conception was Heavenly made
Why is it that when you lose a love your heart breaks, if love is just a chemical addiction produced by our brains? Why does it feel like your thoracic cavity is hollow,
I need a job that could change whole life And maybe then will shit start going right I wouldn't have to be worried about my moms Or my sisters and brothers crying about the lights going off The water and the cable
A stranger... A feeling... True or not Days, Months, Years... Friends, Best friends, lovers... One day, eyes are on her Slowly Slowly dissapear infront... of my eyes...
I just heard the saddest story
My life is unusual I hate myself completely, if my life were a story I would just delete me    I'm dramatic nd mad Im never fully happy, my only emotion being anger, nd attitude nothing less than crappy  
I miss the days where we could be carefree. No bills. No anger of any real sort. No stress. No money to worry about managing. But that was a world we lived in as children. Young and unaware of the World's true colors.
Some will never know the joy but only the end they'll never see the light when the light has dimmed
Left and right I see a place to fall, holding tight I suffer through it all. God grant me courage, God grant me wisdom. To break this world's mighty wall, I'll come running when you call.
The dream of a fool, Many might say We’re capitalist’s tools, As we’re on our way Surviving as slaves On minimum wage at Wal-Mart or K-Mart Striving for the day until we get the part  
With blood and tears, Our love was sown. With painful years, Our love has grown. Though not always the best, It has lasted long. Every trial and test Have made it strong.
Veins open wide Is all she can remember
I'm not o
An easy road I've not knownMy struggle is real
Go to sleep, close your eyes
 once had a friend. Her name was Joy.
I struggle to feel the rest I need, as I fall upon the groundI struggle to be the man I am, fighting those who hold me downI sit, I pace, I scream, banging fists upon my chest
as it swayed in soft circles dangling upside down from my ceiling fan, i watched through tears as the carnations wilted white petals penetrated the darkness of my room.
Wisps of dreams To win the mean
It was Just A dream, it wasn'y suppose to be reality, but with gods blessings and my originality i stand here with my own individuality. \ Ima soldier and a roller, who been through hell and back
Whispering smiles indent my thoughts as I walk through the halls. Overthinking what's past and what's present has been known to ruin me. Every move I make causes my conscience to stutter.
Back to the days when life had little meaning for us. Forced out of our homes watched our son die and heard our daughter scream as they were being raped. We saw the strange fruit hanging from the trees.
Don't leave "I love you" She repeated Look at how bright the stars shine for you Its beautiful isn't it It must be nice to be the new girl kissing you Im forced to say the truth im not over you
It’s still so hard To just wake up Each and every day. It’s hard to know A simple life can Make me feel this way. I’ll put on a face I’ll make believe. Somehow I’ll be okay,
Don’t try to tell me I am not a number Second born First daughter Number 17 on the little league soccer team Fourth in rank in my classes
Shifting eyes, tight throat, hiding my face as I watch the class make fun of a girl for sharing her issues     about PTSD
              Swayed by their emotions running to pick up others
I cause pain I cause distress Take me out.   I cause heartache And I cause stress Take me out.   I fell asleep And hoped I never would wake up Take me out.  
I walk alone, Or so it would seem; But there is One Who is always with me. I hear His voice in the wind; I can hear Him calling, And I hear His footsteps In the leaves falling.
It's turning my thoughts into words that gets me
Lonesome softly pounds Whispers sweet sounds Waits until day it ends Paces and it depends It asks for me to wait Afraid I decide my fate And I never make a change Alone we never do gain
  She awoke to hear him bid good morning She slept to hear him say good night But as the tide rolled in and washed him away She faded into the darkness today And time it screeched and cried
Patience is an elemental virtue,   Even as minds are writhing, Mingling and beating together, In a flawlessly mortal cadence,   Our bodies are entwined in a disconcerting dance,
Her beauty is snow storms, tucked away, Tiny freezing snowflakes bottled in my fingers.   It comforts me, and breaks my fall, And its sparks set my heart alight.   This girl is unique in perfection,
A dreamer with no dream "reach for the stars" what if you have no star? no latitude or longitude to shoot for   head in hand I think I think of twenty-fifteen,  I think of twenty-thirty,
Life is a struggle filled with like minds befuddled.All trying to find reasons to exist.Many are stuck smoking spliffs and drinking fifths,But they say happiness awaits to those who persist.Many have perspired.
