The Monster in My Room


United States
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He started as a friend,
But wasn’t in the end.
He played his part so well,
How hard it was to tell,
Of how he did deceive,
I wished that he would leave.
Freedom did I seek,
Though I was so weak...

I remember well that day,
The simple way he’d say,
“Come sit with me,” he’d smile,
“And we can talk a while,”
There sitting in my room,
I did not know was doom,
The moments that I spent,
With Monster, on they went.

We talked and laughed and swayed,
To music that he played.
Many hours with him,
Until the evening dim.
Then one day he changed,
No longer joy remained.
Something was introduced,
Great evil had been loosed.

He made me misconstrue,
The things I once held true.
Taught me with my eyes,
All his filthy lies.
Perverted was my mind.
I could no longer find,
A safe place in my room,
‘Cause Monster was in loom.

At night I saw him stare,
Though no light was there.
And beckoned to my soul,
To come and pay my toll.
I felt I had no choice,
And listened to his voice.
I knew not what to do,
But knew I needed you.

The Monster was in charge.
His teeth had grown quite large.
That’s why I ran to you!
My hope, it seemed so blue...
But you stepped in and shown,
Great light I had not known.
You freed me from my chains,
And cut off Monster’s fangs.

You freed me from my bind,
You even loosed my mind!
From feeding on that sin,
That I confided in.
The Monster left my room,
No longer was in loom!
His reign had been hung dry,
I no more live a lie.

You ask of what I speak,
This monster made me seek,
And how this liberty,
Had found its rest in me.
Though I will not unleash,
This secret that I keep.
Know Jesus is my peace,
I pray He might increase!


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