Truth and Mercy

Wed, 05/24/2017 - 09:29 -- MissFBS

She is within an ever-lasting atmosphere, 

She is beneath the never lasting core, 

She prays, searches, hopes and fights, 

To find this never lasting door, 

A door leading to peace and promise, 

She is running out of time, 

So why do all reject the spirit of such a mind? 

A loving mind, a suffering mind, 

This spirit, hurting from every demise. 

Her spirit is her own guide. 

Her vices, demons and cries, 

They are attempting to turn the tides. 

His sea is too great and too strong- 

When the tides continue to rise, 

All of Lucifer's lies, will burn bright, 

In front of the eyes of the blind. 

Hate in her heart, love in her soul, 

Bury the hole; bring hope for the beautiful. 

The hole of no hope, no faith and all fright, 

Searching for the greater good, 

The site of all sites. 

The door of promise and peace is shutting, rapidly so, 

Creating space to open the door leading to truth and mercy.  



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