Rain obscures my tears   It drowns my sorrows and fears  
People say mean things they say I'm not good enough say I'm ugly or dumb   sometimes they are right  sometimes I am dumb enough to listen to the hateful words  
Brisk coldness  Forgotten and Ignored Muddled in a mess But never alone
“Depression”   I’m tired of wearing the painted grin That mocks me and all of my sin. The pain of my soul and my mind
You say that I've changed but you're the reason i'm so cold. Get out of my head, the fights quickly get old. You've made me so heartless something I knew nothing of. Once you broke my heart,
Isolate yourself then ask why you're so lonely. Tell you how I think, now I feel like a phony. These poisons were shared over and over before,  between you and I,  this darkness we tore.
I believed it was good to care, But I didn't know there was a limit, Everytime there was bad, I tried to be strong like a bear, Caring too much is overwhelming, and now I believe it,
Because I said so, floats through the mouth Of every adult I know. Because I said so, Is a punishment because you havent lived life long enough to know better. Because I said so,
The quiet darkness that slipped in through the tiniest slits and sat growing and festering,  Has all but swallowed me whole. Thick black curtains sequestering the light with in my soul. 
Such a beautiful soul Flying free Soaring over mountains Limitless as can be   No one can bring her down
Such a beautiful soul Flying free Soaring over mountains Limitless as can be   No one can bring her down
To write. To build people word by word, On a piece of paper, Scribbled sentences that form from the mind, To erase pain. To call upon instances in which you have lived life. To give others a chance.
At the end of the day, when the flashback startsThe brilliant rays of the sun isall I’ll remember  
The splash against the bowl The rush of blood to my cheeks Elation. Control. Ecstasy. Eat me up, I care no more Parts of me go swirling down Piece by piece by filthy piece Fix my hair, fix my smile
I dream in black and whiteI bleed the color of your eyes All I can see is your lipsGently glazing over mine As the sun setI saw my rose petals in the flame
Usually I write to a rhythm or a beat any time I need to speak on a problem that I meet. But one thing in particular, I think is apt to change, is how colleges will do anything to catch some change.
A lot of adults have told me to get a job,
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
She stares out the window Content as can be In her long raven locks A flower is propped.   Paint Stains her olive hands She seems to care less As they lay on her dress
You were taken too soon my friend And I sit here and wonder  Why your life had to end Like the rolling of thunder    My one regret is not responding In the month of November
Pain woven into my soul
For Kathy, the girl who managed to break my heart. Thanks for the memories.  
drifting through time with no one to be why cant anybody see me? i do my best for all to see but no one notices me im in all the plays and all the pictures
The Dark that cones, the dark that rises. The darkness that is the light, in all my wrong doing. If you protect me from myself, your protecting me from THE DARKNESS.
Seventeen Im done Im sick and tired Of your shun Its icy Blizzardly My price Is misery I suffice. Im sick Im done. Youre not the only one. My head, it hurts
The reflection I see is not me. the person I want to be, is someone that I can't be. the things I say and do are different then what I want. I'm a person, who is lost. can someone find me?
The reflection I see is not me. the person I want to be, is someone that I can't be. the things I say and do are different then what I want. I'm a person, who is lost. can someone find me?
What is Love?  
I need faith, for i am faithless, the demons in my dreams. the darkness in my heart, there is no light in my heart. what i don't understand,
Love you "say" but its not true. Its just another word for "forget you" Told me you love me, told me you cared. But why arent you standing here? You made it up didnt you? just to fill in the blank.
Let not your world change to gray Even if you have shut them all away It's not your fault
Our lives are such a mess
Once upon a time I was just a little girlNot having a care in the world of what I ateBreads, pastas, and much moreI didn't realize how much I adored 
Cloaked by shadows,Enshrouded in mystery,You stalk through the night. The book is open,The fate unwritten,You search for what is right. 
Sins of a father
She deserves all the world has to offer. How dare I not give back to the woman that gave me life. No matter the situation she was there for me.
We all deal with monsters, Monsters in our heads, Monsters in our bodies. Depression, Scizophrenia, Rymitoid, CRPS. The monsters kill us, Inside and out, To the point of no return,
Broken pieces Shattered heart My life just seems to fall apart But there's nothing that I can do Hiding what's inside showing what's not really there and Leaving behind my feelings for you
The cold blade that's pressed to my throat,
Poem 1: Keep Calm and Don’t Judge Me Love (Shake my head); when I was fourteen years I thought I found love, Love like: Fairy Tales, and all that Fucking Bullshit people allow.
