Story my Life :)


As I wake up every morning, my mind rushes through many thoughts. Being a senior maintaining school, work, grades, and band isn't helping me a lot. My mom always tells me "what are you worrying about your only seventeen, your life still awaits ahead of you", seems to me she isn't able to understanding me at all. The struggle of keeping it all together is my main obstacle, In one ear and out the other. I have become immune to waking up early in the morning to face another day of school. Don't  misunderstand me now, school is my first baby steps towards a grand future. Its hard to face my problems alone, especially when my own family members are undermining the ability towards success and a great future that I can uphold. Rejection has now become my main motivation seeing people wanting and waiting for me to fail, is what picks my soul up from the ground and rises me to do better. I'd like to take the time to appreciate my parents, sister, and friends for through my darkest days they are still able to believe in me and stand beside me. The people who stand beside me through my struggles will be the people who get to enjoy my success. I've been told my goals are ambitious, but nothing will hold be back from the dreams I'm able to obtain. With hard work and dedication I will get through the struggles of life. Yes I'm only seventeen,but that doesn't mean that i will give up on my self and those long lasting dreams. As long a keep head up and a smile on my face i will get through each day. The rewarding rainbow will always come after the painful rain  :) 

-Nancy Morales



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