The Sins of a Father


Sins of a father
the love of a daughter
equally blind
but no one misunderstands the crime

He was a drunk
his morals suffered and sunk
and poor little daughter, 
for there was not alter,
took the beatings
from her sinful father
She never knew,
it was her only view,
that fathers
hurt daughters
there was nothing she could do

She laid there weeping
"Father, why do you keep beating?
Can't you see I've been broken and weaken,
I still show affection
for the love of a daughter,
I'll fight your infection
of the sins of a father"

His rage diminished
he knew he couldn't be forgiven
by such an innocent child
for he was nothing but vile
His eyes filled with water
how could he do this to his own daughter?

He packed her bags
he now had a plan
to keep her safe
from his drunken mistakes

They traveled far away
both hearts slowly started to break
They got closer to a familar city
Her new home would be Aunt Betty's

To defuse the girl's sorrow
his pride he swallowed
and told the truth
he held the child he loves
and told her it was time for good bye hugs
Because Daddy wasn't safe
She had to be brave
And Daddy had to get better
Daddy will return, however
and they will be a family again
and one day she'll understand

She stopped him before he proceeded
She said
I understand for I believe in 
the love of a daughter
that I'll forgive the sins of a father

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