Quiet and unsure,

Shaking and scared


With a stutter so obscure

The words wouldn't come out


They asked again,

“How do you feel ?”

“Do you remember at all?”


Round and shiney

Sliding slowly down my cheek

The tears fell

Causing ripples in my life


Ripples that prolonged the pain

That aggravated

The once calm sea


They asked questions

That I couldn't speak

That I couldn't answer


My own self didn't understand

What had happened

What was going on


The chaotic sensation of not being in control

Of my feelings

My emotions

My thoughts


How will I even have control again.






I gasp for air

My hand reaches out  



In my hands

A safe line


The pen.


I lay the pen softly on the paper

As if to not harm it

For I knew pain


I choke out in ink what i couldn't say  


I am able to distinguish between sobbing

And words


It all seems to find its place

In between each space

In between each curve

In between each period


There's finally clarity.  


Finally the pandemonium of my head

Is silent.


The horrendous waves of rumination

Are silenced


Slowly sliding onto the paper.


My sobs turn to words.


My tears turns to strength.


Im free.   


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