A couple struggling to stay together

Don’t you remember that day

When I declared to you my love?

And you smiled, as you cried of joy

Thinking if God was witnessing from above


We promised each other eternal love

A love that could sustain every current in life

We sealed this pact with a kiss and a ring

Swearing to remain together and undergo any strife


Don’t you remember that night

The one in which we became one body and soul?

How our warmth embraced that unity

A satisfaction that kept craving for more


Why have we forsaken all this?

Where has this supposed true love gone?

Why is it that my heart still longs for you

When all we do is fight from night ‘til dawn?


I hate to see you walk out the door

Leaving me to mourn on bed

To have to walk through the shallow halls

And in the silence, be embedded in

This poem is about: 
Our world



Absolutely beautiful. I love how you captured the evolution of the relationship with your imagery; it's like an ode to the twinge of love lost but still keeps that hope of finding it with the one you love again.


Hi AfricanKhaleesi, thank you for your comment! I greatly appreciate it :)

I feel like a lot of couples begin to struggle at some point in their relationships and tend to forget what made them fall in love in the first place. Love is an intense feeling and quite over-powering as empowering.

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