Mon, 11/05/2018 - 02:36 -- 1939

There you were standing, stalled

Your eyes, a deer in headlights, lights

They held a killer cold hue

The best was given

Yet, it wasn’t good enough for you

I should have rethought my mission

What I was out to prove

I opened up a can, oh shit

It was going good too, till I accidentally

Cut myself on the last bit

Spoiled the truth

Didn’t mean no harm by, by

Didn’t mean no harm by, by

What I was trying to do

Only hoped to help a heart

That don’t get much use, much use, yeah

I was a fool

For thinking

I could change, you

Rearrange, you

Let you see the difference

Open up your eyes

Open up those eyes

Cause time is flying by, yeah

Flying by, woo!

And sooner or later

We’re all gonna die

So how you gonna spend the time?


I ain’t seen ya in a few

No messages, conversation

All cause of you

We don’t talk at all

I mind my business

And do my damn job

And when it’s over

I go home and crumble on my bed like a ball

No wonder they say what they say

( Now I know why, Now I know why )

I stay up late nights and write

Cause I ain’t got no one to talk to

About these problems

About my life

I get up in my feelings

Try to explain em

It usually goes alright

The other times I know I tried

Really, it’s been a little since I last cried

Like really cried (cried )

I’m sorry

I’m still tryna wrap it round my mind ( my mind )

‘’ Yeah, I’d love to talk.’’

Oh wait, nevermind

I can’t show you that side

Cause it’s a crime ( a crime )

Ain’t it hell to live life ( live life yeah )

What the fuck happened to common courtesy and being kind

( being kind, why )

I’m at home

Looking for a sign

I’m at home

Looking for a sign

Like god, why

( why )


There’s so much I already hide

And I’m talking about all this other shit

People don’t even know it

What I’ve been through

What I’m going through

How I feel inside

( on the inside )

Somebody call 1-800-273-8255

I’m not feeling right

I’m not feeling right

But I’m gonna be fine

But I’m gonna be fine

Lace up with the G.B.C

Goth Boi Clique- Kells all night

Play that till high tide

Cause I gotta lotta time ( time )

Lay down

Watch the sky

Talk to Ms. Sunrise

It’s the simple things you miss most when you ( get off )

Exit the ride

And you better be ready

There ain’t no ‘’ end of the line ‘’

You gotta take it for what it is

Cause that’s life

Laugh until you cry

In the mean-time

In the mean-time

( tell the people you love that you love em, do your best and be kind, be kind )

Cause we’re always waitin’

Then the hourglass run outta time

( somebody dies )

And we’re wishin’

There was another line

They say love is blind

But the only thing that

Can’t  see is our minds

Isn’t that right?

Isn’t that right?

I’m okay today

But I’m still tired

Of the negativity, news

And fights

I’m embarrassed of the ways

( human kind )

I don’t even wanna

Call em mine

Or be associated as white

Logic said it

There are extremist on every side

Makes me wanna scream

Like six-nine

Oh my

Take me back to 99

To 99

At 222

Came another life

It was mine, it was mine

Frank said 'A tornado flew around

Excuse the mess it made'

Then came the planes

The day the world stopped turnin’

And changed ( the way we fly )

And the meaning of 11 after 9, nine-eleven

Even now there’s still a fight

Earth constantly losing innocent lives

Every time the moon takes over

For Ms. Sunshine

I think she cries

She’s seen so much

But not any that destroys it’s own kind

It’s been hard, so hard

God I need a sign

To know what I’m doing is right

( what I’m doing is right )

How come we’re doin’ this, like why ( why )

I’ve been laying low

Don’t want, don’t need

Another or to multiply

I already got 99

And I don’t wanna whine

I’m tryna be thankful

For what I’ve been given

With and without patience

With kid gloves and man-handlin’

Babyin’ the situation

Cause a piece of shit engine

Even needs a talk sometimes

TLC can go a long way

Can turn on a dime

Shit can turn on a dime

And me talkin about all this

They just don’t get

Demon youth ain’t gonna live

With sad tatts

And an expensive clothing line

And movie quotes, anesthetics

That’s how they deal with this

Like life

I won’t romanticize

See you sighed

What’s got you depressed

Yeah, you tired

Stayed up all night

Tryna find a remedy for it

Say fuck all this shit

Don’t give me no B.S

I deserve more

If that’s what you cannot accept

Sit back fore I fill ya with lead

Get outta my sight

My patience is being tested

No good, sleep deprived

Oh, you want some of this?

