Close ur eyes go under

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 19:23 -- Amakhut

Close ur eyes go under luke warm water an stay there for 5 minutes 

thats how life was for me 

'picture a darkness that is trying to take over 

think of trying to scream

i cant hear 

but nothing, cant make a sound

try to breath

i cant breath 

move, hit jump feel something

an i cant feel 


darkness what is darkness i have forgotten all shades of colors 

i never thought life would seem like dieing 

but one day some one came in saw me pulled me up i could breath i could see i could feel life! i was better! i was complete an better

an then it happened again they let me fall back in an stopped caring me

let me fall into the abliss of darkness 


no colors just pure clearness

then as i thought i was finally dead....

i myself saved me 

i stood up out of that water

an took a deep breath 

a sweet mouth watering breath 

an i moved

my first step like a baby

i screamed soo loud i knew i could hear myself again

i ran feeling the water splashing on my legs 

i ran diving in to thw warm sand from that evenings sunset 

i got up an ran on to your street knowing just how to feel full again 

i ran through the door an up the staris an to your bed room 

an i stopped by those covers where you laid 

i watched you breath a long deep breath 

an i moved in to those covers an closed my eyes

an let you hold me one more time

i was free, i am alive 


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