THE HARDEST TIME OF MY LIFE Everybody try to understand But I didn’t want you to I don’t think you can comprehend
I don’t understand why it is so hard For you to suck up your ego for 2 seconds and let your guard down You see I need some answers because the pain is back. It isn’t pulsating and waking me at 2:43 am
Outside my windowa chorus grows
I stare at the mirror. Ugly! I blink back tears. Fat! I know it's not true. Don't I?   I look fine. Hidden under clothes! People think I'm cute. They pity you!
Work and more work, Task and another task, Deadline and just a continuing chain of things to do, What's the use of it all? Is there no such thing as a break?   Of course not.
Like a breath of cold air, i am lonely with fear,this pain i feel ,i just can't bear,it is painful enough to kill,ones fragile heart,Like a breath of cold air,to repair the heart,that was taken apart,by one careless words,by me taking out this bla
One person. If my words can touch one person, Then it will be worth it. That's what they say. But what if I never know.. What if I never see.. What if I never hear.. How my words,
He'll tell you he loves you. He'll talk real sweet. You'll think he loves you. You're just a piece of meat.   First, there's denial. He wouldn't do that. He cared about me once.
In my short 16 years of life I've put myself into some crazy situations.
The cold harsh wind blows on your face, Splashing on puddles. Covering your face and letting the rain mix in with your tears. You’re running to get away; you’re running to be free.
To those of us who carry our pain because "just forgetting" isn't possible: Pick one heartbreaking memory Something you've suppressed for so long Letting is out may threaten to destroy you Write it down,
when it breaks it doesn't make a sound there is no indication of its condition it just gives in, falling prey to the repetitive oppression of day after day after day.  
Little teacher in the front I wish I could say what I want Like how I’m tired from the night before From all the things I’m expected to endure Tossing, turning, sleep-deprived Everything’s okay, mommy lied
  It was dark, by my eyes and by my mind. I stared blankly forward, trying to gather my bearings that were scattered beyond my sight. My head felt two tons heavy and my arms felt two pounds light.
Babe I know you’re asleep
I needed you like I needed poetry..
She looks in the mirror who she sees is not who she is.
I envy the people beside me. They have the newest, the latest, the flashiest, I have the cheapest I could find
One person - that is All I am - The Water welcomes me in But I refuse to be Pulled under Refuse - to be thought of as nothing   I may be One person - I will go above the expectations - set for me
I feel it on the inside. I feel it in my soul. I feel this certain something that makes my body whole.
With every hit no one can explain
The chosen people Waiting for the Messiah Will one day be free
  He cost her too much Without much luck with their love She left, said goodbye
Thoughts are flowing in my head continously and confused.Is he even aware that I'm here?A smile he gives me in the hallway comes and goes.He talks with other girls the same way too.
I feel nothing. The world is nothing to me. I take steps, never feeling the ground below me. I touch hands, never feeling the electric energy flowing through our meeting. I speak words, that make no noise. I hear sounds, that have no volume.
Tears are streaming down his eyesUnder the desk lays a broken boyEmptiness contains an empty roomNobody asks the question why Under the desk lies the broken boyHe screams in pain
My shell has cracks..
He told me of suicide. Of the sweet embrace of an old ghost named suicide.
I haven’t met that guy that’ll turn my life around Show me the light with every gentle caress That has a smile that can warm a million cold hearts The laughter of sweet innocence and happiness
When I was a small child I would dream I would dream reams ha woul ake me far off, the dreams made me an astronaut on a space ship the galaxies were mine to control, i wold surf the skies
I wanna run away Away from all the hurt and pain Painful mistakes and irony misplaced Crying................  That is all I know  
A dot .
It's times like these when I want to die.
Soon flowers will growin the deepest and saddest partsof you and you'll bloom
You will always have people in your life that test you There will always be people there to knock you down It may seem that all the negative people are stuck to you like glue
It's the absence of warmth.The familiarity of a hand upon your shoulder.It's departure leaving all but an imprint.
