Without Joy

 once had a friend. Her name was Joy.

We used to take long walks together in vast fields of wild flowers.

We would walk downtown and buy lace summer shirts while we ate ice cream together.

We used to sit outside on a porch swing and let the sun warm our faces.

Sometimes Joy would have to leave so I could cry, but she always came back the next morning and held my hand to comfort me.

She would bring me gifts like jars full of smiles and laughter.

When I opened them, the sunlight shone right through every dark wall and wrapped it's warm arms around me.

We would open the jars while we baked shortbread cookies and drank iced tea. 

One day a man name Sadness took Joy away. He locked her up so I couldn't see her anymore.

The sun had to go where Joy went so when the man took her away he took the sun too.

When they were gone from sight I turned to look at what I had left and I saw absolutely nothing


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