Talking to my Mother's Grave

Talking to my mothers grave
Used to be the hardest thing ever
I would just cry my eyes out
Thinking she would be back never

Everyday I start to realize new things
Like how much closer death is to me
How even though my mothers body is decayed
Her soul lives on in me

When I visit my mothers grave
I can now talk through and through
Because she listens to me
The way God listens to you

She tells me how she loves me
Just about everyday
And I answer her back
That I love her just the same

Even though I cannot see her
I still feel her presence in the air
When I visit her grave
I think of of the memories we have been blessed to share

I still call her voicemail
So that I may hear her voice
I really didn't want her to go
But that wasn't my choice

I still see her face
Every time I look in the mirror
Each and every day
I start to see her a little more clearer

God all mighty has brought her back home
I know she is saved
I will always love my mother
Now and forever after her grave


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