Though we are convicted walking down the streets. We are not the enemy

your here to protect many. Sure many were criminals but, to what intent not

to harm only to fight back with no work, no intelligence, no money. We are

people to we do what we are best at sure there were shooting but that was all bias.

We all come from many neighborhoods dress up in the latest fashion.

We are teens who go through despair, troubles, our mind are developing to 

your state of mind. 

Help us so we can find better ways to earn a honest living though its hard for us 

since the past has change our faces to mugs shot images of convics. It's not our fault

it's society many life styles are chainging the way we eat, get transported, delivered 

packages. We haven't been through what you been in the old times.

Under any surcumstances we are all not alike. We all have pashions and have 

rights we are part of society. There are millions out their and they need help support

to live a normal life. Look all around you and see god brings new gnerations.

We need another way to influence many to bring an impact to society to let them 

know the lives we lost. I hate living like a monster on fromt on many people 

judging me looking at me. Saying look at this kid who the F*** he is. 

I am a believer and fight through the struggles of life I wished I wasn't brought

in this generation.

\Giving hate making me cry all the time feeling like I did something wrong. WHY?

WHY? Why do they look and taunt me? Im a teen with dreams hope of  success

I don't give up after finding the people who light up my life. Constantly holding on

to a strand of hope. I'm taking all my chances I got before I rot away like all the others. 

I LIVE TO LOVE, HELP, EXPLORE Life is a pain. To all my people all over 

lean to get along and some day we will fufille the dream our our love ones. 

This goes out for my role models Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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