Selfish Benevolence

One of many faces
One mask
Who knows the answers
From offense
To defense
Poet at once
Fighter the next
Lover at day
Sinner by night
No other knows the faces better than the one who shields them all
The one who tames their urge to ascend toward the fall
The mask blinds, yet guides
Rejuvenates yet infuriates
It must shield and protect all
It must maintain order
And fight chaos
While disdain order
And accept chaos
It must maintain morale amongst the faces
Even the most vicious of them all
For if one rises higher than the other, the mask begins to crack
The faces speak in different tones
Hold different ideals
Hold their own story
All of which hide behind the mask
Some on offense
Others on defense
All of which creates the purpose of the mask
Who fights to organize the faces underneath
All of whom despise those beneath
To create
To destroy
To succeed
To submit
To aid
To desert
All but the mask
Who tries to survive


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