Mon, 06/08/2020 - 02:34 -- Japman

Yes, it was me, I survived that time,

When walking out of your house was considered a crime.

When to live one more day, was the sole desire,

When corona virus spread like fire.


Yes, it was me, I saw that day,

When the virus took humans as prey,

When a coughing person was seen as a vampire,

When the world went totally haywire.

Yes, it was me, I experienced that pain,

When we thought it was finished, but it came again,

When we sat with the fear that we might die,

When people fell sick and no one asked why.


Yes it was me, I saw that earth,

When people finally realised that life has that much worth,

When we believed that the world is going to end,

When staying alone, was the only way to defend.


Yes, it was me; I lived through that day,

When all people did was wish and pray,

That someday, someday pretty soon,

Someone would come with a happy tune,


And bring an end to this grief,

So everyone could breathe a sigh of relief,

O that saviour, soon may you come,

And change this world to a heaven from a slum,


So that we live freely and without any fear,

So that the future generations can hear,

And we can tell them with pride and prime,

Yes, it was me child, I lived through that time.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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