Thoughts are flowing in my head continously and confused.

Is he even aware that I'm here?

A smile he gives me in the hallway comes and goes.

He talks with other girls the same way too.

Am I just another girl?

Am I just an insignificant girl to him?

His laugh is like music to my ears,

And his voice speaks of me frecuently.

Why would he sit with another,

When I'm right here.

Yet the next day was as if my heart was never broken.


I still stand here and wait for those moments.

The moments when we hugged and felt each others warmth,

The moment when he said that I had the perfect smile,

Or the moment when he looked deeply into my eyes.

Nobody has ever looked at me like that before.


Why must he do this to me?

Does he not care anymore?

I'll just have to wait for tomorrow,

And the cycle will start again.


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