The Girl With Celiac Disease

Sat, 02/01/2014 - 15:09 -- anagt


Once upon a time I was just a little girl

Not having a care in the world of what I ate

Breads, pastas, and much more

I didn't realize how much I adored


As I came about with shaking and feeling ill

I didn't realize what I ate could kill

I didn't doubt that something inside me

Was not allowed to be a part of me


Here I am today

Still struggling with the disease

You may think that its not all that bad

But what does the silent killer seem to be?


Today I'm wondering if people could take more notice

There are girls like me out there who need more focus

So take breath, count to ten, celiac will be over 

Changing the world this way 

Help us Celiacs be gluten free Everyday 


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