Things will go wrong
Climbing uphill is hard
When I try and smile, all I do is sigh
Rest is a must, but don't give up
Time after time
Time after time
Time after time
“I'm a failure”
“No one needs me”
Time after time
Time after time
I said that
Thinking it was permanent
Depression brought that
When will I be able to be happy again?
I thought to myself.
Hours after hours
Wanting to get better
Afraid of asking for help
Letting myself think this
Knowing that somehow it's not true
Demonic spirits brought this
It's too soon
Too soon
To give up
To throw in the towel
To grab that bottle
Time after time
It's too soon.
It's not my time
I am not giving up, not just yet.
I can finally say I have received help

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The story of almost losing someone close to depression.

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