Life is BIGGER than the Struggle

Life is more than a hungry stomach and hearing gun shots on the corner of the block. Life is more than a fatherless home and family abandonment. Life is more than that one and only school uniform that can not be washed because finances for detergent are gone. Life is more than a house without utilities and a refrigerator without food. Life is an unexplainable mix of struggle and beauty. Life has vast oceans and impeccable sunsets. Life has the mystery of a first kiss and the warmth of holding hands with the person that you love. Tears are not for only expresing sadness, but it is a tool that is also used for expressing joy. It is hard to see beauty or have a sound reason to live when life is a fog of destruction. Do not be dubious; life is worth living. There are stars in the sky that can leave you speechless. Remember that feeling of being alive. Remember that feeling of being infinite, like Charlie. Do not focus your vision only on the pain of here and now. Take a step back and see how much bigger your life is. It is bigger than what you are going through now. Fight. Be resilient. Live. Life is not just struggling, but it should also have laughter, crying, peace, love, and joy.  Get up and conquer your struggle.

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My family
My community
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Get up and conquer your struggle. Yes. Thank you.

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