I really don’t want to talk about it,




Why are you insisting, why aren’t you listening to

The words coming out of my mouth?




I want to be alone, why are you still here;

Yelling in my ear of ways to fix me.


I’m not a doll you can just glue back together.


You tell me to get out of this slump, you are done

Playing these games. As if depression can be turned

off with a switch.


You don’t seem to understand the entirety of my pain,

But what would you gain from that anyway?


I feel alone. I once thought I was safe in my home,

but then I wasn’t.


I know you bear guilt, but I bear the scars on my heart;

From where he tore my childhood apart.

But what am I talking about anyway, I’m just a kid.


Just know that I didn’t do this to myself.

He did.




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