Thu, 08/07/2014 - 20:36 -- Nune5


Guide that inspired this poem: 



The fly flies
And the wind blows.
And time chimes
And life rolls.
Life can be easy,
You just have to let go.
Don't stress.
Just let the cycle role.
The sun will shine,
And the moon will glow.
Fire will burn,
And the river will flow.
And it will go on.
Until it won't.
But you shouldn't worry
Because fate is stored. 
You're a warrior In a storm,
Or You're a flower in the field.
It doesn't really matter
At least you're real.
And if you've questioned yourself,
Then question no more. 
It's all but a test
With the smile you bore
And In time,
The puzzle will fade 
And you will have reached the gate.


I love this poem. It just relaxing my mind. Because I'm always stressed . Keep up the good work I want to hear more of your poetry. Check out my poetry when you have a chance . Keep up the good work