God Has Made Me A Better Man

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 21:35 -- rree01

God Made Me A Better Man


the morning stars made our 

heavenly skylights ignite today

the colors corresponding 

creating value to everything 

God you have made me a better man.


I don’t see the adolescences 

many mountains rise for more upcoming challenges 

scaling to the top of the peaks

you watch me succeed 

pushing me to continue to believe


crashing down like a meteor shower

breaking the glass ceiling,

those fears I let consumed me

are gone for eternity.

God You Have Made Me A Better Man

the scriptures you’ve engraved 

from your speaking 

has impacted me the way 

it should be.


I am beautiful 

you’ve guided this flickering candlelight 

into a spot where wind can’t touch me

thousands and thousands of times

I’ve messed up, you’ve came

and forgiven my sins everytime

and sharing the love you prophesied


I haven’t wrote in such a long time

writing words for this topic

I just couldn’t think past it

God you have made me a better man

and there’s nothing else that can replace it

thank you for patience and your time.


Letting there stars align 

I will let you guide my heart

all through my life! 


This poem is about: 
My family


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