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I listen to the sound of your footsteps
And the floorboards creak with your motions
The same old rickety ebony that’s held us up for the past 5 years
Never once complaining as out footsteps left imprints on its back
and bore cracks into what we believed was a surefoot foundation

I remember when you lay your head on my pillow
And we traded images of imagined futures that would never come to pass
So sure we’d have it made, we only were setting ourselves up for failure
Now don’t you wish you’d heeded when I pleaded you to halt your steps?

Your overconfidence overshadowed the path of you steps
and left us fumbling for the vine that might break our fall
I shunned my intuition and allowed my love and trust for you
to play me false, thinking those steps were sure

Now I’m left picking at the pieces that remain
Hoping they won’t slip through the cracks you split on the way down from your dreams

Now I’m left to fashion my own future
But first I gaze at where we are now

And I listen to the sound of your footsteps



Just a little something I wrote about my relationship with my family. Feel free to interpret it as it pertains to you. I hope it affects someone...

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