The Conclusion

What if I were to give my passion to thee?

Unbound the chains to these iron gates and watch it flee,

Overgrown with vine and darkness I cannot break free,

I have always known why you could not see me for me,

On my knees I watch the omnious clouds roll in upon the shore,

Silt, sand and grit in hand has done nothing but make me sink,

Into another one of those endless roars,

Crash of a wave once more,

Is it me that I have failed or the sky above I cannot deplore,

The only guarantee that awaits is neither here nor there,

Yet it awaits,

It awaits silently a guarantee full of despair,

It's been a constant climb, knowing that there is a top,

A beginning and an end I expect that sudden drop,

Nothing is promised nor guaranteed but the beginning and the end,

And at this point I will stop.




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This is really beautiful, I love how nature based your poetry is, as mine is as well, really wonderful and powerful imagery :)


Thank you for the encouraging comment.  Motivation is always good :)

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