What Is Life?


United States
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Life's not all about fun and game,

Life's not all about sex and fame,

Life's not all about money and titles,

Life's not sweet like honey and apples,

Life is a pathway in the middle of the highway,

Life is a loan, everyone shall repay,

Life is a gift, something not to re-sell,

Life is a curse, when you don't use it well,

Life is a story, maybe good, maybe tragic,

Life is a fact, it ain't something magic,

Life is unique and death is common,

Life is sometime and then it is gone,

Life is a mystery, science, religion,

Life is a reality, not a fiction,

Life's so fragile, tender and delicate,

Life should not be bent, neither be curved, but should be straight,

For me life is a war, a war you cannot see,

For me life is a score, to earn in high degrees.

To be continued...

                            Yd (Silent Screamer).


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