I turn my head to my conscious,
I know you think about situations and say, "That would never be me." You say I  could never be that girl that's acting all fast as if she has no home training" or
Close ur eyes go under luke warm water an stay there for 5 minutes  thats how life was for me  'picture a darkness that is trying to take over  think of trying to scream i cant hear 
My life is a book full of adventure and disappointment,
Sword bearer truth wearer covered in blood like Hanibal but I'm not a cannibal I'm plannin to animal beats on all the flammable channels Cant drop me with choppers or pop me with glockers
Sin Cloggin my veins Causing pain in ways I don't feign to understand understand me I know its there emotional connections lead to sin infections
It's real as real gets honestly,
Tell me about the sound of the waves
The man is a rogue. A gambler and a lover. We lay intertwined, Spent after a moment of passion.   ‘Remember,’ he says quietly, Tousling my hair with his fingers. The ring on his left hand
Wrote this in the wee hours of the morning, sort of in a trance like state.
There's a quiet thunderstorm inside my head, the thoughts strike across my brain, neurons illuminate with light, transmitting more than what is visible by sight. There's a quiet thunderstorm inside my head.
Am I the wrong woman because my hair is not silky or smooth?  Am I not the one for him because he can't tell me what to do?  Am I not the one he chooses because Im not from a foreign place? 
Raw emotion pours from my soul. Like a winding road, it cannot be defined by a straight line. It turns, then rises. Veers, then dips.  
The weights I've chosen to shoulder I bear not for my own intrinsic desires. Regardless, I take another step forward Relentless, Unwavering.
I pause take a breath reach in with all my strength and embrace the faith I look for his love and all his grace.
Sometimes you think your life is difficult. School is exhausting, your crush doesn't like you... I don't disagree; High school is not as glamorous as it seems. But you don't know true strife,
In kindergarten they start teaching you about lines, you learn how a horizontal line is like the horizon,
Walking on a thin line Passing the warning sign Where did I go wrong On this road so long? Walking down this cold road With a tired and lonely soul Oh, when did it come to this
The struggle is real. We can not pay the house bill. Is there any help 
The darkness and light struggles within,Can't imagine where to begin.Seeing through clouds of darkness and dispare,One wonders what to do from there.Bright eyes pierce the soft soul,
My sister is a musicianWho plays only out of sight
What do you do when there are no words to expressall the thoughts you've barely fathomed into a conscious
Thoughts are racing through her mind When you ask her if she's all right All she says is, "I'm fine"   You shake your head and reply, "okay" The silence echoes in your brain
Writing all of my feelings Will relieve me from all these teasings That will make me jealous in life. I just wanted a better life, But yet, I won't be anybody's wife
The storms of yesterday are broken,
They judge before they get to know me, they see an alien not a human being. I am a threat to society, so they say, yet all I ever do is stay the same.
Maybe I’m
Youth. Innocent, playful, potential victim. Seeing the real world first hand, scared.
we all have a calling in life a purpose, a mission lost in darkness, soon there'll be light our future is based on our decisions  the journey will be hard hold onto your faith  follow your heart
Tears fill up my lungs
My anger pours out as I scream for some release. I want to be gone and away from this beast. Nothing I say is ever enough for you. I cannot be content as long as I'm being used. Set me free I repeatedly scream.
Despair and darkness have taken over my life This is nothing new I've gone through and put up with a lot of strife What is one more day of hell when your life is a pit of fire? You ruined me
Asian-American immigrant Born in the East, thrown to the West My best was all I could give For the past five years I've accumulated fears Fistfuls of tears that fill the tank in which I'm drowning
In this universe, there’s too much pain From people to people, it’ a non-ending train Trying not to give in time Wasting is not a try Good, bad, jealous, uncaring
    First there was silence Footsteps near my room Soft whispers through the walls Slowly the door opened The coldness grasped my arms It took me to that place  
Shut off in my little world A dust bunny jumps on by
I feel as if I'm stuck in a cage, knowing my potential I bring myself to burst out in rage, this stage of trials is rough, as I lay under the rubble it is tough to see light, in spurts I try to raise with all my might but through the dust it's
I feel as if, if I let a tear drop my body would erratically shatter. To bite the bitterness away with coldness. To repress the said with utter and complete numbness. To shiver away the sense of alone. To drift off and never return.
Power, pressure Fear and failure Courage and cowardice The root of all evil It brings us down It makes us rise It makes us drown It creates a town Of misconception Defeat,
Talking to my mothers graveUsed to be the hardest thing everI would just cry my eyes outThinking she would be back never
She isjust like everyone else,just like any other girl,liking her clothes and shoesAnd the silly things in life.But then she isn’t.
