Her heart is filled with questions
not knowing how to feel
she peers out the window
in hopes to find answers there
But this city is not her home
She stares into the blackened skies
"where are the stars?
I am a dreamer, am I not?
Without the stars,
how will I ever find my way?"
Eyes closed
she is taken back
to a place of freedom
the chill of nights air
tickles her nose
the crackle of a campfire
where the flicker dances at toes
Laughter is felt deep
from stories of the past
Bonding is shared
with some bait and a cast
Where life is about a country song
Her eyes, now open
She looks around
to find all the things
she thought she couldn't live without
and in an instant
it all seems worthless
There isn't much heart
There isn't much soul
There isn't much love,
forever, or hope
Just loneliness, stress, and fear
Everywhere you look
it's sheathed with "temporary"
No roots
Just walking shoes
With faces that come and go
Trust only given here and there
No wonder she looks to the Heavens
for the most part
they stay the same
"Temporary, it's all just temporary
Things will get better
They must!
Things will change
and one day, I WILL be home again!"
That is that
Lies to be given to her heart
in order to ease her troubled soul
Her mind takes on the task
of finding all the pieces to keep her whole

As she struggles to keep it together
she makes a phone call home
she laughs with family and friends
and suddenly,
the stress lessens
she can breathe again 
and so the continuous cycle begins
Because it's all just temporary...


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