Mon, 04/07/2014 - 11:05 -- tammyk


Back to the days when life had little meaning for us. Forced out of our homes watched our son die and heard our daughter scream as they were being raped. We saw the strange fruit hanging from the trees. The black eyes and the 30 lashes across our backs that ripped our flesh. He laid on the cold grounds hunched over in fields and packed tightly in the bottom of the boat. Remember those days when life was simple? Daddies set their little girls on their laps and called them chocolate princesses, boys ran loose in the yard roughhousing mommy yelled stop the nonsense. Friends Came from next-door possessing the latest toys. But man that seems like forever ago. The mind control the on equal rights and blame everything on our past. Our ladies couldn't walk down the street by themselves are men couldn't go to the store without watchful eyes. Daughters couldn't play in the park because of hate in our sons could hang out with friends because the bullets flying. No mother no baby no cousin is safe streets our streets have been filled with all this hate. White man brought us to all of this but damn I think we're to blame on black crime. Our brothers are killed by  brothers our babies are killed by mothers. Remember when we try to ban together and overcome the racism thrown our way? Now we're fighting that bond tearing up our homes picking fights with our own and kids and a sad song. Can we just change the way we view our own, to get along with the things we think is wrong 


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