Ah school school school Such a famous buliding block for success but all so difficult for the common student Friendly to those whom meet your standards to the "T" but the source of stress for those who do not
It’s hard to be happy when life is so sad. It’s hard to be glad when everyone’s mad. It’s hard to love when there’s no one to trust.
Yes, I will be. Yes, I am. Yes, screw you, You were not there. You were in prison. Remind me, why your Mia self can be snarky, Questioning me as if I tasted Like dog shit.
  I'm so confuse alone and a mess, I'm sitting in this fucking desk staring at my messy grades, there worst then a wreck where can i reset?   These teachers don't help,
How do you expect us to conform to buying your books? How do you expect us to rest well? How do you expect us to eat properly? How do you expect us to arrive on time? How do you expect us to become great people?
I am not okay And I don't have the energy All of it's exhausting It's not that I'm not trying,  But that I can't seem to care.   Notes and tests and quizzes and books It's all just way too much
Delicate snowflakes, decorate her flowing hair, Winter has arrived.
Growing tall around me, towering over my head Like gentle giants, they are ancient. In the vastness that is the universe, this earth is so small, But I am smaller. The blanket of night, which drapes itself over us,
Once a man that had to fight, Spent all his life at a decent height, He used his size to scare people away, While his grandma had loved him every day,
As I look up in the sky,
Trauma: The Most Powerful Lecture                                                                          By: Matthew Luz  
She’ll never
LOVE: l.eaning into the smile of another               o.pening the soul for review                 v.erifying that the more you give
I tend to find myself staring off into space Dreaming that everything I pray for, falls into place Happiness is what I chase Hear the music, feel the base Fears are what I face Its time they be embraced
  So this is me Shoegazing Always An epiphany And your garage rock sound Does nothing to stir me I just sit back Watching the flow Smooth over my edges
After everything we've been through Everything we've seen Our cries, battles, and wars Our wins and our losses This can't be the end, it can't be over. The darkness consumed us and tore us apart
Light. Now it's dark. Knife. In my heart. Fight. In my head. Cry. In my bed. Shadows. Closer. Getting. Older. Falling. Crawling. Game.
It's small and cold in the palm of my hand, Beautiful yet repulsive, 
  Yo dad You remember signing my birth certificate? I bet you were so glad What about when I first got my ears pierced You remember right You were there when I shed those tears
 I know I'm your only child And just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm going to run wild My head is on straight You just have to let me concentrate I know the world is a big place
The two magenta lines do not lie: one look to scan the color, another glance to determine its meaning. Arm shaking in fear and eyes jangling in the sockets, searching for the unnamed.  
I am staring at a blinking line  Wondering what to write  Awaiting for the words to be defined  Should my word excite or delight?  Should the depress or blurred with rhymes? 
In childhood I learned, as the books I loved would say, that if you're pretty and it's earned, someone will take you far away.
Can a love be forever binding? To return when others cripple As thought of extraneous suitors sour. Relic of the time that has tick tocked, Souvenir of the heart's gift shop,
        My hatred had deprived from the feeling that; I would never be able to feel what future they will have. That my father could start over and become a better dad. While I had been the test subject, and the 'mess up'...
The clang of a single coin in an empty tin Alerts the man to sadly look down.   He fishes out the nickel Holding it up to the light Dreaming of what it must feel like
It was night to remember. I was about thirteen years old. I was a young child that thought knew everything in life. I specifically had on some black Nike shorts, white socks, Nike flip flops and a white t-shirt.
I pretend to drown in the bath. I dream of hazy, pill-induced dazes. But then I remember these kids. These Salvation Army angels have become true angels to me. They came when I cried and have saved my life.
Crisp edges Worn out words Yellowed pages Run-on phrases   Brand new thoughts All over the page
I was once Daddy's little girl, his pride and joy, his princess! But then Mommy and Daddy split, and it was just Mommy, Sis, and me. It took a little adjusting, but we were still in our tiny hometown, just now on the other side in a smaller home.
A rush and it's over Cars flash by, lights blink shut Candles flicker, sound crashes along And my head whirls with The Speed of Light A world that never stops moving Never sits and thinks
  Everything is shattered, broken, utterly and completely destroyed So dramatically so, windows broken in to a million pieces, paint strewn across the floor Yellow wall paper gone gray as if out of fear
My feet smell And neglect appears to be my only friend. People hang out and talk with me We share only words Though nothing articulate.
