Face of a Dreamer!


Walking through the streets,

hear the past of faded other.

Listen to their words,

as they try,

but never guide you.


Let the wind through the air,

and let it carry you to your scheme of a dream.

Never bend in doubt or suffer with a crowd,

don’t blend, stand out.


Complete the puzzle that is you,

not everyone else.

Grow the flowers of your dream,

Help the wilted regain the beauty.


Let others dream,

even if you don’t fulfill yours,

Help the world to theirs’.

Hold close to what you love.


Your love is that of glass.

Can be seen clearly,

but crack and break when pressured.


The world is there for you,

don’t pull the rope of doubt.

Let your pride for what you dream for ring,

Let everyone hear the ring of your dream.

Stand Out!


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