They say these are the best four years of our lives

and Yet much is spent just trying to survive.

There’s those that just thrive

and those that just strive

and those that feel trapped,

all alone in overdrive.

We’re losing our sleep

working our fingers to the bone

working our brains to the core

facing the fear of unknown.

The future is frightening

we must learn and prepare

there’s those debonair

and those in despair.

“You can go anywhere,

do anything with your life”

and yet we’re all stuck

just weighed down with the strife.

Yes high school is hard

it will leave you all jarred

and you must disregard

this tough, scarred boulevard.  

Please don’t get me wrong,

there are times that are fun.

but sometimes some activities are just a bit overdone.

We’re here to learn,

and experience,

and grow,

there’s some things we’ll not forget

and some things we’ll never know.

High school is the time

that you may find yourself,

and if not,

thats ok,

college’s an adventure in itself.

You must work hard if you want a good living

get along with your peers,

put aside all misgiving.

Pay attention in class,

do your homework too,

and get those good grades

unless you want to scoop poo at the zoo.

You can do all things

if you will just believe.

Work hard,

and have courage,

all your dreams you’ll achieve.

I’m not saying it’s easy

but maybe it’s worth it.

true potential,

although High school is hard,

can unearth it.


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