Yeah my brain's getting bigger But my skin's getting thinner.The test says that I'm a winner,But I'm not. Just tell me this won't last. Remind me it's just a classDon't tell me about the pastLeaders of our land And an online confrontationMeans I c
I do everyone else jobs without complaining I do all these things for you, for what, tell me what am I gaining I fail to realize that I have a voice that should be heard
The sun has peaked and at its highest Here still I am without a clue to life even in the slightest This window, fogged, scratched, and tattered Tinted black, without a chance to flee from its fetters
Yesterday he showed me his bruises. Pulled his sweater up and underneath his breast They were scattered across his ribcage like a Little patch of violet rorschach tests.
You can tell she has a heart of gold. Outside it appears to be the opposite. She refuses to rise above the struggle. She refuses to take help from anyone. It hurts me to see her stay stagnant,
Tears. As I sit in my bed.I try not to cry.But the tears sneak out.No one can deny.
My brother is a cheerful ray of sunshine on a sad, sad cloudy day. Bubbling and overflowing with joy. His big and shining smile is like a sweet M&M, That lightens up the eye and heart.
This is my fight My reason to write Music is my voice and the world is my audience I'll speak my wisdom through a riff and a song and when the world turns their ears I'll show them the wrong.
The rising of anxiety, is riding me, so privately and I can't seem to find my needs, so I just sit here silently, No sense of propiety, eats my soul so violently, I'm hiding from society, I'm fighting myself mindlessly, My mind blocks signs of pie
Here I lay in the hours of night Filling my mind with all that I know The image of an angel binds my sight With frozen emotions embedded in snow.   Nine years in the past Whether by first sight or not
At dawn she'll sleep forever,Rest in peace her tortured soul,Have you ever? Seen an angel without wings?"If you love something set it free" ,Is what I used to believe, Before I Let go of what I Love,
  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  I take that back... Hold your breath.  Hold it in, Hold it back.  Its not worth it.  not worth it....
You're not allowed to be a kid anymore; no more fooling around, be serious; every move you make from here on out will affect the rest of your life;
I daydream of being something different, somewhere different I wonder, I questions, I think and I have come to the conclusion. Im not living to die, but dying to live.
you say you care as you stand and stare into my eyes its no surprise but underneath, yeah i can see everything we had, it all went bad we felt in love, but the stars above they rejected, we were protected
Crushed by this endeavor. Broken by my lover. I once thought love was forever, but time seems to end when we were together   Hit the rocks from the tide. Dropped down from the vibe.
Life is beautiful. Isn’t it? Not when your dad is a drinker. That just makes it total shit! I am glad my mom was a thinker. She left real quick, And met a much better man. Daddy you made me sick.
If people were emotions you would be love, the way you look at someone and let them open up like an old cupboard.
What the hell is wrong with these peopleTreating others way less than equalWe have to fix this nowCause this isn't a movieAnd there won't be a sequelAn ignorant mind is feeble 
My heart is pounding And the sound of those words Brings back the rounds of bashing and screaming… Those lashings red like the blazing Pain; From all those times I held my tongue…
Birds fly awayAs the sky turns black and greyMeteors rainBuildings engulfed in flamesPeople are crazed, enraged, and others are afraidExpected to listen to what the TV said
Stop and Stare, look around at all the trouble, As we try and walk around as if we aren’t going through a struggle. I try and make sure my school’s environment isn’t what other schools go through,
A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion.  Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger. With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.
A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion.  Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger. With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.
“This is just a portion of who I am. I don’t think anyone can be explained on paper. A person can be explained only by experience. So maybe you knew me all along.
    A troubled mind of broken thoughts to ponder as you lay; drowning in an open sea of sorrow every day.   Console your thoughts with talks of love and what you hope will be,
What if you felt an undying affectionAn honest, eternal, phlegmatic protectionIf love couldn't find you, would you go off and lookFor the one who'd complete you, by hook or by crook?
  She looked into the mirror and watched herself cry Examined her scars, and let out a sigh She wiped her own tears; lifted her own spirit She's screaming inside, where no one can hear it.   
  She looked into the mirror and watched herself cry Examined her scars, and let out a sigh She wiped her own tears; lifted her own spirit She's screaming inside, where no one can hear it.   
  Almost every nightI dream of taking your handand bringing you tosuch fabulous faraway places.