I can’t hear your mumbles up under your breath

You ruined the chance

Now go make and lay in your bed

You shoulda watched what you said

Woo! Don’t fuck with an aviator

They fly and flex

Like the red baron out to terrorize ya

Things ain’t funny when on the opposite hand


So you don’t like the water either?

I fight the flames

You’re just a constant fire feeder

Well it’s about time that

Somebody feed ya

Or put you out instead

It’s no mystery nobody wanna be friends

Have you looked at yourself lately

Cause you’ve gotta hard head

The seasons come to an end

But i’m not done yet


Deep down

I’m not proud

I don’t know what i was thinkin

Nothing good has come from this

You’ve messed my vision

I have trouble sleepin

I’ve been dreamin

I’m freaked out

Now it’s common

With him, it happened

I guess it’s a sign

Of a let down

Oh please say somethin

I’m feelin’ blue

I still care about you, how

I don’t know, how

How could you ----

I should hate you now

But I don’t hate you now

I’m not good identifyin’ fiend faces

So my hearts’ my weakness

Does that make me reckless

Does that make me pro-found

What was the concern

She called me clingy

Can i dissappear now

I wasn’t fallin

But now I’ve fallen down

I’m on the ground

If and when I get up

How it’s done

Is gonna determine

How I’m talked about

I hope it freaks em out

Like hell, who in the hell

Ain’t she somthin’

The rhonda rousey of the word ring, wow

Delivers like ali, bow

Drivin’ like rocky, pow

Leader of the king-pen

Do what you’re supposed to do

And you’ll make it out

Don’t go creepin’ or you’ll

End up in the harbor like martin

Don’t go sneakin’ or you’ll

End up in a jacket like houdini

And don’t go speakin’

Like what’s up

What’s up?


You know what’s up

Now don’t fuckin’ talk to me

Get your ass out there

Take care of your responsibilities

Those kids are dependent on you

To keep it cool, keep it clean

And you don’t even care

Like bitch, please

I’m so tired of the facade

Take that shit off

Cause it’s not what the world needs

I don’t even want it

That should say something

Put the phone down

It’s a little somethin’

Called common courtesy

Why don’t you man up

Admit that you is lazy

Make a change

And prove you’ve got something

All that wasted talent

You shouldn’t have it

Put it to some use

Cause I’m flexin on you

Pullin’ a turtle

On a rabbit

Cause I just can’t have that

These kids

Need somebody

And you can be that someone to

change a mind

Change a life

Impact past what you can see

What you think about that, Jamie?

Yeah, someway, somehow

I don’t care what you think about me

I just need you to know what we need

And that’s to step up, jamie

Cause if we don’t get the trash

It’s gonna start over-piling

And we can’t let em see that shit

That’s part of being a servant

Now come on, lay it on me

Problems are with everybody

So don’t be raining on me

I ain’t afraid of getting wet

But after it rains for so long

You get sick of it

Like I’m sick of this

You can do better

I know you are capable

Now give up your head-set

Sometimes it’s good to disconnect

Start showing everybody

Show up the thought that you’re stupid

Just cause you make more

Doesn’t mean that

You are above me

And above them

You know that N’s

Been 23 years up in that office

She’s seen em come and go

Like you came

You can go

Ain’t nothing permanent

Except the lives that you touch

Gifts that you give

And people that you love

There’s no denying it

Nobody can deny this

You know what I’m sayin

Or maybe you isn’t

Cause you ain’t like me

Put that mind to work

Ignore them aches from your body

You oughta know that’s part of elbow-grease

Perseverance is living with the pain

And still fighting

Steppin’ in the ring

When everybody hates your beliefs


I don’t even know

Where the fuck this

Flow is coming

I’m even surprised

This is comin’ oughta me

I’m feeling like the female logic

From OKC

Like Holy shit

Maybe I got some talent

Maybe I can make my dreams happen

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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